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This file is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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* $Id: CHANGE.txt,v 2005/06/17 17:50:14 minhnn Exp $

//      mvnForum Changes Log

Changes Log
[1.0.0 RC4 Update 4] - 18 June 2005
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug save config file on Oracle
    - Some minor improvement to OnlineUserManager
    - DisableHtmlTagFilter for forum and category in the Admin zone
    - Use the action of tag form in admin/viewmember.jsp
    - Remove redundant tag form in usermanagement.jsp
    - Upgrade hsqldb (embeded dbms) from 1.7.3_2 to 1.7.3_3
    - Upgrade JTDS driver (for MS SqlServer and Sybase) from version 1.0 to 1.1

[1.0.0 RC4 Update 3] - 20 May 2005
    - [Improvement] : support parameter "url" in login page, so that
        mvnForum can return after login successfully 
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug introduce since RC4 that throw error when search in a category
    - [Fix bug] : Now correctly update current new message count in viewmessage
    - [Fix bug] : Fix a typo in PostIndexer and fix bug that wrongly
        check moderator in addpost (Thank snowfall)
    - Improve search page with escape key
    - Escape the error page
    - [Fix bug] : Fix DB2 Upgrade script (Thanks Han)
    - Update and build.xml, remove old encoding translation stuff
    - Update the English language (Thanks ghpayne) (thread=2789)
    - [Fix bug] : Fix reversed first_ip and last_ip in Vietnamese translation

[1.0.0 RC4 Update 2] - 24 February 2005
    - Some update to the Intro and Admin documentation
    - Add link to mvnForum Professional Services in the index page of Admin zone
    - URLEncode all the MemberName in link in all jsp files (support Chinese LoginName)
    - encode and decode cookie so if use Chinese username, it will work fine
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug in pager-taglib that output wrong encoding in search page
    - [Fix bug] : [SQL] Change the name of index name to a short name because in DB2,
        the max length is 18
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug in javascript checking for server_hour_offset in configstepthree.jsp
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug Ambiguous column name 'GroupID' in GroupsDAOImplJDBC.getMyGroups
        (might affect Sql Server user) (thread=2727)
    - Change the default guest timezone with config parameter instead of hardcode
        (in file addmember.jsp) (Thanks huxiaonan)
    - Localized hard coded strings in com.mvnforum.OnlineUserAction.getTimeString()
    - Upgrade hsqldb (embeded dbms) from 1.7.2_10 to 1.7.3_2

[1.0.0 RC4 Update 1] - 4 February 2005
    - [Fix bug] : Bug that does not use utf-8 when load the log file in Log Management
    - [Improvement] : Add link to viewpermision in permisionsummary
    - Improve the delete non activated members, add link to the user in that page
    - [Fix bug] : Bug in Oracle Update script, AttachDesc change from NOT NULL to NULL
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that load the wrong currect context_path in Step 3 if on ROOT context
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that use vietnamese keyboard in To, CC, BCC in addmessage
    - [i18n] : Update translation of Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
    - [Fix bug] : fix RC4's bug that Admin always view member as invisible
    - [Fix bug] : fix RC4's bug that cannot show the ROOT context parameter
        in configindex in Admin zone
    - Log the full path of config file if there is an error to load it

[1.0.0 RC4] - 29 January 2005
    - [Improvement] : Admin can upload attachment with unlimited size
    - Add icon near category name in listforums to show/hide forums in that category
    - [MVNCore] Support spam prevention initiative by Google (rel="nofollow")
        with parameter <enable_link_nofollow>
    - Add link to set permissions to group in the groupmanagement
    - Remove permission "Login" because it is unused and confuse users
    - Download attachment now use FileUtil.popFile to avoid the memory contraint
    - Remove mvnnav.js, move gotoPage() to myvietnam.js
    - Add new class AbstractLocalizableAction to support localizable action. Now switch
        to use this new class. The previous class AbstractAction is non localized action
    - Show the color of quota bar based on percentage of usage
    - Rename parameter from <enable_new_index_page> to 
    - Rename parameter from <disable_passwordless_auth>true
        to <enable_passwordless_auth>false
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that does not delete cookie on Firefox
    - New configurable <enable_site_statistics_overview> to turn on/off statistics information
        in index and listforums (Suggested by M. Leinmueller)
    - New configurable <default_guest_timezone> to set the default timezone for Guest (thread=2646)
    - [New Feature] : feature to delete non activated members with no posts based on the registration day
    - Update all xxxDAOImpl, fix all minor errors of the sql error message
    - Update all xxxDAOImpl, change char '<' and '>' to '[' and ']' to compatible when
        view on browser
    - [Fix bug] : Fix issue caused by some DBMS such as Oracle, postgreSQL,
        the comparison is case-sensitive
    - [New Feature] : Admin can send Public Message to all members
    - Upgrade config in Admin zone, add new configuable parameters
    - Add these config paramters to the config page of Admin Zone:
    - Rename the Index name in sql script
    - Make sure only activated members can receive watch
    - [New Feature] : Support Sticky/Annoucement/GlobalAnnoucement thread type
    - [New Feature] : Most active threads in the week (or last 7 days)
    - Make sure that active threads is enable + forum is enable + user have permission to view
    - [Fix bug] : (new bug in RC4_dev) : now use IndexReader.numDocs instead of IndexSearcher.maxDocs
    - [Improvement] : Cannot rebuild too much posts (now get 500 posts each loop)
    - Do not init mvnForum if no members (not know why sometimes there are no members)
    - [Improvement] : Admin can view first Email
    - [New Feature] : Most active users in the week (or last 7 days)
    - [Improvement] : Improve Configuration Backup File: including 2 files: mvncore.xml, mvnforum.xml
    - Javascript for the login form of the page "/index"
    - [Improvement] : When register successfully and required activation, show the email of that user
        and instruct user to login to his email for activation code
    - When delete member, there is an option to delete private message that he sent to other users
    - [Improvement] : In Admin zone in viewmember, show the number of watches of that user
    - Support Flood Control for Private Message
    - [New Feature] : View any log file in the log folder
    - Delete private message related record when delete member, delete folder
    - Each edit screen of configuration now have a Cancel button -
        simply taking you back to the main list. (Thanks Cord) (thread=1972)
    - [Fix bug] : When use Realm or Customization authentication, the method
        MyUtil.ensureCorrectCurrentPassword work well now (thread=2226)
    - [CSS] : change from hightlight -> highlight (correct the spelling)
    - [Improvement] : Watch mail now use the time based on both timezone and locale (thread=2489)
    - [New Feature] : New page in Admin area to download or delete log files
    - [New Feature] : A new page to view cumulative permissions of any member (thread=1974)
        (Also have information of groups that is user belong to)
    - [Improvement] : Add legend icon to forum, thread, private message
    - [Fix bug] : bug that show incorrect member count in group Member if Guest user does not exist.
