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This file is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The source code

# Version: $Id:,v 1.1 2005/01/23 21:51:07 rafaelsteil Exp $
# General error messages
CannotDeleteGroup = Cannot delete the group with ID <i>"{0}". Please check for users inside this group before deleting it.
CannotDeleteCategory = Cannot delete the category with the ID <b>{0}. Please check for forums associated with this category before deleting it.
CannotEditPost = B\u1ea1n kh\u00f4ng th\u1ec3 s\u1eeda tin n\u00e0y
CannotRemovePost = B\u1ea1n kh\u00f4ng th\u1ec3 x\u00f3a tin n\u00e0y
Information = Th\u00f4ng tin
UsernameExists = T\u00ean truy c\u1eadp c\u1ee7a b\u1ea1n ch\u1ecdn \u0111\u00e3 tr\u00f9ng v\u1edbi ng\u01b0\u1eddi kh\u00e1c. H\u1ea1y ch\u1ecdn m\u1ed9t t\u00ean kh\u00e1c.
UsernamePasswordCannotBeNull = T\u00ean truy c\u1eadp hay m\u1eadt kh\u1ea9u kh\u00f4ng th\u1ec3 \u0111\u1ec3 tr\u1ed1ng.
Administrator = Ng\u01b0\u1eddi qu\u1ea3n tr\u1ecb
Moderator = Ng\u01b0\u1eddi \u0111i\u1ec1u h\u00e0nh
closeWindow = \u0110\u00f3ng c\u1eeda s\u1ed5 n\u00e0y
or = hay
version = Version

Message.replyPrefix = Re: 

bb.Code = Code

ForumName = JForum
ForumTitle = A Java based forum system
Edit = S\u1eeda ch\u1eefa
Delete = X\u00f3a
Update = C\u1eadp nh\u1eadt
Insert = Th\u00eam
Reset = Tr\u1edf l\u1ea1i m\u1eb7c \u0111\u1ecbnh
Permissions = Ph\u00e9p
goToPage = Chuy\u1ec3n \u0111\u1ebfn trang
next = Trang k\u1ebf
previous = Trang tr\u01b0\u1edbc
previousPage = Tr\u1edf l\u1ea1i trang tr\u01b0\u1edbc
move = Di chuy\u1ec3n
Guest = Kh\u00e1ch
Lock = Kh\u00f3a
Unlock = M\u1edf kh\u00f3a
ok = OK

# Group Listing 
Groups.List.Edit = B\u1ea5m \u0111\u1ec3 s\u1eeda ch\u1eefa
Groups.List.Title = Groups Listing
Groups.List.ClickToDelete = Delete selected
Groups.List.ClickToNew = Insert new

# Group Form ( insert and edit )
Groups.Form.Title = Qu\u1ea3n tr\u1ecb nh\u00f3m
Groups.Form.ClickToUpdate = C\u1eadp nh\u1eadt
Groups.Form.GroupName = T\u00ean nh\u00f3m
Groups.Form.ParentGroup = Parent Group
Groups.Form.Description = M\u00f4 t\u1ea3
Groups.Form.Moderated = Moderate this group?

# Forum Listing
Forums.List.Edit = Click to edit
Forums.List.Title = Forums listing
Forums.List.ClickToDelete = Delete selected
Forums.List.ClickToNew = Insert new

# Forum Form
Forums.Form.Title = Qu\u1ea3n tr\u1ecb di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n
Forums.Form.ForumName = T\u00ean di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n
Forums.Form.Category = Th\u1ec3 lo\u1ea1i
Forums.Form.Description = M\u00f4 t\u1ea3
Forums.Form.Moderated = Moderate this forum?
Forums.Form.ClickToUpdate = C\u1eadp nh\u1eadt
Forums.Form.ChooseGroup = Ch\u1ecdn c\u00e1c nh\u00f3m \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c ph\u00e9p truy c\u1eadp di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n m\u1edbi n\u00e0y. 
Forums.Form.ChooseCategory = Xin ch\u1ecdn Th\u1ec3 lo\u1ea1i

