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JMeter example source code file (

This example JMeter source code file ( is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The JMeter source code

 * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
 * contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
 * this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
 * The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
 * (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
 * the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed  under the  License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * implied.
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.

package org.apache.jmeter.visualizers;

import java.awt.Component;
import java.awt.GridLayout;

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
import javax.swing.JPanel;
import javax.swing.JScrollPane;
import javax.swing.JTree;
import javax.swing.ToolTipManager;
import javax.swing.tree.DefaultMutableTreeNode;
import javax.swing.tree.DefaultTreeCellRenderer;
import javax.swing.tree.TreeSelectionModel;

import org.apache.jmeter.samplers.SampleResult;
import org.apache.jmeter.util.JMeterUtils;
import org.apache.jmeter.util.XPathUtil;
import org.apache.jorphan.logging.LoggingManager;
import org.apache.jorphan.util.JOrphanUtils;
import org.apache.log.Logger;
import org.w3c.dom.Node;
import org.w3c.dom.NodeList;
import org.w3c.tidy.Tidy;
import org.xml.sax.SAXException;

public class RenderAsXML extends SamplerResultTab
    implements ResultRenderer {

    private static final Logger log = LoggingManager.getLoggerForClass();

    private static final byte[] XML_PFX = {'<','?','x','m','l',' '};//" 
     * TODO implement to find any nodes in the tree using TreePath.
    private static class DOMTreePanel extends JPanel {

        private static final long serialVersionUID = 6871690021183779153L;

        private JTree domJTree;

        public DOMTreePanel(org.w3c.dom.Document document) {
            super(new GridLayout(1, 0));
            try {
                Node firstElement = getFirstElement(document);
                DefaultMutableTreeNode top = new XMLDefaultMutableTreeNode(firstElement);
                domJTree = new JTree(top);

                JScrollPane domJScrollPane = new JScrollPane(domJTree);
                domJTree.setCellRenderer(new DomTreeRenderer());
            } catch (SAXException e) {
                log.warn("Error trying to parse document", e);


         * Skip all DTD nodes, all prolog nodes. They dont support in tree view
         * We let user to insert them however in DOMTreeView, we dont display it
         * @param root
         * @return
        private Node getFirstElement(Node parent) {
            NodeList childNodes = parent.getChildNodes();
            Node toReturn = parent; // Must return a valid node, or may generate an NPE
            for (int i = 0; i < childNodes.getLength(); i++) {
                Node childNode = childNodes.item(i);
                toReturn = childNode;
                if (childNode.getNodeType() == Node.ELEMENT_NODE){

            return toReturn;

         * This class is to view as tooltext. This is very useful, when the
         * contents has long string and does not fit in the view. it will also
         * automatically wrap line for each 100 characters since tool tip
         * support html. author <a href="">Dave Maung
        private static class DomTreeRenderer extends DefaultTreeCellRenderer {

            private static final long serialVersionUID = 240210061375790195L;

            public Component getTreeCellRendererComponent(JTree tree, Object value, boolean sel, boolean expanded,
                    boolean leaf, int row, boolean phasFocus) {
                super.getTreeCellRendererComponent(tree, value, sel, expanded, leaf, row, phasFocus);

                DefaultMutableTreeNode valueTreeNode = (DefaultMutableTreeNode) value;
                setToolTipText(getHTML(valueTreeNode.toString(), "<br>", 100)); // $NON-NLS-1$
                return this;

             * get the html
             * @param str
             * @param separator
             * @param maxChar
             * @return
            private String getHTML(String str, String separator, int maxChar) {
                StringBuilder strBuf = new StringBuilder("<html>"); // $NON-NLS-1$
                char[] chars = str.toCharArray();
                for (int i = 0; i < chars.length; i++) {

                    if (i % maxChar == 0 && i != 0) {

                strBuf.append("</b>"); // $NON-NLS-1$
                return strBuf.toString();


            private String encode(char c) {
                String toReturn = String.valueOf(c);
                switch (c) {
                case '<': // $NON-NLS-1$
                    toReturn = "<"; // $NON-NLS-1$
                case '>': // $NON-NLS-1$
                    toReturn = ">"; // $NON-NLS-1$
                case '\'': // $NON-NLS-1$
                    toReturn = "'"; // $NON-NLS-1$
                case '\"': // $NON-NLS-1$
                    toReturn = """; // $NON-NLS-1$

                return toReturn;

    private static void showErrorMessageDialog(String message, String title, int messageType) {
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, message, title, messageType);

    /** {@inheritDoc} */
    public String toString() {
        return JMeterUtils.getResString("view_results_render_xml"); // $NON-NLS-1$


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