    - [Improvement] : Show forum type and forum moderation mode in the forummanagement
    - [Improvement] : Admin can view IP of user in User area and Admin area
    - Support remember Vietnamese keyboard via cookie
    - Upgrade Dom4j from 1.4 to 1.5.2
    - Upgrade Lucene from 1.4-final to 1.4.3
    - Upgrade JavaMail from version 1.3.1 to 1.3.2
    - Upgrade JTDS driver (for MS SqlServer and Sybase) from version 0.8.1 to 0.9.1
    - Upgrade MySql driver from version 3.0.14-production to 3.0.16-ga
    - Upgrade hsqldb (embeded dbms) from 1.7.2 final to 1.7.2_10
    - Remove support for hsqldb 1.7.1 (Now only support version 1.7.2 and after)
    - Remove the old mm MySql driver (mm.mysql-2.0.14-bin.jar)
    - [New Feature] : Admin can turn on/off the access to the User area
        (such as for maintanence or urgent situation)
    - [New Feature] : Show Forum Uptime
    - [New Feature] : Support RSS 2.0 + Atom (including sorting option)
    - [Fix bug] : bug that wrong server path in email if server is behide a proxy
        (change from ParamUtil.getSevver2 to ParamUtil.getServerPath()) (thread=2466)
    - [New Feature] : new Logging Management page in the Admin area
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that not use max_edit_days param in the editpost
    - Show IP and time of last login in the header
    - Live update the number of new messages every 5 minutes
    - Show listforums in listrecentthreads if we enable NewIndexPage
    - Remove tag <b> in messages "There are no ..."
    - [New Feature] : Implement MemberInvisiable feature (enable with option enable_invisible_users)
    - [New Feature] : Admin Zone: a new page to show permission summary
    - [New Feature] : Admin Zone: a new page that admin can change password
        (note that noone can change password of root admin)
    - [New Feature] : Admin can Turn on/off board (only admin can view user area when is turned off)
    - [Improvement] : add configurable parameter enable_duplicate_onlineusers
        When set it equals false, then the duplicate session are combined (thread=1314) (thread=589)
    - [Improvement] : If a moderator creates a thread, it means it is automatically approved. (thread=?)
        (that is, moderator does not have to moderate his own post)
    - [Improvement] : New page Enable/Disable user in viewmember in Admin zone.
    - [Improvement] : Javascript checking for checkGoodName (in LoginName and FolderName)
    - Remove a lot of warning code with the Eclipse compiler
    - [Improvement] : Add new page in admin zone to let admin edit member information
    - [Improvement] : Support sort by in RSS (thread=938)
    - Add new configurable parameter (enable_guest_view_image_attachment)
        to allow guest to view image attach (thread=2469)
    - [Improvement] : In admin zone, add new page to edit the freemarker template files
    - [Improvement] : Now all template files are loaded and saved with encoding utf-8
    - [Improvement] : Support 3 new configurable parameter:
        max_chars_in_short_summary, max_chars_in_long_summary, max_chars_in_rss
    - Limit the post length in the index.jsp
    - Upgrade jcaptcha from version beta2 to RC1 to support JDK 1.3
    - [Improvement] : Support Send Mail preview
    - [Improvement] : New option to send email to a group of members
    - [Improvement] : Add 3 parameter to config the max char to shown in summary post, rss
    - [Improvement] : Localize the text that inform the Flood Control
    - [Improvement] : Support new logging library
        (Because JRun does not support Log4J)
    - [Improvement] : Now ObjectNotFoundException is catched and re-throw with
        friendly message to the user (thread=2365)
    - [Fix bug] : Support Compression Filter (by default) (also fix the encoding bug) (thread=1889)
    - [Improvement] : Support option to show online user duplicated sessions only once (thread=1118)
    - [Improvement] : Now support rebuild each lucene index
    - [Improvement] : Show the lucene's index document count and compare
        with the record count in the database
    - [Improvement] : Support 3 option when search post:
        [O] Both Title and body    [o] Title only    [0] Body only
    - [Improvement] : Enable/disable search feature with parameter enable_search
    - [Improvement] : Advanced Member Search with Lucene in the User Management
    - [Improvement] : Support edit attachment description
    - [Fix bug] : Fix javascript bug caused by vietuni.js when run on browser konquerer
    - Refactor the package structure and class name of lucene search
        (now more streamline and consistent)
    - Add new configurable parameter : enable_search
    - Add new task in build.xml to build the mvntools.jar
    - Add new tasks in build.xml to checking the missing resource key in jsp and java files
    - [Improvement] : Login page needs to login on hit of enter in password field
        (by using Javascript) (thread=2212)
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that press Enter will by bypass the Javascript checking
    - Also, to make the forum more user friendly, i believe the error message:
      Cannot upload. Detailed reason: the request was rejected because it's size exceeds allowed range
      should include at a minimum the configured max limit - and, a bonus would be to provide the user
      with the size of hte file they attempted to attach - given we know both of these things, it would be nice.