# Smilies Listing
Smilies.List.Edit = Click to edit
Smilies.List.Title = Smilies listing
Smilies.List.ClickToDelete = Delete selected
Smilies.List.ClickToNew = Insert new

# Smilies Form
Smilies.Form.Title = Smilies Management
Smilies.Form.Code = Emoticon
Smilies.Form.Url = Image
Smilies.Form.ClickToUpdate = C\u1eadp nh\u1eadt

# Category listing
Category.List.Title = Li\u1ec7t k\u00ea Nh\u00f3m chuy\u00ean m\u1ee5c
Category.List.Edit = B\u1ea5m \u0111\u1ec3 s\u1eeda ch\u1eefa
Category.List.ClickToDelete = Delete Selected
Category.List.ClickToNew = Insert new

# Category From
Category.Form.Title = Qu\u1ea3n tr\u1ecb Nh\u00f3m chuy\u00ean m\u1ee5c
Category.Form.ClickToUpdate = C\u1eadp nh\u1eadt
Category.Form.CategoryName = Category Name
Category.Form.ChooseGroup = Choose the groups you want to allow the access to this new Category. 

# Rank listing
Rank.List.Title = Ranking Listing
Rank.List.Edit = Click to edit
Rank.List.ClickToDelete = Delete Selected
Rank.List.ClickToNew = Insert new

# Rank Form
Rank.Form.Title = Ranking Management
Rank.Form.RankName = Ranking Name
Rank.Form.MinValue = Minimum number of Posts
Rank.Form.ClickToUpdate = C\u1eadp nh\u1eadt

# Forums main page = The time now is
ForumListing.forumIndex = Forum Index
ForumListing.totalTopics = Topics
ForumListing.totalMessages = Messages
ForumListing.lastMessage = Last Message
ForumListing.readLastVisitMessages = Read new messages since my last visit
ForumListing.whoIsOnline = Who is online
ForumListing.totalMessagesInfo = Our users have posted a total of {0} messages
ForumListing.registeredUsers = We have {0} registered users
ForumListing.newestUser = The newest registered user is
ForumListing.numberOfUsersOnline = There are {0} online users: {1} registered, {2} guest(s)
ForumListing.newMessages = New Messages
ForumListing.noNewMessages = No new messages
ForumListing.blocked = Blocked Forum
ForumListing.noMessages = No messages
ForumListing.forums = Forums
ForumListing.lastVisit = You last visited on
ForumListing.connectedUsers = Connected users
ForumListing.denied = Oooops.. You don't have sufficient privileges to access this forum

