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jfreechart example source code file (NEWS)

This example jfreechart source code file (NEWS) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The jfreechart NEWS source code

JFreeChart 1.0.13
20 April 2009

* SPECIAL NOTICE:  There will be a birds-of-a-feather session for JFreeChart *
* at this year's JavaOne conference in San Francisco.  The session is        *
* scheduled for 6.45pm to 7.35pm on Wednesday 3 June.                        *

This release contains:

- updates to the ChartPanel class to support copying charts to the clipboard, 
  panning and mouse-wheel zooming, and an overlay mechanism that supports
- enhancements to the auto-range calculation for axes, providing the ability
  to use subranges only and also to skip hidden series;
- updates for many of the CategoryItemRenderer implementations to ensure that
  they respect the 'seriesVisible' flags;
- an improvement to the TimeSeries class so that it is no longer necessary to
  specify the time period type in the constructor;
- a new SamplingXYLineRenderer for improving the performance of time series
  charts with large datasets;
- the XYSeries/XYSeriesCollection classes now cache the minimum and maximum
  data values to improve the performance of charts with large datasets;
- entities are now created for the chart, data area and axes, allowing mouse
  clicks to be detected for these regions;
- added a bar alignment factor to the XYBarRenderer class;
- a new 'errorIndicatorStroke' field for the StatisticalLineAndShapeRenderer 
  and XYErrorRenderer classes;
- added a new HeatMapDataset interface, DefaultHeatMapDataset implementation,
  and a HeatMapUtilities class to make it easier to create heat map charts;
- there is a new flag to allow an XYDataImageAnnotation to be included in the
  automatic range calculation for the axes;
- additional attributes in the XYTextAnnotation class;
- added a sampleFunction2DToSeries() method to the DatasetUtilities class;
- some changes to the ChartPanel class that help to work around a regression in
  JRE 1.6.0_10 relating to drawing in XOR mode.  Regarding this final point:
     * the default value for the useBuffer flag has changed to true, which means
       that all charts will, by default, be rendered into an off-screen image
       before being displayed in the ChartPanel;
     * the zoom rectangle is drawn using XOR mode *only* when the useBuffer
       flag has been set to false.
  For most usage, this should improve performance (but at the cost of using more
  memory for each ChartPanel used in your application);

Bug Fixes:

2690293 : Problem with Javascript escape characters;
2617557 : StandardDialScale ignored tickLabelPaint;
2612649 : Stroke selection in plot property editor;
2583891 : SWTGraphics2D.fillPolygon() not implemented;
2564636 : Month constructor ignores Locale;
2502355 : ChartPanel sending multiple events;
2490803 : PeriodAxis.setRange() method doesn't take into account that the axis
          displays whole periods;

In addition, a bug in the SlidingCategoryDataset class has been fixed, the
correct outline paint is now used by GradientXYBarPainter, a new method
has been added to the ImageMapUtilities class to escape special characters
in Javascript strings to avoid problems with the OverLIB and DynamicDrive
tooltips, and there are some important fixes in the LogAxis class.

This release passes 2110 JUnit tests (0 failures) on JRE 1.6.0_12.

JFreeChart 1.0.12
31 December 2008

This release adds support for minor tick marks, mapping datasets to more than
one axis, an important fix for the XYSeries class (relating to the
addOrUpdate() method) plus numerous other bug fixes.

This release passes 1996 JUnit test (0 failures) on JRE 1.6.0_10.

API Adjustments:
- CategoryPlot : added mapDatasetToDomainAxes() and mapDatasetToRangeAxes() 
- Month : added a new constructor Month(Date, TimeZone, Locale) and deprecated 
    Month(Date, TimeZone);
- Quarter : added a new constructor Quarter(Date, TimeZone, Locale) and 
    deprecated Quarter(Date, TimeZone);
- XYPlot : added mapDatasetToDomainAxes() and mapDatasetToRangeAxes() methods;
- Year : added a new constructor Year(Date, TimeZone, Locale) and deprecated
    Year(Date, TimeZone);
Bug Fixes:
2471906 : XYAreaRenderer with dashed outline - performance problem;
2452078 : StackedAreaChart has gaps;
2275695 : NullPointerException for SubCategoryAxis on plot with null dataset;
2221495 : XYLineAnnotation with dashed stroke;
2216511 : SWTBarChartDemo1 throws RuntimeException;
2201869 : DateAxis tick label position error;
2121818 : Label link lines for very thin RingPlot;
2113627 : XYStepRenderer item labels;
1955483 : XYSeries.addOrUpdate() problem.