    - [taglib pager] : Fix for mvnForum: the offset is caculated correctly
         if parameter lastpase=yes (this is one of the most famous bug of mvnForum)
    - Add some new configurable parameter (enable_online_users, enable_listmembers)
    - [MyVietnam] : In TimerUtil, catch IllegalStateException and try to reload the Timer (thread=1393)
    - Add Place Holder for banner in the header.jsp, you can put your banner to file header.jsp
    - In Forum Management, show disabled forum with different color
    - Add version and date to the link to get the version image in
    - [Fix bug] : Encoding when sending email, now force utf-8
    - [Fix bug] : [Oracle] getNumberOfMembers_inActivationStatus "IS NULL" missing (Thanks sssimon)
        (thread=2418 and thread=2442)
    - [Fix bug] : Problem with WebSphere (WAS 5). In the inc_pager.jsp, I had to comment this line:
        <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="pg" %>
        (thread=2442) (Thanks sssimon)
    - Write a jsp file to test database. To use, just change testdatabase.jsp.txt to testdatabase.jsp
    - [Fix bug] : In the Admin section, in config pages, the passwords are clear text. (thread=2206)
    - [Database] Change the attachment description to type TEXT (Only for new database)
    - [Fix bug] : Now the number of posts/threads/forums/categories is correctly
        shown based current user permission (thread=2216)
    - Refactor the DAO class, change getNumberOfBeans to getNumberOf<Table>s
    - [Improvement] : Improve the truncate of String (split at nearest work break)
    - In index page, if there is no posts, show a row to display that information
    - [Improvement] : When show the addattachment page, also show the possible max size
    - [Fix bug] : Now MAX_ATTACHMENT_SIZE = -1  means no limit on the attachment file size (thread=2196)
    - Changes for compilable on JDK 1.3
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that hard code the maxAttachDays = 1 (thread=2264) (Thanks machron1)
    - [Improvement] : Begin to add support for localization in pages in the Admin Zone
    - [Improvement] : validate data at server side for configuration page in Admin zone
        (Check if class can be loaded, mvnForumHome is writable)
    - [Improvement] : Check JavaScript for configuration page in Admin zone
    - [Improvement] : Can search post by date.
    - [Improvement] : Do not show category if current user cannot
        or dont have permission to view any forums
    - [Improvement] : Begin changing a lot of images in mvnForum
    - [Improvement] : Several improvements and fixed bugs in post search feature
    - [Improvement] : Now can search all posts with attachment count option
    - Change the post search directory to compatible with Company module (need to rebuild Lucene index)
    - Begin adding Private Message
    - Begin localizing messages in Java files
    - Change the CSS file in JSP files, now get from OnlineUser
    - Add the Company module
    - [Improvement] : Show paperclip icon if thread/post has attachment (thread=1357)
    - [Improvement] : Change all i18n translation stuff to JSTL i18n taglib
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that increase the FloodControl of login even if user logined sucessfully.
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that causes NullPointerException in forgotpassword on Oracle
    - [Improvement] : when click link sendactivationcode in MyProfile,
        the MemberName and MemberEmail are auto filled with current user's data
    - [Improvement] : In UserManagement, show number of Enabled/Disabled Members,
        Activated/NonActivated Members
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that delete member does not delete the avatar
    - [Improvement] : Tags [color] and other mvnCode tag now work in rank
         in viewthread (and other pages too) (thread=2232)
    - [Improvement] : URL are now linkable in viewmember in Admin Zone
    - [Improvement] : Now the Lucene's Analyzer can be configured in mvnforum.xml
    - Review and add all items from config file to mvnForum config page in Admin Zone
    - Dont show clear password on the Config page in Admin Zone (Thanks ???)

[1.0.0 RC 3_01] - 22 July 2004
    - Fix bug in build.xml that include the jdbc driver in WEB-INF/lib in the task "dist"
    - Update jtds driver from version 0.8 to version 0.8.1
    - Upgrade hsqldb (embeded dbms) from 1.7.2 RC6c to 1.7.2 final
    - Upgrade Lucene from 1.3-final to 1.4-final
    - [i18n] : Update Chinese for RC3
    - Fix an end line bug in German i18n file
    - [Fix bug] : Wrong web.xml.resin and web.xml.resin_on_JDK1_5
    - [i18n] : Localize to Bulgarian (Thanks Svetoslav Tabakov)
    - [i18n] : Localize to Norwegian (Thanks Christian Nicolaisen)
    - Fix bug that show private forum in the list forum in the index page (thread=2180)
    - Use Lucene's IndexWriter.setUseCompoundFile(true) to reduce the file handle
    - Reduce lucene's mergeFactor from 100 to 20

[1.0.0 RC 3] - 29 June 2004
    - Uppercase the captcha first before validate it
    - Implement the option: enable_new_index_page , default is true, if it is false,
        then the RC2-style index page is used
    - Update help in the send mail page
    - [Fix bug] : In AdminZone, the viewmember page show incorrect activation status
    - Update hsqldb driver to version 1.7.2 RC6c
    - Update jtds driver to version 0.8
    - Update MySql driver to version 3.0.14-production
    - [i18n] : Localize to Turkish (Thanks Ercan Yurt)
    - Add docs for RC3 and remove old RC2 files
    - Move the docbook files to top level and make some improvement to its build.xml
    - [Fix bug] : Fix several alignment issues for Arabic
    - [New Feature] New sendmail page that let admin send mail to
        all members, all activated members and all non-activated members
        NOTE: Dont send email to disabled members
    - Do not show "Reply" link in the index page if thread or forum is closed or locked
    - [Fix bug] : Fix remaining issue with long string in Oracle
        by using Statement.setCharacterStream (Thanks Mr.Buba)
    - Fix bug that not process the forum specific ModerateThread permission (Thanks Cord)
    - [New Feature] New link in UserManagement that let you
        send activate mail to all non activated members
    - [Improvement] Now all email content can be edited in the FreeMarker template files (freemarker 2.2.8)
    - Add class MVNForumContextListener to listen to context events
    - [New Feature] Support providing extension to mvnForum by place
        the extension in folder "extension"
    - [Improvement] Improve the build.xml and