# Post Form
PostForm.subject = Ti\u00eau \u0111\u1ec1
PostForm.body = N\u1ed9i dung th\u00f4ng \u0111i\u1ec7p
PostForm.emoticons = Emoticons
PostForm.moreSmilies = More smilies
PostForm.preview = Xem tr\u01b0\u1edbc
PostForm.submit = Ch\u1ea5p nh\u1eadn
PostForm.title = G\u1edfi b\u00e0i m\u1edbi
PostForm.disableHtml = Disable HTML in this message
PostForm.disableBbCode = Disable BB Code in this message
PostForm.disableSmilies = Disable smilies in this message
PostForm.appendSignature = K\u00e8m ch\u1eef k\u00fd (c\u00f3 th\u1ec3 thay \u0111\u1ed5i ch\u1eef k\u00fd trong ph\u1ea7n L\u00fd l\u1ecbch)
PostForm.notifyReplies = Th\u00f4ng b\u00e1o cho t\u00f4i khi c\u00f3 ng\u01b0\u1eddi tr\u1ea3 l\u1eddi
PostForm.setTopicAs = \u0110\u1eb7t ch\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ec1 l\u00e0
PostForm.setTopicAsNormal = B\u00ecnh th\u01b0\u1eddng
PostForm.setTopicAsSticky = Sticky
PostForm.setTopicAsAnnounce = Th\u00f4ng b\u00e1o
PostForm.textColor = Text Color
PostForm.colorDefault = Default
PostForm.colorDarkRed = Dark Red
PostForm.colorRed = Red
PostForm.colorOrange = Orange
PostForm.colorYellow = Yellow
PostForm.colorGreen = Green
PostForm.colorBlue = Blue
PostForm.colorDarkBlue = Dark Blue
PostForm.colorWhite = White
PostForm.colorBlack = Black
PostForm.colorViolet = Violet
PostForm.colorCyan = Cyan
PostForm.colorBrown = Brown
PostForm.colorOlive = Olive
PostForm.font = Font
PostForm.fontVerySmall = R\u1ea5t nh\u1ecf
PostForm.fontSmall = Nh\u1ecf
PostForm.fontNormal = B\u00ecnh th\u01b0\u1eddng
PostForm.fontBig = L\u1edbn
PostForm.fontGiant = R\u1ea5t l\u1edbn
PostForm.closeMarks = Close Marks
PostForm.helplineTip = Tip: Styles may be quickly applied to selected text
PostForm.options = Options
PostForm.helplineBoldText = Bold Text
PostForm.helplineItalicText = Italic Text
PostForm.helplineUnderlineText = Underline Text
PostForm.helplineQuote = Quote
PostForm.helplineCodeMark = Code Mark
PostForm.helplineList = List
PostForm.helplineInsertImage = Insert Image
PostForm.helplineInsertUrl = Insert URL
PostForm.helplineCloseAllMarks = Close all bbcode marks
PostForm.helplineColor = Color
PostForm.helplineFont = Font
PostForm.helplineText = Text
PostForm.helplineCode = Code
PostForm.helplineSmallText = Small Text
PostForm.helplineColorTip = Tip: can also use
PostForm.helplineUrlDescription = URL Description
PostForm.subjectEmpty = You need to inform a subject for this topic
PostForm.textEmpty = Please, write the message before posting
PostForm.movingTopic = Di chuy\u1ec3n ch\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ec1
PostForm.moveToForum = Di chuy\u1ec3n \u0111\u1ebfn di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n

# Post Show
PostShow.userTotalMessages = Messages
PostShow.userFrom = \u0110\u1ebfn t\u1eeb
PostShow.ranking = Ranking
PostShow.messageTitle = T\u1ef1a \u0111\u1ec1 th\u01b0 = T\u00e1c gi\u1ea3
PostShow.subject = Ti\u00eau \u0111\u1ec1 = To the top
PostShow.TopicNotFound = The topic you are trying to see does not exist. 
PostShow.PostNotFound = The post you are trying to see does not exist. 
PostShow.topicLocked = The topic you are trying to access is locked. You cannot insert or edit messages
PostShow.denied = Oooops. You don't have sufficient privileges to access this topic
PostShow.unwatch = Unwatch this topic = Watch this topic
PostShow.userIP = User IP

# Forum Base = T\u00ecm ki\u1ebfm
ForumBase.profile = L\u00fd l\u1ecbch
ForumBase.backToSite = Back to home page
ForumBase.logout = \u0110\u0103ng xu\u1ea5t
ForumBase.register = \u0110\u0103ng k\u00fd
ForumBase.login = \u0110\u0103ng nh\u1eadp
ForumBase.privateMessages = Tin nh\u1eafn ri\u00eang
ForumBase.newPm = Tin nh\u1eafn ri\u00eang m\u1edbi
ForumBase.unwatched = Xong. You will not receive any more notifications about replies on this topic. <br> \
	Click <a href="{0}">here to go back to the topic page.
ForumBase.recentTopics = Recent Topics

# Forum Index
ForumIndex.setAllTopicsAsRead = \u0110\u00e1nh d\u1ea5u \u0111\u00e3 \u0111\u1ecdc t\u1ea5t c\u1ea3 ch\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ec1
ForumIndex.topics = Ch\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ec1
ForumIndex.answers = Tr\u1ea3 l\u1eddi = T\u00e1c gi\u1ea3
ForumIndex.views = Views
ForumIndex.lastMessage = Last message
ForumIndex.newMessages = New messages
ForumIndex.newMessagesHot = New messages [ hot ]
ForumIndex.noNewMessages = No new messages
ForumIndex.noNewMessagesHot = No new messages [ hot ]
ForumIndex.newMessagesBlocked = New messages [ blocked ]
ForumIndex.noNewMessagesBlocked = No new messages [ blocked ]
ForumIndex.announce = Th\u00f4ng b\u00e1o
ForumIndex.sticky = Ch\u00fa \u00fd
ForumIndex.goTo = Chuy\u1ec3n \u0111\u1ebfn
ForumIndex.goToSelectAForum = Ch\u1ecdn m\u1ed9t di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n
ForumIndex.goToGo = Chuy\u1ec3n
ForumIndex.moderators = Ng\u01b0\u1eddi \u0111i\u1ec1u h\u00e0nh