Also fixed StackedXYBarRenderer which was ignoring the shadowsVisible attribute.

JFreeChart 1.0.11
19 September 2008

This release features a new chart theming mechanism to allow charts to be
restyled conveniently, a new BarPainter mechanism to enhance the appearance of 
bar charts, a new XYShapeRenderer class, a scaling facility for the 
XYDrawableAnnotation for drawing images within specific data coordinates, some
new classes (XYTaskDataset, XYDataImageAnnotation and XYTitleAnnotation), a 
modification to the Year class to support an extended range, and various bug 
fixes and API improvements.  There is an important bug fix for the 
StackedBarRenderer3D class (see bug 2031407).

This release passes 1,961 JUnit tests (0 failures) on JRE 1.6.0_07.

API Adjustments:
- AbstractRenderer - added clearSeriesPaints() and clearSeriesStrokes() 
- BarRenderer - added shadowPaint attribute;
- CategoryAxis - added getCategoryMiddle() method;
- CategoryPlot - added getRendererCount() method;
- ChartFactory - added get/setChartTheme() methods;
- ChartPanel - increased default maximum drawing width and height;
- ChartTheme - new interface;
- ChartUtilities - added applyCurrentTheme() method;
- CompositeTitle - added backgroundPaint attribute;
- GradientBarPainter - new class;
- LegendTitle - added getWrapper() method;
- OHLCSeriesCollection - added xPosition attribute;
- PaintScaleLegend - new subdivisions field;
- PiePlot - added autoPopulate flags, and methods to clear section attributes;
- Plot - added setDrawingSupplier() method;
- RegularTimePeriod - the DEFAULT_TIME_ZONE field has been deprecated in this
- RelativeDateFormat - added methods to control formatting of hours and 
    minutes - see patch 2033092;
- StandardChartTheme - new class;
- XYItemRendererState - new methods;
- XYPlot - added getRendererCount() method;
- XYShapeRenderer - new class;
- XYTaskDataset - new class.

1997549 : Status calls to XYItemRendererState [Ulrich Voigt];
2006826 : CompositeTitle drawing fix;
2033092 : Additional formatters for RelativeDateFormat [Cole Markham];

Bug Fixes:
1994355 : ChartComposite listener type;
2031407 : Incorrect rendering in StackedBarRenderer3D;
2033721 : WaferMapRenderer;
2051168 : No key in LegendItemEntity for pie charts;

Also fixed drawing of alternate grid bands in SymbolAxis, the totalWeight 
calculation in the CombinedXXXPlot classes, a NullPointerException in the
XYPlot class when drawing quadrants, outline visibility in the 
CategoryPlot class, and auto-range calculations with XYBarRenderer.

JFreeChart 1.0.10
9 June 2008

This release contains various bug fixes and minor enhancements to JFreeChart.
PiePlot labelling has been enhanced (new curve options, and more robust bounds
checking).  The BoxAndWhiskerRenderer now has a maximumBarWidth attribute, the 
XYStepRenderer has a new stepPoint attribute.  The RelativeDateFormat class 
has new options.  There are new dataset classes (SlidingCategoryDataset and 
SlidingGanttDataset) that permit a subset of categories to be plotted, and 
allow charts based on these datasets to simulate scrolling.  There is a new 
ShortTextTitle class.

This release passes 1,929 JUnit tests (0 failures) on JRE 1.6.0_03.

API Adjustments:

- BoxAndWhiskerRenderer - added maximumBarWidth attribute (see patch 1866446);
- ChartPanel - the zoomPoint attribute has been changed from Point to Point2D;
- DatasetUtilities - iterateCategoryRangeBounds() is deprecated, the method
    has been renamed iterateRangeBounds(CategoryDataset) for consistency;
- DefaultKeyedValue - the constructor now prevents a null key;
- LogFormat - now has a 'powerLabel' attribute;
- ShortTextTitle - a new title class;
- SlidingCategoryDataset - new class;
- SlidingGanttDataset - new class;
- TimeSeriesCollection - getSeries(String) changed to getSeries(Comparable);
- XIntervalSeriesCollection - added series removal methods;
- YIntervalSeriesCollection - added series removal methods;
- XYIntervalSeriesCollection - added series removal methods;

PublicCloneable is now implemented by a number of classes that didn't 
previously implement the interface - this should improve the reliability of
chart cloning.


