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This file is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The source code

Readme for challenge/response authentication patches.

This tar ball has almost everything you will need to setup jwebmail to
handle Challenge/Response authenticators, and it has an OTPAuthenticator as
well.  The other thing that is needed is my javaOTP package, which is an
RFC 1938 compliant OTP server-side implementation. It's available at:

All the patches except should be applied in
the webmail/src directory with a command like:
patch -p0 < patch.file should be applied in the base webmail dir
with the same command.

The various files inculded in this tar ball are: -- diff for 
    webmail/ file.  This tells mod_jserv 
    to look for javaOTP.jar. -- The main diff file for the webmail/src/net source
    tree.  This is a big one which contains almost all the changes to the
    src/net tree.

xsl.diff -- This also contains diffs for files under src/net, but only the
    .xsl files for the classic theme in the english language.  Right now
    that is the only language which I've made the changes too, and thus the
    only one which can really handle OTP's and Challenge/Response
    authentication in general.  

changepass.xsl -- This file should be moved to
    src/net/wastl/webmail/data/xml/*/*.  It controls some of the look
    and feel of various authentication mechanisms, (normal or

makefile1.diff -- This contains a few changes to the makefile relating to
    how LIBDIR, CONTRIBDIR, and DATADIR are set.  I found that if
    webmail/lib doesn't exist then the first time you make webmail it will
    start cleaning lib at the root directory.  This will fix that and make
    it easier to override BASEDIR and get the expected behavior of changing

makefile2.diff -- This contains some changes so that the make file now
    handles javaOTP.jar and the webengruven plugins dir.

doc/Authenticators -- document explaining how to create your own
    authenticator and how authentication works.

org/webengruven/webmail/* -- All the files relating to Challenge/Response
    and OTP authentication, plus a few others that were added while making
    changes.  It is probably best to completely remove the
    org/webengruven/webmail dir that comes with webmail v0.7.4

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