# Users
User.GroupsFor = Groups for {0}
User.editDone = Information updated
User.Groups = Groups
User.registerInformation = Register Information
User.requiredFields = Fields with the "*" are required
User.user = User
User.emailAddress = \u0110\u1ecba ch\u1ec9 Email
User.password = M\u1eadt kh\u1ea9u
User.confirmPassword = X\u00e1c nh\u1eadn m\u1eadt kh\u1ea9u
User.submit = N\u1ed9p
User.reset = \u0110\u1eb7t l\u1ea1i
User.currentPassword = M\u1eadt kh\u1ea9u hi\u1ec7n h\u00e0nh
User.needConfirmPassword = You need to enter the current password only if want to change to a new one or change the e-email address
User.newPassword = M\u1eadt kh\u1ea9u m\u1edbi
User.newPasswordIsOptional = You just need to confirm the new password if are changing it
User.preferencesInfo = General Informations about yourself
User.infoWillBePublicVisible = This information will be public viewable
User.icq = ICQ UIN
User.aim = AIM Info
User.msn = MSN Messenger = Yahoo Messenger
User.www = Web Site
User.from = From
User.job = Occupation
User.interests = Interests
User.signature = Signature
User.signatureDef = This is a text block that will be addedd to your messagens' end. Optional, limit of 255 chars
User.preferences = Preferences
User.showEmail = Show my e-mail address
User.yes = Yes = No
User.hideOnlineStatus = Hide my online status
User.sendPostReplyNotify = Send e-mail notity when posts get answered
User.sendPostReplyNotifyDescription = An e-mail is sent when someone replies a message you have post. This option may be changed when writing the message
User.privateMessagesNotify = Send e-mail when a private message is sent
User.alwaysAttachSignature = Always attach my signature
User.allowHtml = Always allow HTML
User.langPreference = Your language preference
User.avatarControlPanel = Avatar Control Panel
User.adminTitle = User Administration
User.fillUsername = Please, fill the User field
User.fillEmail = Please, fill the Email Address field
User.fillPassword = Please, fill the Password field
User.fillPasswordConfirmation = Please, fill the Confirmation Password field
User.passwordNotMatch = The password confirmation doesn't matches the Password field
User.avatarFromPc = Load avatar from your computer
User.avatarExternal = Use an external image as avatar ( type the URL )
User.avatarUrlShouldHaveHttp = Avatar URL should start with "http://"
User.currentAvatar = Current Avatar
User.removeAvatar = Remove this Avatar
User.avatarDesc = Shows an image together to your messages. This image cannot be larger than 130x130 pixels. 
User.RegistrationCompleteTitle = Registration Complete

User.RegistrationCompleteMessage = <center>Congratulations!