1943021 : Fix for MultiplePiePlot [Brian Cabana];
1925366 : Speed improvement for DatasetUtilities [Rafal Skalny];
1918209 : LogAxis createTickLabel() changed from private to 
          protected [Andrew Mickish];
1914411 : Simplification of plot event notification [Richard West];
1913751 : XYPlot and CategoryPlot addMarker() methods with 
          optional notification [Richard West];
1902418 : Bug fix for LogAxis vertical labels [Andrew Mickish];
1901599 : Fixes for XYTitleAnnotation [Andrew Mickish];
1891849 : New curve option for pie chart label links [Martin Hilpert];
1874890 : Added step point to XYStepRenderer [Ulrich Voigt];
1873328 : Enhancements to RelativeDateFormat [Michael Siemer];
1871902 : PolarPlot now has angleTickUnit attribute [Martin Hoeller];
1868745 : Fix label anchor points on LogAxis [Andrew Mickish];
1866446 : Added maximumBarWidth to BoxAndWhiskerRenderer [Rob Van der Sanden];

Bug Fixes:

1932146 - PeriodAxis.setRange() doesn't notify listeners;
1927239 - Fix calculation of cumulative range;
1926517 - Bugs in data range calculation for combined plots;
1920854 - PiePlot3D labels drawn multiple times;
1897580 - Fix for DefaultIntervalCategoryDataset;
1892419 - Wrong default for minor tick count in LogAxis;
1880114 - VectorRenderer doesn't work for horizontal plot orientation;
1873160 - DialPlot clipping issues;
1868521 - Problem saving charts to JPEG format;
1864222 - Error on TimeSeries createCopy() method;

The DatasetUtilities.sampleFunction2D() has been changed to sample the correct 
number of points - you should check any code that calls this method.  The
XYBlockRenderer class now generates entities.  Bugs in the removeDomainMarker()
and removeRangeMarker() methods in the CategoryPlot and XYPlot classes have 
been fixed.  A bug in the TimePeriodValues range calculation has been fixed.
Fixes were applied to the clone() methods in the TaskSeries and 
TaskSeriesCollection classes.

New Experimental Features:

Two new classes CombinedCategoryPlot and CombinedXYPlot have been added to the
'experimental' source tree - these were contributed by Richard West (see
patch 1924543).

JFreeChart 1.0.9
4 January 2008

This release contains an important security patch as well as various bug fixes 
and minor enhancements.  Regarding the security patch, please see the 
following advisory:

Note that the fix incorporated in the special JFreeChart 1.0.8a release was
flawed in that it broke the URLs in the HTML image maps generated by 
JFreeChart.  Further amendments have been made in this release to fix this 

API Adjustments:

A number of classes have new methods.  Nothing has been removed or deprecated:

- HashUtilities - added hashCode() methods for BooleanList, PaintList and
- ImageMapUtilities - added htmlEscape(String);
- IntervalMarker - added new constructor;
- Range - added intersects(Range) and scale(Range, double);
- TextTitle - added protected methods arrangeNN(), arrangeFN() and arrangeRN();
- XYDataItem - added getXValue() and getYValue() methods;
- XYPlot - added setFixedDomainAxisSpace(AxisSpace, boolean) and
           setFixedRangeAxisSpace(AxisSpace, boolean);
- XYSeriesCollection - added getSeries(Comparable) method.

Bug Fixes:

1852525 - CandlestickChart.getCategoryPlot() - ClassCastException;
1851416 - testGetFirstMillisecondWithTimeZone fails in 1.0.8a;
1849333 - 1.0.8a breaks URLs in HTML image maps;
1848961 - GroupedStackedBarRenderer works only for primary dataset;
1846063 - Endless loop in paint of XYPlot;
1840139 - Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in image map code;
1837979 - Background image not shown with SWT;
1460195 - ChartEntity.getImageMapAreaTag() needs nohref;
1400917 - OverLIBToolTipTagFragmentGenerator not escaping single quote;
1363043 - Escape Image Map Data;
1178601 - AbstractRenderer.hashcode() method returns the same value;

In addition, a bug in the constructor for the Week class has been fixed.  