    - Fix bug that show the post in disable thread in the new index page (Thanks simone)
    - Move some important elements such as javasript outside of the tag <head>
        because when run in a portal, the portal will remove what inside tag <head>
    - Remove redundant keys: and mvnforum.user.login.password
    - Fix small bug in emoticon in addpost.jsp that the 2 emoticon are not html escaped
    - Implement 3 new options in the addforum.jsp
    - In viewmember in AdminZone, show the member title, online status and activation status
    - Fix bug the show the incorrect forum statistics (forumPostCount)
    - Implement permission BYPASS_PRIVATE_FORUM : When a user have this permssion,
        then he can use the global permission even the forum has option "Private Forum"
    - Fix bug not check permission when download attachment (thread=1893)
    - Change the home page to show more information like a portal
    - [New Feature] New ForumType option:
        * Normal : Enable the global permission for the forum (default)
        * Private: Disable the global permission
    - [New Feature] In index page in Admin zone, add 2 buttons
        to check latest version of mvnForum and mvnCore
    - Add method MVNForumInfo.getImage to get the image of current version of mvnForum
    - [Fix bug] : When edit post with the Attach More option,
        now correctly jump to the addattachment (Reported by simone)
    - [New Feature] Moderation of threads/posts
    - In MyProfile, show the Activation status next to the link if activate member
    - [New Feature] Add forum Moderation Mode option:
        * System Default            : use option default_moderation_option in mvnforum.xml
        * No Moderation             : no threads or posts are moderated
        * Thread and Post Moderation: all threads and posts are moderated
        * Only Thread Moderation    : only threads are moderated
        * Only Post Moderation      : only posts are moderated
    - [New Feature] Add option default_moderation_option for forum with moderation mode = default
    - Do not show option to Add to Watch in addpost.jsp if current user is not activated
    - Change the constant of Watch Option to consistent with other options
    - Increase the size of email text box in jsp files
    - [Fix bug] : Correct the max length of email, change the constant from 30 to 60
    - [New Feature] Support option ForumStatus in forummanagement in Admin Zone
        * Disabled forum: invisible and no possible actions
        * Locked: visible but no possible actions
        * Closed: no new posts and threads, but all other actions are allowed
    - Add new file testserver.jsp.txt that could be used to get the server information
        (for security, it cannot to use, change its extention to .jsp)
    - [Improvement] If the default Watch Option = Live,
        then run the watch task every 5 minutes (thread=747)
    - [Improvement] New css element "requiredfield" for all required fields
    - When delete thread/forum, or update thread status,
        also show statistics of current pending posts/threads
    - [Improvement] Display warning and javascript prompt to notify
        user about the valid and working email when register if require activation
    - [i18n] : Localize to Greek (Thanks Theodosios Paschalidis)
    - [Improvement] Update the memberPostCount after add new post or delete post and own thread
    - Refactoring with new StatisticsUtil to better update
        the statistics after add/delete/moderate posts
    - [Improvement] Support insert mvnCode with javascript in both IE and Netscape
        (thread=1379) and (thread=1321) (suggested by chitech)
    - Use LoginIDInterceptor to intercept the loginID in the registration
    - [Improvement] Add HTTP Cache-Control to cache the attached image in 30 days at client side
    - Remove unused import in the jsp file
    - [New Feature] MD5 Encode password in the browser before send over network
    - Show the Activation Status in the usermanagement in the Admin Zone
    - [New Feature] Add image (JCaptcha) to prevent automatically register member + lostpassword
        (suggested by
    - [Fix bug] : ThreadIcon is not updated (Reported by micos) (thread=1584)
    - [New Feature] Support intercepting email, post content, attachment description
    - [New Feature] Support gzip filter in UserZone and AdminZone,
        now mvnForum is faster on slow Internet connection
    - [New Feature] User can delete his own post/thread (if no reply has been made)
    - [New Feature] Allow a forum admin to add users and/or groups to a forum,
        so he can control who can read and post to the forum. (Suggested by flozano) (thread=1694)
    - [New Feature] Add option to disable login in User zone
    - Check and not run mvnForum if Servlet Container does not support Servlet 2.3
    - Review many resource keys in
    - [Improvement] Change tag <img>, add attribute "title" to show tool tip on Mozilla browser (Suggested by jcott28)
    - [New Feature] Add new page to list pending thread for the Thread Moderation feature
    - [New Feature] Add new page to change thread status (Normal, Disabled, Locked, Closed)
    - [Fix bug] : bug that cannot insert more than 4K in Oracle (not test if we can get more than 4K)
    - [Fix bug] : bug that remove the wrong thread when list rss of a forum (Thanks Simone)
    - [Improvement] Add a link [link] at the bottom right of a post that refer to the current post url (thread=1503)
    - [New Feature] Add FloodControl option to control the maximum number of login per IP per hour
        (to prevent entering too many password trial attempt)
    - [Improvement] Change listforums.jsp and listonlineusers.jsp so that use singular if 0 or 1 user/guest
       and plural if more than 1 users/guests (Thanks Jean-Guy Avelin)
    - [Improvement] Now send activation email when pre-registering in Admin Zone and require_activation = true
    - Refactor MemberWebHandler.sendActivationCodeEmail() to SendMailUtil.sendActivationCodeEmail()
    - Improve the addmembersuccess.jsp, now checking email sending error
        and provide correct link to go a head for all situation
    - [Improvement] Update the link to report threaten message in viewthread.jsp,
        now both threadid add postid is provided (thread=1599)
    - [Improvement] Improve email escape with javascript in error.jsp and fatalerror.jsp
        (To prevent email havester)
    - [Improvement] Do not show forum in index page if user dont have permission (thread 1368)
    - Check to make sure cannot create new member and update member's email
        where email's length is > 30 character.