You have completed your registration. You can now click \ <a href="{0}" class="nav">here to go to the Profile page to fill more specific information about \ yourself and to choose and avatar, or click <a href="{1}" class="nav">here to go to the home page. \ <br>
Remembering that you could change your details and information using the Profile link, at the top of the page.
User.avatarUploadError = Error while setting your avatar. It may be related to the absence of graphical libraries in the server. Please contact the site admnistrator. User.GoActivateAccountMessage = <center>C\u00e1m \u01a1n b\u1ea1n \u0111\u00e3 \u0111\u0103ng k\u00fd
\ <br>Account c\u1ee7a b\u1ea1n ch\u01b0a \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c k\u00edch ho\u1ea1t. M\u1ed9t email s\u1ebd \u0111\u1ebfn li\u1ec1n v\u1edbi l\u1eddi ch\u1ec9 d\u1eabn v\u1ec1 c\u00e1ch ho\u00e0n t\u1ea5t th\u1ee7 t\u1ee5c \u0111\u0103ng k\u00fd. User.ActivateAccount.mailTitle = K\u00edch ho\u1ea1t account di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n User.invalidActivationKey = Kh\u00f3a k\u00edch ho\u1ea1t kh\u00f4ng h\u1ee3p l\u1ec7. # Login Login.enter = \u0110\u0103ng nh\u1eadp Login.user = Username Login.password = M\u1eadt kh\u1ea9u Login.autoLogon = Log on t\u1ef1 \u0111\u1ed9ng m\u1ed7i l\u1ea7n b\u1ea1n gh\u00e9 Login.enterUsername = Xin \u0111\u00e1nh v\u00e0o username v\u00e0 password c\u1ee7a b\u1ea1n \u0111\u1ec3 login Login.lostPassword = T\u00f4i m\u1ea5t m\u1eadt kh\u1ea9u Login.invalidLogin = Username hay password kh\u00f4ng h\u1ee3p l\u1ec7 # Admin Config AdminConfig.Title = Configurations Config.Form.Title = Configurations Config.Form.ConfigName = Name Config.Form.ConfigValue = Value Config.Form.ClickToUpdate = Update Config.Form.Forum = Forum Config.Form.encoding = Character Encoding Config.Form.htmlTags = Allowed HTML tags ( separeted by comma ) Config.Form.HotTopicStart = Minimum number of messages to a topic be considered "hot" Config.Form.RecentTopicsLimit = Maximum number of topics in Recent Topics page Config.Form.ForumURL = Forum URL (don't forget the trailing slash '/' ) Config.Form.avatarSize = Max. Avatar Size ( in KB ) Config.Form.avatarMaxWidth = Max. avatar width ( in pixels ) Config.Form.avatarMaxHeight = Max. avatar height ( in pixels ) Config.Form.TopicsPerPage = Topics per Page Config.Form.PostsPerPage = Posts per Page Config.Form.UsersPerPage = Users per Page Config.Form.SmilieDir = Smilies base directory Config.Form.General = General Purpose Config.Form.CacheDir = Cache Directory Config.Form.TmpDir = Temporary Directory Config.Form.CookieName = Cookie Name Config.Form.I18n = Ng\u00f4n ng\u1eef Config.Form.DateFormat = \u0110\u1ecbnh d\u1ea1ng Ng\u00e0y v\u00e0 Gi\u1edd Config.Form.DatabasePingDelay = Delay for Connection Ping ( in milliseconds ) Config.Form.RSS = RSS Config.Form.EnableRSS = Enable RSS Syndication Config.Form.Mail = Mail Config.Form.Charset = Message Charset Config.Form.Sender = Email Address to use as "sender" Config.Form.AnswerFile = Topic answer message file Config.Form.AnswerSubject = Topic answer message subject Config.Form.MessageFormat = Message format Config.Form.MailHost = SMTP Server Config.Form.SmtpAuth = SMTP Server