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jfreechart example source code file (

This example jfreechart source code file ( is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

Java - jfreechart tags/keywords

auto-adjust_range=eixos, auto-adjust_range=eixos, color_bar=cor, insets=posi\u00e7\u00e3o, label=etiqueta, label_color=cor, maximum_range_value=valor, minimum_range_value=valor, other=outro, outline_paint=cor, palette_selection=selec\u00e7\u00e3o, ramalho, series_label_paint=cor, show_tick_labels=visualizar

The jfreechart source code

# org.jfree.chart.ChartPanel ResourceBundle properties file - portuguese version
# Changes (from 09-Set-2003)
# --------------------------
# 09-Set-2003 : Initial version (Eduardo Ramalho);

\:=\ :
Auto-adjust_range=Eixos auto-ajust\u00E1veis :
Background=Fundo :
Background_Color=Cor de fundo
Background_paint=Cor de fundo :
Color=Cor :
Color_Bar=Cor da barra
Domain_Axis=Eixo das abcissas
Edit_Insets=Regular a posi\u00E7\u00E3o
Font=Fonte :
Font_Selection=Selec\u00E7\u00E3o da fonte
General=Geral :
Grid_Color=Cor da grelha
Insets=Posi\u00E7\u00E3o :
Invert_Palette=Inverter a paleta :
Label=Etiqueta :
Label_Color=Cor da etiqueta
Label_Insets=Posi\u00E7\u00E3o da etiqueta :
Maximum_range_value=Valor m\u00E1ximo do eixo :
Minimum_range_value=Valor m\u00EDnimo do eixo :
No_editor_implemented=Editor n\u00E3o dispon\u00EDvel
Outline=Borda :
Outline_Paint=Cor da borda :
Outline_Color=Cor da borda
Outline_stroke=Estilo do tra\u00E7o da borda :
Paint=Cor :
Palette=Palete :
Palette_Selection=Selec\u00E7\u00E3o da palete
Pen_Stroke_Selection=Selec\u00E7\u00E3o de tra\u00E7o
Range_Axis=Eixo das ordenadas
Series_Label_Color=Cor da etiqueta das s\u00E9ries
Series_label_font=Fonte da etiqueta das s\u00E9ries :
Series_label_paint=Cor da etiqueta das s\u00E9ries :
Series_Outline_Paint=Cor da borda das s\u00E9ries :
Series_Outline_Stroke=Estilo do tra\u00E7o da borda :
Series_Paint=Cor da s\u00E9ries :
Series_Stroke=Estilo do tra\u00E7o das s\u00E9ries :
Show_tick_labels=Visualizar etiquetas de gradua\u00E7\u00E3o de escala
Show_tick_marks=Visualizar marcas de gradua\u00E7\u00E3o de escala
Set_palette...=Escolha de palete...
Step_Palette=Changement de palette :
Stroke_Selection=Selec\u00E7\u00E3o do tra\u00E7o
Text=Texto :
Tick_label_font=Fonte das etiquetas de gradua\u00E7\u00E3o de escala :
Tick_Label_Insets=Posi\u00E7\u00E3o das etiquetas de gradua\u00E7\u00E3o de escala :
Ticks=Etiquetas de gradua\u00E7\u00E3o de escala
Title_Color=Cor do t\u00EDtulo

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