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This example Java source code file ( is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Java example source code

## Related projects

Here are links to a number of projects related to **Joda-Time**.
These projects are independent - no guarantees of quality are given!

* [Extended Hibernate support]( - A set of classes to link Joda-Time to databases using Hibernate.
* [Original Hibernate support]( - The original set of classes to link Joda-Time to databases using Hibernate (UserType project is newer and better maintained).
* [JSP tag support]( - A tag library in the style of JSTL to allow Joda-Time classes to be used in JSP.
* [I18N support]( - A simple library that provides additional internationalization data for Joda-Time.
* [ObjectLab Holiday calculation]( - Support for working and non-working days, plus how to calculate and resolve holidays, from a finance industry perspective.
* [Jollyday holiday calculation]( - Provides classes to handle calculation of holidays.
* [Recurrance (RFC 2445)]( - Support for the RFC2445 recurrence specification, as found in iCal.
* [DataNucleus support]( - A library providing persistence via the DataNucleus platform.
* [JAXB]( - Notes on Joda-Time and JAXB.
* [P2 update site]( - Eclipse P2 update site.
* [External Study Trails user guide](
* [Humanize]( - Human stylized text for date and time.
* [Joda-Time for Android]( -
Version for Android.

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then let us know! Just send a pull request to edit this page.

Other Java examples (source code examples)

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