    - Minor improvement of the content of email sent out when forgot password
    - [Improvement] Do not regenerate the Temp Password if it is existed.
    - Fix Safari browser bug (thread=1261) (disable vietuni on Safari)
    - [Improvement] Do not regenerate the Activation Code if it is existed.
    - Check to make sure cannot create new Member with LoginID's length > 30
    - [New Feature] Configuration Tool
    - [New Feature] Backup configuration file function
    - [Improvement] Add footer to the watch mail to assure that watch mail is not a spam mail
    - New config param: "enable_moderation" to moderate the thread/post (in progress)
    - [New Feature] New config param: "default_watch_option" to change the default watch option (daily watch)
    - [New Feature] New parameter MVNForumConfig.ENABLE_AUTO_FORUM_OWNER: if it is true,
        then the user created that forum has the PERMISSION_FORUM_ADMIN on that forum
    - Fix new bug introduced in RC3-dev that cannot preview signature
    - Check all javascript in mvnForum and fix several minor javascript bugs
    - Update session when logout
    - Fix issue to let Guest still trying to authenticate via customized authentication (Thanks Jean-Guy)
    - Guest should not see 'My Profile' and users already logged in should not see 'Register'.
    - Fix bug introduced in RC3-dev which cause wrong encoding in header.jsp
    - Change i18n to ${i18n.home} to solve the build.xml problem in Eclipse (thread=1515)
    - Upgrade Lucene from 1.3 RC3 to 1.3 Final
    - [Fix bug] : when preview signature, make sure maximum 250 chars (truncate if needed)
    - Check javascript of all password fields to make sure at least 3 characters
    - Split the javascript to 2 files: locale-sesitive and locale-insensitive
    - A page to confirm delete member.
    - Initial support for default locale settings (need to review more)
    - Update Test System Configuration, add support for 5 new libraries
    - Fix bug that ignore the Watch option and FavoriteThread option when edit post (Thanks simone)
    - If AssertionException occured, it will be log with the FATAL level
    - Add some new configurable parameter (enable_avatar, enable_new_member, rows_per_rss)
    - Add support for flood control (new post & new member)
    - [i18n] : Localize to Japanese (Thanks Kazuho Arita)
    - Refactor JDBC implementation to the package com.mvnforum.db.jdbc
    - Change the configuration from properties file to xml file
    - [i18n] : Localize to Portuguese (Thanks AndreBernardes Pezza)
    - [i18n] : Localize to Korean (Thanks Nohmenn BABAI & JEONG Myeong-Hoon)
    - Change the package name to "com.mvnforum.*"
    - Refactor all database class to DAO pattern
    - Upgrade to Lucene 1.3 RC3
    - [Fix bug] : add patch to fix setFetchSize() bug caused by the Sybase driver bug
    - [Improvement] Improve all pages that has a forum selection
    - Add new method OnlineUserFactory.ensureCorrectPassword()
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that ignore the "Female" gender option when register
    - Change all jsp, move the <link> tag into the  tag (make it proper html)
    - Change all jsp, replace "while" structure with "for" structure
    - Change all pages that use ArrayList to Collection/Iterator
    - Some improvement on ForumCache and CategoryCache (Thanks Luis)
    - Change new pagination for pages searchresult.jsp and usermanagement.jsp
    - Add javascript to search box in header.jsp
    - Add javascript to login.jsp
    - [MyVietnam CoreLib] Add new class UserAgentFilter to filter the user agent (such as Teleport)
    - Check the range of param in MVNForumConfig
    - [Improvement] Guest's rowsPerPage are configurable in ROWS_PER_PAGE
    - [Security Improvement] : Need explicit login in the Admin Zone (cookie is not allowed)
    - [Auth New Feature] : Add method OnlineUser.getAuthenticationType()
        to check which method user used to login
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that cannot edit Member Gender in editmember
    - [Improvement] Change printthread so that dont show link "Print all Posts" if currently view all posts
    - [Improvement] Add option to sort member in usermanagement
    - Change pager library to remove "pager." prefix

[1.0.0 RC 2] - 1 November 2003
    - Add new method OnlineUser.reloadProfile
    - Revert to to group Guest
    - Disable import/export and reschedule for RC3 release
    - Major improvement on the GUI of Permision-related pages
    - Dont show the forum in search if user dont have read permision on it
    - Dont show post in searchprocess and rss if user dont have read permision on it
    - Dont show attachment when viewthread if ENABLE_ATTACHMENT = false
    - [Database] Support sql script for hsqldb 1.7.2
    - Added configurable parameter HOT_TOPIC_THRESHOLD
    - Add new MySql Driver: driver\mysql-connector-java-3.0.9-stable-bin.jar
    - printthread : new link "Show all posts from this thread on one page"
    - [New feature] User can config the number of rows per page when viewing mvnForum
    - [Improvement] Add Page 1 2 3 trong list thread viewthread, listthreads, listrecentthreads, listmembers
    - [New feature] Admin can reset member's signature, avatar and activation
    - Can change the virtual Guest name
    - Configable 7-days edit post/ 1 day attach file (coi mvnforumConfig)
    - After activating account, if user is currently logined, go to myprofile instead of login (Thanks simone)
    - [Realm Auth] If user is Guest and ENABLE_LOGIN_INFO_IN_REALM = true, try to login into Realm (Thanks pritpal)
    - Add Password fields to prevent hacker to change email
    - Added configurable parameter HOT_TOPIC_THRESHOLD
    - Support suffixes K, KB, M, MB in the config options for the max attachment size and max import file size
    - [New Feature] Support backup/restore database from the Admin Tool
    - Support Post/Thread Print Friendly feature
    - User can delete his own post (if no reply has been made)
    - Show statistics info about the number of forums/categories in Index page
    - [Improvement] Support Signature Preview
    - [Improvement] 4 Assign pages: current permission settings with permission count.
