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This file is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The source code

# changed/fixed, + added, - removed

v0.7.9 => v0.7.10
# bugfix: usersetup of classic theme did not display properly in some
# bugfix: adding attachments threw an exception if the name could not be parsed
# bugfix: attachments got corrupted. Changed file upload to use O'Reilly's servlet
  helper package (COS).
+ added Hungarian translation (Deim 'ago' Agoston)

v0.7.8 => v0.7.9
# Moved from Xerces 1/Xalan 1 to JAXP and Trax (i.e. Xerces 2 or equivalent 
  parser, Xalan 2 or equivalent transformer) (mostly by Leonard Sitongia)
# Moved from servlet API 2.2 to 2.3 (requires Tomcat 4.1)
# Moved from JTidy to nekoHTML for parsing HTML messages
# Updated jaf and javamail libraries
- removed gnu.regexp package
# now requires JDK 1.4 (regexp support)
# bugfix: Sending messages works again for non-English locales
# bugfix: HTML messages are displayed again
# bugfix: better support for MS Windows (Christian Senet)
# bugfix: compose message now 80 columns instead 40
# French translation (Christian Senet)
- removed the Shockwave banner from bibop template

v0.7.7 => v0.7.7.1
# Modified to support Catalina, with new target install-catalina
# The build script can use the system wide TOMCAT_HOME or CATALINA_HOME

v0.7.6 => v0.7.7
+ Added support for zh_TW locale (thanks to Steve E. Lee)
# Fixed some problems with UTF-8 message encoding (Steve E. Lee)
# Switched to Ant build instead of Unix makefile (Nathan Chandler)
# Switched to Servlet API 2.2 with WebApp structure (Nathan Chandler, me)
# Binary installation now through WAR-file (Webapp ARchive)
# Bugfixes (me)

v0.7.5 => v0.7.6
# Fixed a problem with "@" in the user's name
# Improved Makefile; Should at some point switch to "Ant";
+ Added/improved authentication and challenge/response authentication patches from
  Devin Kowatch (
+ Improved Servlet support; WebMail now runs with the Servlet API 2.2 and Tomcat
  web.xml file provided
+ Added HTML parser that parses HTML attachments and marks malicious code (e.g.
  JavaScript, IMG tags, etc). Users will be presented a warning message together
  with the code of the tag.

v0.7.4 => v0.7.5
+ Added generic installation script for JServ servlet installation (bin/
+ Added bibop templates
+ Added theme support
+ WebMail advertisments can now be turned off and/or adminstrator-configured
  (i.e. you can turn off that users have "WebMail 0.x HTML<->Mail ..." in their
# bugfix 
! TODO: Translate bibop theme to German and Spanish

v0.7.3 => v0.7.4
# Fixed the makefile so it won't even start with make other than GNU make 
  (Problem was deleting /bin/ on BSD systems)
+ Added Spanish templates (thanks to Ale Feltes Quenhan)

v0.7.2 => v0.7.3
# Fixed encoding problems for non-Latin languages. Since WebMail now does a lot
  of character transformation, I hope this also works for double-byte languages.
# Fixed a bug were an empty CC or TO header could cause a message or mailbox not
  to display

v0.7.1 => v0.7.2
# Fixed a bug where WebMail added an (empty) Reply-To header to messages where none 
  was given
# Fixed a bug where composed messages got a "no subject" even if the user entered one
# Added a workaround for email clients/servers that don't add a message id to
  messages. WebMail will now try to give a unique message ID to such messages.
# Changed the default behaviour to show all folders instead to hide them all
# Fixed bug in "showmessage" template when you tried to delete a message
# Fixed a bug with session timeouts (last access time wasn't updated in every case)
# worked around a possible login bug (">" prepended before crypted password in xml file)
# Updated the README and fixed the numbering problem there
# added many "synchronized" modifiers to the model classes to avoid clashes on fast machines
+ Added Challenge/Response authentication (contributed by Devin Kowatch)

v0.7.0 => v0.7.1
# Fixed bug in folder template that prevented creating message folders
# Fixed bug where only localhost could be used as SMTP server
# Switched to UTF-8 as message encoding instead of Latin1. I hope this allows
  to send messages with non-Latin characters in the future. Perhaps there will 
  be an option to choose a message encoding some time.
# Replacement of "%DTDDIR%" in webmail.xml is now done in 
  instead of
# Various startup speedups (cache for language list, etc)
# Fixed a bug where the /tmp directory contained debug files
# WebMail now displays error messages instead of "message contains no data" or
  plain gray page when an exception occurs
# Changed some of the icons to GIF again since Netscape does not support transparent
# Emoticons now work as they should (forgot to include them in the 0.7 release)
+ A user can now hide/unhide folders so that only a selected list gets displayed
  in the mailbox overview. (Works great with Cyrus IMAPD, don't know whether 
  other IMAPDs support that, POP3 certainly does not)
+ German translation of the templates (hope this inspires others to do it for
  other languages)

v0.7.0pre3 => v0.7.0
# Fixed bug with administrator session not being invalidated on logout
# Fixed bug with "final int" being modified in
# Changed Authenticators to better support virtual domain support (this also
  fixes a bug where only the first authentication host was choosen)
# Fixed bug where email address was not shown in messages and message list
  in certain cases
# Upgraded to Xerces 1.1.1 XML parser
# Now using MD5 to calculate unique folder IDs that stay over multiple sessions
+ Added new help system that allows users to get context dependent help for most
+ Added option to turn off "autoexpunge" on folders
- TODO: numbering in README incorrect
- TODO: help for administrator session
- TODO: translation