requires authorization? Config.Form.SmtpUsername = SMTP username ( only if using authorization ) Config.Form.SmtpPassword = SMTP password ( only if using authorization ) Config.Form.EmailNotifyAnswers = Send an email to nofity users when a topic reply is post Config.Form.UserEmailAuth = Requires user to authenticate email Config.Form.ForumPageTitle = Forum Page Title Config.Form.MetaTag.description = Meta Tag Description Config.Form.MetaTag.keywords = Meta Tag Keywords # User Profile UserProfile.profileFor = L\u00fd l\u1ecbch c\u1ee7a UserProfile.avatar = Avatar UserProfile.allAbout = T\u1ea5t c\u1ea3 v\u1ec1 UserProfile.registrationDate = Ng\u00e0y \u0111\u0103ng k\u00fd UserProfile.totalMessages = T\u1ed5ng s\u1ed1 b\u00e0i g\u1edfi UserProfile.from = T\u1eeb UserProfile.webSite = Website UserProfile.occupation = Ngh\u1ec1 nghi\u1ec7p UserProfile.interests = S\u1edf th\u00edch = Li\u00ean l\u1ea1c UserProfile.emailAddress = \u0110\u1ecba ch\u1ec9 Email UserProfile.privateMessage = Tin nh\u1eafn ri\u00eang UserProfile.findAllMessagesBy = T\u00ecm t\u1ea5t c\u1ea3 b\u00e0i g\u1edfi c\u1ee7a # Permission Control PermissionControl.allowAll = Allow All = L\u01b0u PermissionControl.groupTitle = Group Permission Control PermissionControl.userTitle = User Permission Control PermissionControl.atLeastOne = Please choose at least one Group # Search Search.terms = Search Terms Search.typeKeywords = Type search keywords Search.allTerms = Search all terms Search.anyTerm = Search any term, or as is written Search.options = T\u00f9y ch\u1ecdn Search.byAuthor = T\u00ecm theo t\u00e1c gi\u1ea3 = Di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n Search.category = Th\u1ec3 lo\u1ea1i Search.period = Period Search.orderBy = Order by Search.showFirst = Show First Search.messageChars = message chars Search.topicAndBody = Search inside both topic body and title Search.justTopicBody = Search only inside topic body Search.ascending = Ascending Search.descending = Descending Search.allAvailable = All Available Search.allMessages = All Messages Search.postDate = Post Date Search.subject = Ti\u00eau \u0111\u1ec1 = T\u00e1c gi\u1ea3 = Day Search.days = Days Search.weeks = Weeks Search.month = Month Search.months = Months Search.year = Year Search.searchResults = Search Results = Search Search.recordsFound = topics were found Search.recordFound = topic was found # Moderation Moderation.OpenModeration = Open Moderation Options Moderation.CloseModeration = Close Moderation Options Moderation.ModerationDone = All operations were successful completed. Click <a href="{0}">here to continue. Moderation.Denied = You do not have sufficient privileges to do this action. Please contact the forum administrator Moderation.InvalidForum = Please selected a valid forum. The option you choose is either a blank value or a category Moderation.ConfirmDelete = X\u00f3a c\u00e1c ch\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ec1 \u0111ang ch\u1ecdn? Moderation.ConfirmPostDelete = B\u1ea1n th\u1eadt mu\u1ed1n x\u00f3a tin \u0111ang ch\u1ecdn? Moderation.SelectTopics = H\u00e3y ch\u1ecdn m\u1ed9t hay nhi\u1ec1u ch\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ec1 # Password Recovery PasswordRecovery.usage = Type your email address <b>or username.