       (Assign to forum : show information of both Member and Group)
    - [Improvement] In addpost page, added 2 checkboxes to support
        adding parent thread to Favorites and/or My Watch
    - [New feature] Show statistics info in home page: online users - post count -
        member count - newest member - online record plus date info
    - Check All Javascript for all input form: (Admin Zone)
    - Change the error message when cannot access Lucene index to more descriptive message
    - Support "Reply with Quote" in viewthread
    - Dont schedule WatchTask if cannot init system (shouldRun = false)
    - Now dont delete cookie if user doesnt click AutoLogin option
        (it mean user have to click deletecookie -> better behaviour)
    - Dont show threads in listrecentthreads if current user doesnt have permission
    - Add checking ensureCanUseAvatar to all methods that update avatar
    - Now send activation mail when register and changeemail if REQUIRE_ACTIVATION = true
    - Now reload user permission if the user is just activated (dont have to re-login)
        or change email (no longer valid email)
    - Add new method OnlineUser.reloadPermission
    - Change the log level of BadInputException to WARN (before is ERROR)
    - Add <a name="postID"> so search page can jump to correct post (if in correct page)
    - Shorten some parameter in search feature (such as "SearchText" -> "key")
    - Limit number of favorite threads which new option MAX_FAVORITE_THREAD
    - Admin (id = 1) dont have to activate account to login (Thanks tom)
    - Remove all BadInputException in all database-related code
    - [Improvement] Improve CSS
    - [New Feature] Moderator can move thread from one forum to other forum
    - [New Feature] Support migrate from Jive to mvnForum (Thanks Igor)
    - [New Feature] Add links to find all posts of the member to MyProfile and ViewMember
    - [Improvement] Now can search all posts by a member
    - [New Feature] Support individual permissions (Thanks Igor)
    - [Improvement] Add javascript to check user input from browser
    - [Improvement] Male should not be the default when registering a new member
    - [Improvement] In viewthread page, add 2 links to support
        adding current thread to Favorites or MyWatch
    - [New Feature] Add new table mvnforumFavoriteThread and support adding favorite threads
    - [New Feature] Add new table mvnforumRank and support customizing member title/rank in database
    - [Improvement] Add a link in MyProfile to delete cookie
    - [i18n] Support VIRQ Vietnamese typing mode
    - [i18n] Fix some bugs in the Vietnamese resource file
    - [Improvement] Show the link to the member that edited a post in viewthread.jsp
    - [Refactor] : remove class auth.MemberWebHelper
    - [New Feature] Add new table MemberForum to handle the permission of a member in a forum
    - [Improvement] When view thread that has been edited, also show the time of last edit (Suggested by  KenCochrane)
    - [i18n] localize to Arabic language (Thanks Mohammed Al-shake)
    - Add getter method for MVNForumInfo
    - Add the cookie's path to value "/" (visible to all url in the domain) (thread 430)
    - Add new sql script for Interbase Unicode (max VARCHAR size = 80) (Thanks Pavel Av)
    - [i18n] localize to Dutch language (Thanks Everest)
    - [Improvement] In listonlineusers, all members come above all guests
    - [Refactor] Add new class AbstractAction which provide basic support of interface Action
    - [Improvement] Admin can view the IP and UserAgent of online users in listonlineusers
    - Change all remaining printStackTrace to common-loging
    - [Refactor] Refactor some classes for better name convention
    - [Improvement] Support customizing forum title name in all jsp files in User Zone
    - Fix all warning about unused import in eclipse (thanks skoehler)
    - Upgrade JavaMail from version 1.3 to 1.3.1
    - Change the logging info in ForumUserServlet and
        ForumAdminServlet from INFO to DEBUG (less logging in INFO level)
    - [Database] Support DB2 database
    - [Improvement] Enable mvnCode for signature in MyProfile
    - [Improvement] Show homepage/coollink link as clickable link in MyProfile
    - Filter all url in member profile
    - [Improvement] Support 2 remained tags : [img] and [url=mailto:]
    - [i18n Bug] Fix bug cannot attach file with Vietnamese locale

[1.0.0 RC 1_01] - 14 June 2003
    - Fix bug that cause an AssertionException when trying to reset password
        with case-insesitive email
    - Fix sql bug in postgreSQL
    - Fully support Vietnamese keyboard tool in all pages
    - The PostTopic are always required now (previously topic of a reply can be empty)
    - Add option to turn on/off RSS feature
    - Always check if user have been authenticated before he can delete
        objects (category/forum/thread/post/attachment)
    - Common-logging the fatalerror.jsp page (in case of serious error)
    - Fix searching bug when search with member (Thanks simone)
    - Dont show link to add more watch when user has watch the system globally
    - Check database connection when starting mvnForum. If it cannot get the
        connection, then stop running mvnForum and just out the error message
        instead of just the blank page
    - Change the MemberWebHelper to use the DAO pattern, integrator can
        provides their own member implementation (Thanks Luis Miguel Hernanz)
    - Make quite a lot of changes in package auth (Thanks Luis Miguel Hernanz)
    - Localize the name of month (Thanks gbs)
    - Change the ICQ's icon (get the online/offline status icon from web site)
    - Upgrade JavaMail from version 1.2 to 1.3
    - Upgrade Mysql Connector/J driver from 3.0.6 to 3.0.8
    - [New feature] : Support forum/global RSS (Thanks timh)
    - Implement the pagination in searchresult.jsp page
    - AttachMore option now work properly
    - Moderator can delete any attachments
    - Improve the ant build.xml, now mvnforum is depended on
        myvietnam when building (Thanks thomas)
    - Delete attachment when delete post/thread/forum
    - Improve Thread Watch support