JFreeChart 1.0.8
23 November 2007

This release is primarily a bug fix release, correcting a problem with pie
chart labelling, a regression in the DefaultCategoryDataset class (and 
underlying KeyedValues2D class), and a cloning bug in the TimeSeries class.  
In addition, the StatisticalBarRenderer class has a new 'errorIndicatorStroke' 
field and has been updated to support gradients, the StandardDialScale has had 
some missing accessor methods implemented, and an override field in the 
StandardXYItemRenderer class has been deprecated.  Plus some warnings reported
by FindBugs 1.3.0 have been addressed.

JFreeChart 1.0.7
14 November 2007

This release features new classes DialPlot and LogAxis (previously in 
experimental), initial support for minor tick units, a new anchored zooming 
option for the ChartPanel class, optional simple labelling on pie charts, 
improvements to the "statistical" datasets and underlying data structures, and 
numerous bug fixes.

API Adjustments:

- CategoryAxis - added getCategorySeriesMiddle() method;
- CategoryPlot - added methods to remove markers;
- ChartPanel - added defaultDirectorForSaveAs attribute;
- DialPlot - new class, an alternative to MeterPlot;
- LogAxis - new class, an alternative to LogarithmicAxis;
- NumberTick - new constructor that allows specification of the tick type;
- NumberTickUnit - new constructor to specify the minor tick count;
- SymbolAxis - new methods get/setGridBandAlternatePaint();
- TickType - new class;
- TickUnit - added minorTickCount attribute;
- ValueTick - added tickType attribute;
- StandardPieSectionLabelGenerator - new constructors accepting a Locale;
- StandardPieToolTipGenerator - likewise;
- CategoryPlot - added getRangeAxisIndex(), zoomDomainAxes() and zoomRangeAxes()
- FastScatterPlot - added new zooming methods;
- PiePlot - new attributes to support simple labelling;
- PlotUtilities - new class;
- PolarPlot - added new zooming methods;
- ThermometerPlot - likewise;
- XYPlot - added methods to remove markers (patch 1823697--same as for 
           CategoryPlot), and added new zooming methods; 
- Zoomable - added new zooming methods to this interface;
- LineAndShapeRenderer - added useSeriesOffset and itemMargin attributes;
- MinMaxCategoryRenderer - implemented equals();
- XYSplineAndShapeRenderer - new class;
- LogFormat - new class;
- ChartFactory - new pie and ring chart creation methods that accept a Locale;
- ChartPanel - added zoomAroundAnchor attribute;
- Series - added isEmpty() method;
- BoxAndWhiskerItem - new convenience constructor;
- DefaultBoxAndWhiskerCategoryDataset - new remove methods;
- DefaultStatisticalCategoryDataset - likewise;
- MeanAndStandardDeviation - added new value accessor methods;
- TimeTableXYDataset - added clear() method;
- Week - added new constructor;
- KeyedObjects - added insertValue() and clear() methods;
- KeyedObjects2D - added clear() method.


1823724 - updated XYDifferenceRenderer to support item labels;
1827829 - fixed possible NullPointerException in XYBarRenderer;

Bug Fixes:

1767315 - GrayPaintScale.getPaint() uses wrong value;
1775452 - Inverted XYBarRenderer does not render margins correctly;
1802195 - Marker.listenerList serializable;
1779941 - StatisticalBarRenderer NPE;
1766646 - XYBlockRenderer can't handle empty datasets;
1763413 - PeriodAxis labels fail to display with setInverted
1737953 - Zoom doesn't work on LogAxis(Demo1)
1749124 - JFreeChart not added as TitleChangeListener 

JFreeChart 1.0.6
15 June 2007

This release features a new VectorRenderer (previously in experimental), a 
generalised XYDifferenceRenderer, better support for hotspots on legend items, 
improved performance for time series charts displaying subsets of data, support 
for GradientPaint in plot backgrounds, plus the usual slew of bug fixes and 
minor feature additions.

