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* $Id: DEVELOPER.txt,v 1.9 2005/01/29 12:13:45 minhnn Exp $

This document is for developers intend to customize and/or extend mvnForum

Q. How to receive CVS commit update mail?

A. Please subscribe to

Q. How to customize the style of mvnForum?

A. mvnForum support customize the style by changing the style.css. You could change
   a lot of style with this, but there are some changes which you have to make
   directly to the *.jsp files. This will be addressed in later releases.

Q. Do you have example source code of mvnForum Single Sign-On authentication?

A. Yes, there is a full demo of this feature, and you can find it at
   folder mvnforum\docs\demo\realm_authentication
   Please read demo guide at mvnforum\docs\demo\realm_authentication\docs\README.txt

Q. How can I integrate mvnForum with my existed user database (such as in LDAP)?

A. There are several approaches you could use depending on your
   necessities. Below is a list in order of simplicity (the simplest first):

1) You have pre-loaded your users into the mvnforum database and wants
   to have single-sign-on with others applications: you have two
   solutions here:

   a) Use the realm information from your application server. If you
      activate (change to true) this option (enable_login_info_in_realm)
      in the mvnform.xml file, mvnforum will ask
      the application server for the name of the user and, if found a
      same name in the forum database, the user will be automatically
      logged into the system. No code change is needed. The limitation of
      this method is that the user in realm must also be in mvnForum.
      If you want to use realm and want to auto create user if
      it is not in mvnForum, please read the below second solution.

   b) You don't use realm authentication but want to have the same
      functionality (or if you use realm and want to automatically create
      user in mvnForum). Just implement the interface Authenticator. This
      interface has one method that returns the name of the user if he
      is already logged onto the system. Please read comment in this
      file. You must activate (change to true) the option
      enable_login_info_in_customization in the mvnforum.xml file.

2) You don't want (or can't, some user databases does not allow to
   retrieve the password) to store the password in the forum database
   (although you have pre-loaded the users in the database). In this
   case, you have to implement the interface OnlineUserFactory (maybe
   extending the class that is currently used) and configure the
   MVNForumFactoryConfig class to load your new class (see the
   question about the MVNForumFactoyrConfig class).

   This interface has two methods that you need to customise for this

   * validatePassword: in this method you should contact your user
     back-end to validate the user password. All the passwords check of
     mvnforum must user this method and the login process will call
     this method too.

   * getEncodedPassword: this method is used to store a copy of the
     encrypted password on a cookie. If you don't want to use cookies,
     don't like the idea or cannot retrieve the password, you can
     return null.

3) You don't want to pre-load the user database but want some kind of
   synchronisation between your user database and the forum database.
   You can use the getAuthenticatedUser of OnlineUserFactory for this
   kind of things. This method is called in the login process, so you
   can override the current implementation to make a copy of the user
   information to the forum database the first time a user enters in
   mvnforum. Additionally, you need to follow the steps described in 2)
   if you don't copy the password to the database or the format of the
   encrypted password is different.

4) You want to store the user information in your own back-end. In
   this case, You must implement the MemberDAO interface with your
   existed member information. This is the interface that controls the
   access to all the user information, so you have total control. If
   you want to use a different kinds of passwords than the default,
   you should also implement the OnlineUserFactory interface (see 2
   and 3).

Please note that there are many people have integrated mvnForum with
their systems successfully with many strategies. Please search the
online for the possible solution (some keyword such as
realm, authentication, authenticator, ldap, ...).

Q. What is the class MVNForumFactoryConfig for?

A. This class in conjunction with the ManagerFactory class implements
   a kind of plugin system that allows some external integrator to change
   some internal classes of mvnForum without the need to change the forum
   code. The ManagerFactory class has methods to retrieve the classes
   that implement certain interfaces. The MVNForumFactoryConfig tell
   which specific classes implement this interfaces. So, to change the
   default classes, you have to set the corresponding values under
   mvnforumfactoryconfig tag in file mvnforum.xml. Please, see the code of
   ManagerFactory and MVNForumFactoryConfig for more information.

Q. How can I implement other functionality related with access
   restriction to some pages, deactivation of some paths, etc.

A. Please look at the RequestProcessor question.

Q. What is the interface RequestProcessor for?

The RequestProcessor interface allows to control all the processing of the
user request thus allowing to insert code to perform extra
functionality without modifying the mvnforum classes. To have more
information, please see the code of the class ForumUserServlet and the
descriptions of the interface methods. Below are some
suggested uses for the three methods of the interface:

  * preLogin: this method is the first that is executed in the
    processing of the request, so you can use it to modify the request
    before any other class touch its (this is needed, for example, to
    set the encoding of the request).

  * preProcess: this method is similar to the preLogin, but here the
    user has been authenticated and his information will be available
    in the request. You can use this method to redirect to a login
    page if the information of the user is not valid (i.e. is the
    guest user) or you can forbid some paths depending of the access
    of the user.

  * postProcess: this method can be used to add additional information
    to the request in order to show additional data in the web pages
    (if the user has modified the web pages). Doing this addition at
    the end of the request processing allows the user to be sure of
    the page the forum system is going to redirect the user to (and
    change it if needed). Also, this method can be used to use a
    different set of jsps without modifying the mappings of mvnforum
    (for example listforums.jsp -> mypages/listforums.jsp)

Of course, these methods can have several other uses as well.

Q. Why should I donate my extensions to mvnForum back to the project?

A. By extensions, we mean totally new code that invokes existing mvnForum classes.
You are free to do whatever you wish with your proprietary mvnForum extensions.
In particular, you may choose to never release your extensions to the wider public.
We are very careful not to change the mvnForum public API so that newer mvnForum releases
are backward compatible with previous versions. We are a lot less scrupulous with the
internal mvnForum API. Thus, if your extension is designed to work with mvnForum version n,
then when mvnForum release version n+1 comes out, you will probably need to adapt your
proprietary extensions to the new release. Thus, you will be forced to spend precious
resources in order to keep up with mvnForum changes. This is commonly referred to as the
"stupid-tax." By donating the code and making it part of the standard distribution,
you save yourself the unnecessary maintenance work.

If your extensions are useful then someone will eventually write an extension providing
the same or very similar functionality. Your development effort will be wasted.
Unless the proprietary mvnForum extension is business critical, there is little reason
for not donating your extensions back to the project.

Q. How can I join the mvnForum development team?

A. Like many current members of the mvnForum team, joining the development team
should be naturally:

- Participate on the online, help others to solve their problem and discuss
  how to improve mvnForum

- Get familiar with the current mvnForum source code and begin writing some patch.

- Prepare a plan on what part of mvnForum that you would like to contribute your effort.
  You could publicly discuss it on the mvnForum or send me an email. This will help
  to avoid wasted time if two or more people trying to do the same tasks.

- Send me an email that you would like to contribute to the mvnForum, and also prepare
  your ID.

- Stick to the existing indentation style even if you hate it. Alternating between
  indentation styles makes it hard to understand the source code. Make it hard on
  yourself but easier on others. mvnForum follows the Code Conventions for the
  Java Programming Language (

- If you contribute to the current source code, put your name and email in the header
  of current files

- If you write new files, use the copyright notice in the docs/CopyrightTemplate.txt
  (It has template for .java files and .Jsp files). You also agree to grant copyright
  of the source code to, and don't forget to put your name and email
  to the header of the files.

- Please test your code carefully before commit to the CVS, if you are going to make
  quite a lot of changes, please discuss it in the online so that others
  could have a chance to review and give you suggestions.


minhnn (Minh Nguyen)
minhnn at MyVietnam d0t net

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