    - Support setting the maximum size of attachment
    - Throw a more general error message when searching with empty index
        (instead of throw the original exception of Lucene,
        which include the real path of mvnForumHome)
    - Rebuild search index file even when no posts (create empty index)
    - Fix bug wrong description when select the url javascript control in addpost.jsp
    - Dont show attachment icon if user dont have permission (Thanks simone)
    - Show the file size of the attachment in viewthread
    - Add option to turn on/off Attachment feature
    - Add option to turn on/off Watch feature
    - Add some code to meta tag and header response to prevent caching in
        rare cases (suggested by ssadek) (uncomment code if you have http caching problem)
    - After add a post, user are taken to the last page (old behaviour
        is go to first page) (Thanks Imants Firsts)
    - Fix bug with "good luck" similies in EnableEmotionFilter.jsp (Thanks Imants Firsts)
    - Fix bug with "whistling" and "dancing" sililies in addpost.jsp (Thanks Imants Firsts)
    - [l10n] mvnForum is localized/translated to Slovenian (Thanks Uro?Cernigoj)
    - [l10n] mvnForum is localized/translated to Serbian cyrilic and latin (Thanks Dejan)
    - [l10n] mvnForum is localized/translated to Latvian (Thanks Imants Firsts)
    - Add a link to Activate Count in the MyProfile (thanks simone)
    - Fix English grammar (change from "There is not any" to "There are not any") (thanks timh)
    - In listmembers, change the Next/Previous link from text link
        to image link for consitency with other pages
    - Add a link to view the last page of thread in : listthreads, listrecentthreads and viewthread
    - Show the attachment as embeded image if the mine type starts with "image/"
    - Upgrade Vietnamese keyboard tool to version "vietuni.js V1.618 - R.11.11.01"
    - [New feature] : Support Attachment [cool !!!]
    - [New feature] : Support Searching (Thanks Dejan) [cool !!!]
    - [i18n] : Review i18n keys for better convention
    - [i18n] : Localize all addpost.jsp (thanks Gunther)
    - [Admin] : Test System tool : add Jakarta RegEpx and Jakarta Lucene
    - [Security] : User can now delete cookie (in login page) for better security (Thanks CEO)
    - [Security] : Add configuration option to ensure Email Validation before the user can login
    - Now only activated user can use the Watch feature
    - [UserManagement] : Support setting/customize Member's Title
    - Dont allow adding new forum if there is not any category
    - Now user cannot change the password if the old and new password
        are the same (suggested by ssadek )
    - Fix bug that cannot change PostIcon when edit a post (Thanks moamoa)
    - [l10n] mvnForum is localized/translated to Danish (Thanks Anja Lysholm & Gunther Strube)
    - [UserManagement] : delete all watches of a member
    - [UserManagement] : add new page: viewmember
    - [UserManagement] : add "Find Member" feature
    - Change the avatar path: remove the context path prefix, now mvnForum can move to
        new context without problem (still backward compatible)
    - [New feature] : Support Global/Category/Forum/Thread Watch (thanks cord) [cool !!!]
    - [i18n Improvement] : Now support new locale does not need to change addmember.jsp and editmember.jsp
    - [i18n Improvement] : Language option is displayed in the language
    - [Fix bug] : Last edit IP is shown wrongly with creation IP (Thanks simone)
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that cannot post a new thread in Oracle 9i
    - [l10n] mvnForum is localized/translated to German (Thanks M. Leinmueller)
    - Add online/offline status in viewthread and viewmember
    - [Security] : Support IP matching in IPFilter (use Apache regular expression)
    - Write short "developer's guide" in Authenticator to help implementing this interface
    - [Fix bug] : Make mvnForum compatible with Caucho MySql driver
        (eleminate the error : Cannot update table Thread where primary key = (#) )
    - Change all System.out.println to common-logging
    - Support 1 additional mnvCode: [code] [in MyVietnam CoreLib]
    - [Fix bug] : Fix wrong birthday bug
    - [Database] mvnForum now supports Oracle 9i
    - [Database] mvnForum now supports SAPDB (Thanks theMK)
    - [l10n] mvnForum is localized/translated to Italian (Thanks Enrico Donelli and Simone)
    - [l10n] mvnForum is localized/translated to French (Thanks Stephane Mirabella (aka stephm) )

[1.0.0 beta3] - 2 March 2003
    - Change the session time out in web.xml to 120 minutes (before is 30 minutes)
    - Support 1 additional mnvCode: [list] [in MyVietnam CoreLib]
    - Add new method setTimeZone to interface OnlineUser, now the date/time are updated
          immediately after user changes his time zone
    - Allow mvnCode in post's topic
    - [GUI Improvement] : Change the style sheet (css) for tags: input, textarea, option
    - [l10n] mvnForum is localized/translated to Spanish (Thanks Javier)
    - [Database] Support Interbase/Firebird database (Thanks Javier)
    - [Admin] Enable/disable member (disabled member cannot login)
    - [GUI Improvement] : Change the color of table for consistency
    - [Fix bug] : Change the input tag type from submit to button because some versions
          of Mozilla doesn't correctly handle the submit input tag (Thanks simone)
    - [Fix bug] : Fix the wrong YahooID and AolID in the links in
          viewthread, viewmember and myprofile
    - [Security] Support IP block to prevent certain IP to access the system
    - SystemAdmin can view the email of all members in the User Zone
    - In admin module, only show links that user have previledge on them
    - Change interface MVNForumPermission, change all 'new' permission to 'add' permission
    - [New feature] : ForumAdmin can delete empty category
    - [GUI Improvement] : Change the GUI for success pages in Admin Zone for consistency and easy to use
    - [Improvement] : User now can choose a prefered displayed language when registering
    - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that doesn't allow adding a new Forum which has the same name of a forum in other category
    - [i18n] Support locale configuration (config the properties file to enable supported locales)
    - Rewrite and improve Installation Guide/Online Documentation (Thanks cord)
    - [i18n] Automatic enable Vietnamese keyboard input if the user chooses Vietnamese as
        the preferred displayed language
    - Add 6 new avatars (thanks wassup)
    - [New feature] : Support Post Preview (thanks wassup)
    - [Improvement] : After moderator delete a thread, all info in the forum/thread is updated
    - [New feature] : Moderator now can delete any post
    - [Database] Write new "limit" methods to run on database/jdbc driver that
        doesn't support TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE
    - [New feature] : Support showing date/time based on preferred locale on user's profile
    - [Improvement] : Support gif/png avatars (Thanks wassup)
    - [New feature] : Support multi-databases, currently suppport 5 dbms:
        MySQL, Oracle, Sql Server, postgreSQL, hsqldb
        (Thanks pritpal, cord)
    - [New feature] : Support [url] tag (Thanks wassup) [in MyVietnam CoreLib]
    - [New feature] : Support [quote] tag (Thanks wassup) [in MyVietnam CoreLib]
    - [New feature] : Support Localization (currently localized to 5 languages:
        English, Vietnamese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)
        (Thanks wassup for localizing to Russian)
        (Thanks Jacky Chu for localizing to Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese)
    - [New feature] : Support Internationalization (in the backend)
    - [GUI Improvement] : Show link for AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ (Thanks pritpal, romrom)
    - [New feature] : Support automatic login (by using cookie)
    - [New feature] : Support realm authentication
    - [New feature] : Support passwordless/customized authentication
    - [GUI Improvement] : Support Thread/Post icon
    - [GUI Improvement] : Show new/nonew status of a forum
    - [GUI Improvement] : Show hot/normal and new/nonew status of a thread
    - [GUI Improvement] : all success pages have been relayouted for GUI consistency
    - [Improvement] : forum description and category description now support mvnCode
        (in listforums and forummanagement)
    - [Improvement] : Support 2 additional mnvCode: [size] and [font] [in MyVietnam CoreLib]
    - Change the new line from <p> to 
(Thanks pritpal) [in MyVietnam CoreLib] - [Improvement] : Add 2 alias for emoticon: [:-)] and [:-(] [in MyVietnam CoreLib] - [Fix bug] : Fix bug Redirect after login (Thanks pritpal, romrom) - Add title (based on post count) for member in viewthread.jsp (Thanks romrom) - Add request.setCharacterEncoding("utf-8"); to 2 Servlets (support unicode in getParameter) (now mvnForum requires Servlet 2.3) - Add charset=utf-8 to all jsp (support unicode) - [Improvement] : Show the post statistics before deleting a thread - [Improvement] : Show the post and thread statistics before deleting a forum - Change in Admin index (show info) (Thanks pritpal) - [Fix bug] : Fix bug that cause a long underline in topmenu in Mozilla 1.x - [Fix bug] : Remove the maxlength when edit Group (GroupName textbox) and Forum (ForumName textbox) [1.0.0 beta2] - 15 December 2002 - [New feature] : Moderator can now delete a thread - [New feature] : Admin can now delete a forum in the AdminZone - [Improvement] : Some pages are automatically refresh after a successful action (eg. Add new Post) - [GUI Improvement] : Change the logo for mvnForum - [Improvement] : Improve the error.jsp by adding a link to go back - [New feature] : Admin can now delete a group in the AdminZone - [New feature] : Admin (id = 1) has SYSTEM_ADMIN privilege and is not revocable - Support many types of sorting order in listthreads.jsp and listrecentthreads.jsp - Disable the Upload button in changeavatar.jsp after submiting (avoid upload more than once) (Thanks wassup) - Disable the Register Member button in addpost.jsp after submiting (avoid add more than once) (Thanks wassup) - Disable the Add Post button in addpost.jsp after submiting (avoid add more than once) (Thanks wassup) - [GUI Improvement] : Add 1 new avatar CoolTux (Thanks wassup) - Show Member Count in GroupManagement - [GUI Improvement] : Show statistics of online users, eg: There are 2 online users (1 Guests, 1 Members) - [New feature] : System Admin can view the IP of any posts (creation time and last edit time) - [GUI Improvement] : Support mvnEmotion for post's topic - [GUI Improvement] : Support mvnCode and mvnEmotion for Member Signature - When reply to a topic, "Re: " is added before the topic - [GUI Improvement] : Add male/female symbol in viewthread.jsp - [Fix bug] : Cannot set option for Datasource (Thanks romrom) [in MyVietnam CoreLib] - [Fix bug] : Wrong number when viewing next/previous in viewthread.jsp - [New feature] : Support most of mvnCode ([b], [i], etc) - [New feature] : Support full mvnEmotion ([:)], [:D], etc) - Add CVS Header to all jsp and java source code - Add Ant build.xml to build the source code - Forum Moderator now can edit any posts at any time - [Fix bug] : fix bug that wrong menu is shown in ErrorPage in the AdminZone - [Fix bug] : fix bug that cannot view next members in listmembers.jsp - [Fix bug] : MailUtil.checkGoodEmail now accept character '-' [in MyVietnam CoreLib] - (Thanks Per-Ake Olsson) - [Fix bug] : wrong member name in "Last posts in this thread" in addpost.jsp - [New feature] : User cannot view email until he login (avoid spam and email-harvest tools) - [Fix bug] : wrongly escape charater with format like this : Ӓ, so Vietnamese works now :) [in MyVietnam CoreLib] - [Bug workaround] : The birthday is less error now with 3 combo boxes: day, month and year - [Fix bug] : wrong category order in the index page (Thanks soma) - [GUI Improvement] : show combo box for all time zone options - [Fix bug] : Fix the first time view online users, no user is shown !!! [1.0.0 beta1] - 23 October 2002 - First beta release, and include many cool features.
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