API Adjustments:

- CategoryItemEntity - replaced row and column index attributes with row and
    column key attributes;
- CategoryItemRenderer - numerous series override settings have been deprecated;
- DefaultPieDataset - added insertValues() method;
- HexNumberFormat - new class;
- LegendItem - added dataset and seriesKey attributes;
- Plot - added new fillBackground() method to support GradientPaint, and
    added is/setOutlineVisible() methods;
- QuarterDateFormat - added GREEK_QUARTERS field plus a new constructor;
- SimpleHistogramDataset - added clearObservations() and removeAllBins() 
- TimeSeriesCollection - added indexOf() method;
- URLUtilities - new class;
- XYItemRenderer - numerous series override settings have been deprecated;
- XYSeriesCollection - added indexOf() method.

Bug Fixes:

1735508 - ClusteredXYBarRenderer fails with inverted x-axis;
1726404 - ChartComposite tooltips;
1713474 - StackedBarRenderer3D doesn't fill shadows;
1713401 - StackedBarRenderer3D doesn't check drawBarOutline flag;
1701822 - DefaultBoxAndWhiskerCategoryDataset doesn't follow contracts;
1698965 - NPE in CombinedDomainXYPlot;
1690994 - HideSeriesDemo1 does not work;
1690654 - Bug in removeValue() of DefaultKeyedValues2D;
1562701 - LegendItemEntity needs dataset index;
1486299 - Use URLEncoder.encode() for URL generators;

Plus the following bugs that didn't have entries in the database:

- BarRenderer - check for series visibility in getLegendItem();
- ChartPanel - use correct insets for painting chart buffer to screen, update
    UI for popup menu if LookAndFeel changes;
- DateAxis - fixed boundary cases for previousStandardDate() method;
- LineBorder - only draw border if area has positive dimensions;
- JFreeChart - should register as a listener with the default legend;
- StandardXYItemRenderer - fixed a problem where chart entities are created for
    non-visible items;
- TimePeriodValuesCollection.getDomainBounds() now computes the bounds 
- XYLineAndShapeRenderer - fixed a problem where chart entities are created for
    non-visible items;
- XYLine3DRenderer - equals() implemented, and serialization fixed;
- XYTitleAnnotation - fixed equals() method;
- various resource usage bugs in the experimental ChartComposite class;

JFreeChart 1.0.5
23 March 2007

This release features a new DeviationRenderer class, support for item labels
in StackedXYBarRenderer, tooltips and URLs in the CategoryStepRenderer, and 
many bug fixes.

API Adjustments:

- AbstractCategoryItemRenderer - added createState() method;
- StackedXYBarRenderer - added get/setRenderAsPercentages() methods;
- XYIntervalSeries - added getXLowValue(), getXHighValue(), getYLowValue() and
- YIntervalSeries - added getYLowValue() and getYHighValue() methods;
Bug Fixes:

1681777 - DefaultCategoryDataset does not clone data;
1672552 - Zoom rectangle is lost when the chart is repainted;
1671645 - Crosshair incorrectly positioned in horizontal orientation;
1669302 - Tick labels in vertical symbol axis;
1669218 - CategoryPlot.setDomainAxisLocation() ignores parameter;
1667750 - Clip region not restored in Spider and MeterPlot;
1663380 - OutputStream not closed;
1659627 - IntervalMarker with Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY bound;
1647269 - IntervalMarker with Double.MAX_VALUE as upper bound;
1594477 - XYBarRenderer does not render bars on LogarithmicAxis;
1459958 - Log axis zoom function problem;
 880597 - Zooming ChartPanel with log axes;
 764561 - Dynamic chart zoom buggy.
Also fixed numerous bugs in equals(), cloning and serialization 

JFreeChart 1.0.4
9 February 2007

This release features a new XYBlockRenderer class, URLs for pie chart labels 
in HTML image maps, a new dataset implementation for open-high-low-close 
charts, support for gradient paint in ClusteredXYBarRenderer, 
StackedXYBarRenderer and legend graphics, a new anchor attribute for 
XYImageAnnotation, improvements to the experimental SWT support, plus a 
number of additions to the API for usability, and many bug fixes.