v0.7.0pre2 => v0.7.0pre3
+ the WebMail administration now also uses the XML/XSL model and has a new
  look'n'feel. Virtual domain support is now also supported in the user editor
# message list now sorts correctly
# Many smaller bugs fixed
# WebMail was tested on JDK 1.3 from IBM
- still missing until release: README updates, user and admin help

v0.7.0pre1 => v0.7.0pre2
+ WebMail now uses an XML model to store session information
+ WebMail now uses XSL stylesheets to display HTML
+ the new folder setup now is understandable by most users; together with an
  "intelligent" IMAP server (like Cyrus) it works fantastic.:-) 
# There have been many major changes, most parts of WebMail were rewritten to
  use the new XML/XSL WebMail model
- MySQL support temporarily removed (first need a converter from SQL to XML)

v0.6.1pre2 => v0.7.0pre1
+ WebMail now has virtual domain support (users can be splitted into several 
  domains with each having specific settings (e.g. different authentication 
  hosts, different available folder hosts, ...). This is a big change, 
  therefore there is a new major number for WebMail instead of 0.6.2
# WebMail now runs and compiles on JDK 1.1. This now supports all you *BSD
  users as well as increases WebMail's performance greatly on Linux using 
  the IBM JDK 1.1.8 (this is now the recommended JDK on Linux).

v0.6.1 => v0.6.2pre1
+ WebMail support for MySQL storage added
# Changed storage structure to support a more modular storage scheme
# Fixed a bug where user configuration was erased (serious)
- removed old telnet administration because it was constantly confused with
  the webbased admin interface

v0.6.0 => v0.6.1
+ Now support for Java Servlet. The WebMail package has been splitted into a
  common part, one for the standalone server and one for the Servlet server
  See README.Servlet for more information on the Servlet release
+ WebMail is now able to get a folderlist from an IMAP server
+ Recognize MULTIPART/ALTERNATIVE and choose HTML or Plain text 
+ Now filters JavaScript from HTML attachments
# Fixed bug in file cache
# Runs again with JDK 1.1. Note however, that JDK 1.2 is about 50% faster.
# Fixed some memory problems on high load machines with HTTP connection limits
  (please configure your connection limits to fit your system, the default is
  20 now which is a fairly reasonable value to avoid crashes).
# Fixed some bugs in the Spanish templates
# Fixed a bug where the SMTP server could only be on localhost
# Some cosmetic changes
# Expiration time now set to five minutes so that there are less problems with
  resizing the browser window.
# Session overview in administration interface now refreshes every 5 seconds

v0.5.4 => v0.6.0
+ Added POPAuthenticator to allow remote authentication not only over IMAP but
  also over POP
+ Improved HTTP speed by 100-200% by using a dedicated asynchronous thread to
  write log messages (!!!).
+ "make doc" in source distribution now generates javadoc documentation
+ Developer documentation included. "make doc" in the source distribution now
  creates javadoc documentation in webmail/src/doc/javadoc
+ New plugin that allows to change the configuration with a HTML form.
+ New plugin concept makes WebMail much more modular and thus easier to extend.
  The plugin concept handles dependencies between plugins.
+ New URL-handler with a hashtree structure makes handling of URLs much faster.
+ New configuration scheme makes configuration more bullet-proof (less invalid
  parameters are accepted, program parts register configuration parameters they
  need and are notified on change).
# Fixed bug in the "save sent" option (mime headers where not correct)
# Cannot pass parameters to any longer (see README)
# Fixed the display for "Login count"
# UserCache is now no longer unlimited but will expire cached UserData object
  when a certain limit is reached. This will ensure a longer uptime on large
# WebMail configuration is now stored in plain text as default
# WebMail now makes second attempt with login password if authentication to 
  an IMAP server fails. This is useful if you are on a system that forces you
  to change your passwords regularly. WebMail then trys to "auto-guess" for
  the folders, too ("Uni Giessen patch").
# WebMail now auto-detects available languages
# Users can now "forward" emails
# Further reorganized directory structure to fit closer in a Unix environment 
- Removed the Swing administration interface

v0.5.3 => v0.5.4
# IE 5 now works (with a workaround)
# Outsourced most of the userdependent Strings to StringResources to allow
  a more complete translation to other languages
# fixed a Charset bug in the send part
# reorganized directory structure

v0.5.2 => v0.5.3
+ AdminInterface written in Java/Swing to make administration easier.
+ The Adminserver's commands are now parsed with CUP and JFLEX, resulting in 
  easier command specification (no `"' needed if no special chars in a string)
+ SSL support now functional (see README)
+ Parsing of HTTP protocol now done properly (this results in some changes in 
  the html-templates though!), using CUP and JFLEX.
# Now switched to HTTP/1.1. WebMail will now use "Persistant Connections" 
  (Keep-Alive) to improve speed and reduce network load, if the client supports
  it. Unfortunately, IE5 doesn't seem to work yet (Perhaps someone can help me
# fixed some bugs with MIME/QP encoding of 8bit messages
# root accounts (UID 0) now cannot access WebMail via the UnixAuth method
# UnixAuth now entirely written in Java (=> WebMail is pure Java now)
# enhanced security: Passwords are no longer saved in "plain String"
# switched to JavaMail 1.1.2 which should solve the IMAP-Authentication bug

v0.5.1 => v0.5.2
+ Default folder path now Admin-configurable (default: /home/%user/mail)
+ Messages that are sent are now kept until the send was really successful
# Admin connections are now not closed when the admin changes the admin port
# fixed the infamous reply-bug
# fixed a problem when parameters where given at command line
# Changed the 10 minute default timeout to one hour
# Number of total messages is now shown correctly in the folder overview
# BCC field and CC field showed the same values
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