You will receive a message containing \ instructions about how to set a new password. PasswordRecovery.title = Lost password recovery PasswordRecovery.mailTitle = [JForum] - Password recovery PasswordRecovery.invalidData = The supplied data is invalid. PasswordRecovery.invalidUserEmail = Please inform a valid username or email PasswordRecovery.ok = Your password was updated. Please click <a href="{0}">here to go to the login page. PasswordRecovery.emailSent = An email was sent to you containing information about how to update your password. \ Please click <a href="{0}">here to go back to the login page. PasswordRecovery.finalInstructions = Please type your current email address, <b>the new desired password and click "ok" # Private Messages PrivateMessage.checkAll = Check All PrivateMessage.uncheckAll = Uncheck All PrivateMessage.inbox = Inbox PrivateMessage.sentbox = Sent Box PrivateMessage.from = T\u1eeb = T\u1edbi = Ng\u00e0y th\u00e1ng PrivateMessage.deleteSelected = X\u00f3a tin \u0111ang \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c ch\u1ecdn PrivateMessage.removeMessage = X\u00f3a tin nh\u1eafn n\u00e0y PrivateMessage.deleteAll = X\u00f3a t\u1ea5t c\u1ea3 PrivateMessage.subject = Ti\u00eau \u0111\u1ec1 PrivateMessage.title = Tin nh\u1eafn m\u1edbi PrivateMessage.findUser = T\u00ecm th\u00e0nh vi\u00ean PrivateMessage.user = T\u1edbi th\u00e0nh vi\u00ean PrivateMessage.findingUser = T\u00ecm c\u00e1c th\u00e0nh vi\u00ean PrivateMessage.searchTip = Type some part of the username you want to find. The system will search \ for all users who match the input. = Choose the user PrivateMessage.userIdNotFound = <b>Error.
Could not determine the user id. Please check if you \ typed the username correctly and try again. PrivateMessage.deleteDone = Tin nh\u1eafn x\u00f3a xong. B\u1ea5m <a href="{0}">v\u00e0o \u0111\u00e2y \u0111\u1ec3 ti\u1ebfp t\u1ee5c. PrivateMessage.messageSent = Tin nh\u1eafn c\u1ee7a b\u1ea1n \u0111\u00e3 g\u1eedi th\u00e0nh c\u00f4ng. B\u1ea5m <a href="{0}">v\u00e0o \u0111\u00e2y \u0111\u1ec3 tr\u1edf l\u1ea1i inbox. PrivateMessage.inboxMessage = Inbox :: Tin nh\u1eafn PrivateMessage.replyPrefix = Re: PrivateMessage.readDenied = B\u1ea1n kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 ph\u00e9p \u0111\u1ecdc tin nh\u1eafn n\u00e0y. # Installation Install.databaseError = Error while trying to configure the database. Please check the if parameters like username, password, and host and othersare correct and try again. Install.createTablesError = Error while trying to create the database tables. Please check the error log in the end of the page for more information. Install.importTablesDataError = Error while populating the tables. Please check the error log in the end of the page for more information. Install.noWebInfWritePermission = Cannot create files under <i>WEB-INF/config. Please give write permissions to this directory and its sub-directories before continuing. Install.noWritePermission = Please give <b>write access for the user who is running the webserver to the file 'index.htm' \ and for the directory '<i>WEB-INF/config' and its subdirectories before continuing.