API Adjustments:

- DateAxis - added get/setTimeZone() methods;
- DefaultXYDataset - now implements PublicCloneable;
- StackedXYAreaRenderer2 - added get/setRoundXValues() methods;
- StandardXYItemLabelGenerator - added new constructor;
- StandardXYToolTipGenerator - added new constructor;
- XYBarDataset - added getUnderlyingDataset() and get/setBarWidth() methods;
- XYDifferenceRenderer - added roundXCoordinates attribute;
- XYImageAnnotation - added an image anchor attribute, a new constructor, and
    several accessor methods;
- XYSeries - added toArray() method;

Bug Fixes:

1654215 - XYPlot renderer with no corresponding dataset;
1652640 - RangeMarkers do not update properly;
1649686 - Crosshairs for StackedXYAreaRenderer;
1647749 - IllegalArgumentException in SWTAxisEditor;
1644877 - Replacing series data in DefaultXYDataset;
1644010 - DateAxis.nextStandardDate() ignores timezone;
1638678 - DateAxis code uses the default calendar;
1629382 - Tests fail for jfreechart-1.0.3;
1624067 - StandardXYToolTipGenerator missing constructor;
1616583 - Serialize ChartDeleter;
1612770 - Popup menu in wrong position for SWT ChartComposite;
1611872 - Minute.previous() returns null for minute == 0;
1608371 - Tick labels overlap with custom NumberFormat;
1606205 - Draw shared axis last on combined plots;
1605207 - IntervalMarker exceeds bounds of data area;
1605202 - SpiderWebPlot method access;
1599652 - Inverted StackedBar3D problem;
1598394 - XYBarDataset hiding its proxied object;
1564967 - Crosshairs on XYDifferenceRenderer;
1245305 - NullPointerException in writeImageMap();
1086307 - Crosshairs on plots with multiple axes.

Also fixed numerous bugs in equals() and clone() methods throughout the API.

JFreeChart 1.0.3:
17 November 2006

This release features several new IntervalXYDataset implementations, some 
significant refactoring of the time period classes (to improve performance 
and correctness), modifications to the PiePlot class to support reordering of
dataset items, a new event mechanism to allow updating of markers, plus many
other enhancements, bug fixes and documentation updates.

A new DialPlot implementation has been added to the 'experimental' sources. 
We are looking for people to test this code and provide feedback, so that we
can stabilize the API and add this code to the main JFreeChart API.

API adjustments:

The following adjustments have been made to the API:

- CategoryLabelEntity - new class;
- CategoryPointerAnnotation - new class;
- ChartPanel: added new public method doEditChartProperties();
- ComparableObjectItem, ComparableObjectSeries - new classes;
- CrosshairState: added several new accessor methods;
- DefaultPieDataset: added sortByKeys() and sortByValues() methods;
- Markers: a change event mechanism has been added to the Marker class and
  its subclasses;
- StackedAreaRenderer: added get/setRenderAsPercentages() methods;
- XIntervalDataItem, XIntervalSeries and XIntervalSeriesCollection - new 
- XYErrorRenderer: new class;
- XYInterval, XYIntervalDataItem, XYIntervalSeries and 
    XYIntervalSeriesCollection - new classes;
- YInterval, YIntervalDataItem, YIntervalSeries, YIntervalSeriesCollection and
    YWithXInterval - new classes.

Bug Fixes:

1578293 - Unused methods in JDBCXYDataset;
1572478 - BoxAndWhiskerRenderer potential NullPointerException;
1569094 - XYStepRenderer with horizontal orientation;
1565168 - Crosshair position incorrect;
1564977 - DateAxis missing initial tick label;
1562759 - StatisticalLineAndShapeRenderer constructor ignores arguments;
1557141 - Bad locale in ServletUtilities;
1550045 - TimeSeries.removeAgedItems() method problems;
1549218 - Chart not displaying when all data values are the same and large;
1450447 - Marker.setAlpha() ignored;

Also fixed URL generation for legend items, tick mark positioning on the 
DateAxis, the equals() method in the AreaRenderer class, hardcoded outline 
attributes in the XYBubbleRenderer, and potential NullPointerExceptions in the
ChartPanel class.

JFreeChart 1.0.2:
Released on 25 August 2006.

API adjustments:

The following adjustments have been made to the API (there should be no 
breakage of applications coded to the 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 API):

- CategoryToPieDataset: added accessor methods for underlying dataset, extract
    type and index (feature request 1477915);
- DefaultXYDataset:  New dataset implementation that uses double[] arrays;
- DefaultXYZDataset:  New dataset implementation that uses double[] arrays;
- LegendItemBlockContainer: New container used in legends (enables 
    legend item entities again);
- MultiplePiePlot:  Added new fields aggregatedItemsKey and 
    aggregatedItemsPaint, plus accessor methods - see bug 1190647;
- SpiderWebPlot:  Added new fields toolTipGenerator and urlGenerator, plus 
    accessor methods (see patch 1463455);
- StackedBarRenderer3D:  Added new flag (renderAsPercentages), plus accessor
    methods, that controls whether the data items are displayed as values or
    percentages.  Two new constructors are also added (see patch 1459313);
- XYPolygonAnnotation: Added new accessor methods.


