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jfreechart example source code file (README)

This example jfreechart source code file (README) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The jfreechart README source code


07 November 2006

SWT is the Java Standard Widget Toolkit [1], an open source (released under the
Eclipse Public License) and portable library to create user interfaces. The 
SWT interfaces will use native widget on any operating system it supports.

This code provide support for using the JFreeChart library directly into 
SWT Composites. Note that there is the alternative to use the SWT_AWT class 
but it will run only with SUN JRE and Java 1.5 (and it is not native, so 
potentially much slower).

To compile this code, you will need to link it against the swt.jar of the 
target os. Indeed while the API is totally cross platform, the implementation 
is platform dependent since it calls on native widget if available (much 
faster) and only rely on a Java implementation if it is not. An ant script:
build-swt.xml is provided to help you build the code. This file contains two 
compile targets to build the following jar:

 * swtgraphics2d.jar - The generic classes not JFreeChart specific.
 * jfreechart-1.0.x-swt.jar - The specific JFreeChart SWT classes.

To get a successful build id pretty straightforward, download the SWT library 
from [1]. Unpack the archive in the JFreeChart tree as libswt. 
If you need to build for multiple OS, put all the SWT in there. For instance
(with SWT version 3.2):

  |   |
  |   `--swt.jar
  |   `
  |   `-- etc...

Then you need to edit the build-swt.xml script and change line 14 to what is 
needed. Of course all of the paths are relative. You can change it to whatever
you like provided the path in the xml file is correct. Then just run: 

ant -buildfile build-swt.xml


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