JForum needs to write its \ configurations there. When you're done, click at <b>"Try Again". Install.welcomeMessage = Thank you for choosing JForum. In order to complete this install please fill out the details requested below. \ <font color="#ff0000">Please note that the database you'll install into should already exist.

\ This wizard will help you to set the most important configurations for JForum, and, after the installation, \ you will be able to configure other settings for the board, as well customize it to best fit your needs. Install.tryAgain = Try Again Install.forHelpAccess = For help and support, please access Install.welcome = Welcome to Install.installation = c\u00e0i \u0111\u1eb7t Install.isEmpty = \u0111\u1ec3 tr\u1ed1ng Install.domainName = Domain Name Install.doesNotStart = does not start with Install.admin = Administrator Install.confirmationNotMatch = confirmation does not match Install.issuesFound = \u0110\u00e3 b\u1ecb g\u1eb7p nh\u1eefng v\u1ea5n \u0111\u1ec1 sau Install.pleaseCorrect = H\u00e3y s\u1eeda ch\u1eefa tr\u01b0\u1edbc khi ti\u1ebfp t\u1ee5c Install.dbPasswdNotMatch = Database password confirmation does not match Install.dbUsername = Database Username Install.dbPassword = Database Password Install.hsqldbDefault = HSQLDB was choosen and no Database Username or Password were set. Install.jforumUseDefault = JForum will use the default values. Continue? Install.dbIssues = The following issues were found regard to Database Configuration Install.dbMayResultError = Note that not specifying an username or password may result in errors Install.general = General Configuration Install.boardLanguage = Default board language Install.dbType = Database Type Install.dbTip = Choose the database you want to have JForum running. If you don't know that it means \ or what option to choose, please select <b>HSQLDB, which is a builtin database. Install.type = Choose your installation type Install.typeNew = New Installation Install.typeUpgrade = Upgrade Install.dbConfiguration = Database Configuration Install.dbTipGeneral = General database options. If you had choosen a Database Type other than "HSQLDB", it is necessary that \ you inform at least the <i>hostname, database name, username and password. This is also \ valid for 'HSQLDB', but if you don't know what to put there, just leave with the defaults. Install.dbHost = Database Server Hostname Install.dbName = Database name Install.dbNameTip = <font color="#ff0000">The database should already exists. JForum will not try to create or remove databases. \ If you are going to use HSQLDB, you can leave this field with the default value in case of doubt. Install.confirm = confirm Install.dbEncoding = Database Encoding Install.selectEncodig = Select Encoding Install.other = Other Install.encodingTip = In most cases you will like to choose "UTF-8" as encoding. If you know the encoding of your region, you can \ specify it in the "Other" field. Install.pool = Use Connection Pool Install.boardConfiguration = Board Configuration Install.forumLink = Forum Link Install.adminUser = Administrator Username Install.adminPassword = Administrator Password Install.nextStep = Next Step Install.step1 = Step 1 Install.checkInformation = Check if the information is correct and, if is everthing ok, click in the button "Begin install". Otherwise, you \ can click on "Modify Configuration" to back to the previous page and change some options. Install.modifyConfiguration = Modify Configuration Install.step2 = Step 2 - Verify Configuration Install.notShown = \u1ea9n gi\u1ea5u Install.begin = B\u1eaft \u0111\u1ea7u c\u00e0i \u0111\u1eb7t Install.stepError = L\u1ed7i Install.finished = Ho\u00e0n t\u1ea5t Install.congratulations = Ch\u00fac m\u1eebng Install.congratsMessage = Ch\u00fac m\u1eebng! B\u1ea1n \u0111\u00e3 c\u1ea5u h\u00ecnh th\u00e0nh c\u00f4ng JForum. Gi\u1edd b\u1ea1n c\u00f3 th\u1ec3 \ b\u1eaft \u0111\u1ea7u d\u00f9ng b\u1ea3ng tin, t\u1ea1o c\u1ed9ng \u0111\u1ed3ng c\u1ee7a ri\u00eang b\u1ea1n. <br/>C\u1ea7n th\u00eam tin t\u1ee9c hay tr\u1ee3 gi\u00fap, \ xin truy c\u1eadp <a href=""> Install.clickHere = B\u1ea5m v\u00e0o \u0111\u00e2y \u0111\u1ec3 truy c\u1eadp di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n Install.updateAdminError = An error has occurred while updating the Administrator's Password. Please refer to the \ complete error message in the field below for more technical information. Install.removeInstallDir = X\u00f3a th\u01b0 m\u1ee5c c\u00f3 t\u00ean <i>install, \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c Vi\u1ec7t h\u00f3a trong th\u01b0 m\u1ee5c root Install.cleanFiles = \u0110\u1ec3 s\u1ef1 c\u00e0i \u0111\u1eb7t \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c an to\u00e0n h\u01a1n, xin th\u1ef1c hi\u1ec7n nh\u1eefng c\u00f4ng t\u00e1c sau Install.removeMapping = Remove the following line from <i>WEB-INF/config/ Install.renameIndex = Remove the file <i>index.htm and rename the file new_rename.htm to index.htm Install.IdidTheSteps = T\u00f4i \u0111\u00e3 th\u1ef1c thi nh\u1eefng b\u01b0\u1edbc \u0111\u00f2i h\u1ecfi tr\u00ean v\u00e0 t\u00f4i hi\u1ec3u r\u1eb1ng, n\u1ebfu t\u00f4i kh\u00f4ng l\u00e0m, \ di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n s\u1ebd kh\u00f4ng \u0111\u1ee7 an to\u00e0n Install.pleaseCheck = Xin \u0111\u1ecdc d\u00f2ng khy\u1ebfn c\u00e1o an ninh v\u00e0 b\u1ea5m v\u00e0o check button # RSS RSS.Forums.title = T\u1ea5t c\u1ea3 di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n hi\u1ec7n c\u00f3 RSS.Forums.description = RSS syndication di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n hi\u1ec7n c\u00f3 RSS.ForumTopics.title = C\u00e1c ch\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ec1 m\u1edbi nh\u1ea5t cho di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n "{0}" RSS.ForumTopics.description = C\u00e1c ch\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ec1 m\u1edbi \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c th\u1ea3o lu\u1eadn trong di\u1ec5n \u0111\u00e0n "{0}" RSS.TopicPosts.title = Latest posts cho ch\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ec1 "{0}" RSS.TopicPosts.description = Latest messages posted trong ch\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ec1 "{0}"
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