1459313 - Add renderAsPercentages option to StackedBarRenderer3D;
1462727 - Modify SpiderWebPlot to support zero values;
1463455 - Modify SpiderWebPlot to support mouse clicks, tool tips and URLs;

Bug Fixes:

1514904 - Background image alpha in Plot class;
1499140 - ClusteredXYBarRenderer with margin not drawing correctly;
1494936 - LineAndShapeRenderer generates entity for non-visible item;
1493199 - NPE drawing SpiderWebPlot with null info;
1480978 - AbstractPieItemLabelGenerator.clone() doesn't clone percentFormat;
1472942 - DateAxis.equals() broken;
1468794 - StatisticalLineAndShapeRenderer doesn't draw error bars correctly
          when the plot has a horizontal orientation;
        - AbstractCategoryItemRenderer doesn't check seriesVisibleInLegend
          flag before creating new item;
1440415 - Bad distribution of pie chart section labels;
1440346 - Bad manifest entry for JCommon in JFreeChart jar file;
1435461 - NumberAxis.equals() ignores rangeType field;
1435160 - XYPointerAnnotation.equals() ignores x and y fields;
1398672 - LegendItemEntities not working;
1380480 - StandardXYItemRenderer problems with Double.NaN;
1190647 - Legend and section color mismatch for MultiplePiePlot.

Miscellaneous Changes:

- Updated CandlestickRenderer, CyclicXYItemRenderer, HighLowRenderer, 
  XYStepAreaRenderer and TimeSeriesURLGenerator to call dataset methods that 
  return double primitive only;
- Updated XYPolygonAnnotation, adding new accessor methods and fixing problems
  in the equals()/hashCode() methods;
- ChartFactory.createStackedXYAreaChart() now uses StackedXYAreaRenderer2, for
  better handling of negative values;
- Added crosshair support for XYBarRenderer.

Experimental Code:

In this release, some new (incomplete) classes have been included in the 
org.jfree.experimental.* namespace.  These classes are not part of the 
standard API, but are included for developers to experiment with and provide
feedback on.  Hopefully in the future, refined versions of these classes will
be incorporated into the main library.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE API FOR THESE

JFreeChart 1.0.1:
Released 27 January 2006.  This is primarily a bug fix release.  In addition,
there are some API adjustments (there should be no breakage of applications 
coded to the 1.0.0 API).

API adjustments:
- BarRenderer: added a new flag (includeBaseInRange), plus accessor 
    methods, that controls whether or not the base value for the bar is 
    included in the range calculated by the findRangeBounds() method;
- BubbleXYItemLabelGenerator: new class;
- Range: added a new method expandToInclude(Range, double), this is used by 
    the BarRenderer class;
- TaskSeriesCollection: added two new methods, getSeries(int) and 
- TimeSeriesCollection:  the domainIsPointsInTime flag has been deprecated.  
    The flag serves no function now that renderers are used to calculate the 
    domain bounds, so you can safely delete any calls to the
    setDomainIsPointsInTime() method;
- XYPlot: added a new getAnnotations() method;
- XYSeries: the update(int, Number) method has been deprecated and a new method
    updateByIndex(int, Number) has been added;

Bug fixes:

1243050 - XYBarRenderer doesn't show entire range of values for a 
1373371 - XYBubbleRenderer doesn't support item labels;
1374222 - BarRenderer contains JDK 1.4 specific code;
1374328 - LegendItem serialization problem;
1377239 - Bad argument checking in Quarter constructor;
1379331 - Incorrect drawing of TextTitle at LEFT or RIGHT position;
1386328 - RingPlot entity incorrect;
1400442 - Inconsistent treatment of null and zero values in PiePlot;
1401856 - Bad rendering for non-zero base values in BarRenderer;
1403043 - NullPointerException in CategoryAxis;
1408904 - NumberAxis3D assumes CategoryPlot;
1415480 - XYTextAnnotation equals() method doesn't check (x, y);

JFreeChart 1.0.0:
Released on 2 December 2005.

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