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* $Id: INSTALL.txt,v 1.28 2005/02/15 19:33:59 minhnn Exp $

//      mvnForum 1.0.0 RC4  -  $Date: 2005/02/15 19:33:59 $


1. Overview



- Before continue, we highly recommend you visit
  for latest release

- Read the RC4 release note at



NOTE: This installation guide is for the mvnForum 1.0.0 RC4 release

Install mvnForum is quite easy, just follow the below steps:
NOTE: This release supports 9 DBMS:
    MySQL, Oracle 8i/9i, Sql Server, DB2, postgreSQL, hsqldb, Interbase/Firebird, SAPDB and Sybase
    (If mvnForum doesn't support your database, you should be able to port it
    to other databases easily by using file sql/mvnForum_JDBC.sql as a template)

*  NOTE: To upgrade from beta1, beta2 ,beta3, rc1, rc2 or rc3 release, READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY
*  1. Backup your database first.
*  2. Run the update sql script, please look at mvnforum\sql\upgrade
*  3. Backup your mvnForumHome folder, which contains a lot of important data
*  4. Backup your users' avatars in your App Server in this
*     folder: mvnplugin\mvnforum\upload\memberavatars
*     (The above folder is relative to the webapp dir of your App Server)
*  5. Back up all your config (.properties and/or .xml files) in your App Server in this
*     folder: WEB-INF\classes (Backup this is for reference only)
*     (The above folder is relative to the webapp dir of your App Server)
*  6. Back up your current servlet context folder. Then delete your current
*     servlet context of mvnForum before continueing the setup
*  7. In step 3 below, you MUST re-config your new mvncore.xml and mvnforum.xml files
*     (Note: The properties files has been changed to xml files since RC3, so you cannot reuse
*     the properties files in the beta1/beta2/beta3/rc1/rc2 release)
*     Config the file for your logging (we highly recommend
*     you config you log file to the log folder in mvnForumHome)
*  8. After setting up successfully, restore the avartars that you
*     have backuped above.
*     NOTE: that begin with RC4, the avatar folder is
*           moved to folder mvnForumHome/memberavatars
*  9. Run and test if mvnForum can run properly, and confirm the mvnForumHome
*     has been configured properly
*  10. Delete all the index in folder mvnForumHome/search. Rebuild the Lucene index
*     for your forum before user can search on your forum:
*     Admin Index -> Miscellaneous Tasks -> Rebuild Lucene Search Index
*     NOTE: the post index has been changed from mvnForumHome/search
*           to mvnForumHome/search/post since RC4
*  If you have problem with the upgrade, just post message to
*  the box Installation and Upgrade at

2. System requirements
- Any App Server SUPPORTS Jsp 1.2 and Servlet 2.3 (mvnForum WILL NOT
    run on Jsp 1.1/Servlet 2.2 Container such as Tomcat 3/ Jrun 3)
  NOTE: mvnForum CANNOT run on Orion App Server because Orion does not
        fully support Jsp 1.2 and Servlet 2.3

- JDK 1.3 or later

- One of supported databases with a JDBC 2.0 compliant driver
  (this release includes 4 drivers: Connector/J, JTDS, postgreSQL and hsqldb)

3. Application Server Setup
NOTE: If you use JRun 4 and have problem with log4j, please remove log4j.jar from WEB-INF/lib

NOTE: If you use JRun 4 or Tomcat 5.x and have problem with log4j,
      please read logging configuration guide in the file WEB-INF/classes/

NOTE: If you use old version of Resin and you have error with the xml parser,
      you should delete file web.xml, and rename web.xml.resin to web.xml
      (Only need if you have problem with XML parser)

NOTE: If you use Resin, make sure you DELETE these 4 files in mvnForum package:
      (Not sure why Resin does not conform to Servlet standard)

NOTE: Your App Server SHOULD NOT be installed on a folder which contains space
      such as "C:\Program Files"

- Unzip the distribution zip file into a folder

- Create a context in your app server. In Tomcat, just create a dir
  (for example : mvnforum) in the tomcat/webapps. This dir (context)
  MUST be in lower case (such as mvnforum). Note that in some
  app server such as Web Logic, you MUST deploy the context, just create
  a context dir will not work.

  NOTE: If you already have a context, you can install mvnForum to your existed
        context, please note that folder WEB-INF must be the direct sub folder
        of your context. Then just merge the web.xml and mvnForum
        will run happily with your current app in the same context

- Create a home folder for mvnForum, which MUST NOT be accessible from
  the web (This folder could be in your WEB-INF folder, such as WEB-INF/mvnForumHome)
  This mvnForumHome folder IS VERY IMPORTANT, it is used to store the uploaded
  attachment, uploaded avatar, uploaded PM's attachment and the Lucene search index.
  mvnForum WILL NOT run if you did not configure it properly
  NOTE: if you dont use the default WEB-INF/mvnForumHome, then copy the content
        of folder WEB-INF/mvnForumHome to your new folder mvnForumHome. The reason
        is some default files such as email template are needed

- In the extracted folder, find the dir webapp/WEB-INF/classes,
  there are 2 xml files here, open them in a text editor and change
  the config parameters to appropriate values (the short guide in these files
  will help you config). You can also find the file,
  this file is for logging, so open and edit it to a proper value on your system.
  NOTE: Set database parameters to the correct values in the step 4 below
        The information for database configuration is in the comment header
        of the sql script. Ex: if you use MySql, please read the configuration
        parameter guide in sql/mvnForum_mysql.sql
  NOTE: Currently since RC4, you SHOULD restart your App Server if you make changes
        to properties or xml files (although you can reload the configuration
        in the Admin zone, note all parameters can be reloaded)

- Copy the content of webapp dir in the extracted folder to the context dir
  that you have created above.

  NOTE: Open and see picture at mvnforum\docs\images\webapp_structure.gif

        IMPORTANT: Please confirm you have correct directory structure
        as in the picture, if not, mvnForum will NOT run.

- If you dont need some language support, remove that locale in
      option <supported_locales> in file mvnforum.xml.

- You could change the default language with parameter <default_locale_name> in mvnforum.xml

- NOTE: since RC4, the localization is implemented by JSTL, so there are not
        many folders for each language as in RC3 and before.

4. Database Setup
NOTE: If you upgrade from beta1/beta2/beta3/rc1,rc2,rc3, you have to upgrade your database schema.
      Run the upgrade sql script at mvnforum\sql\upgrade.

NOTE: Before running the script, we highly recommemd that you back up all your data.

NOTE: There are notes/guides/database configuration for specific database in the header of specific
      sql script file (sql/mvnForum_<database>.sql). You are highly recommended
      to read all the notes carefully, because it may help you avoid wasted time and
      possible database-specific problems

NOTE: If you use MySql 4.1.x, please see help at

The below database setup is for NEW INSTALLATION ONLY:

- In the extracted folder, find the file sql/mvnForum_<database>.sql
  (<database> is the database you would like to setup)

- Create a database and confirm the correct database params that have been set
  in the step 3 above

- Run the sql script. Please see your database document for detail on how to run a sql script

- Copy the jdbc driver for your database to the WEB-INF/lib folder of your context
  in step 3 above. (Note that this release includes 4 drivers for MySQL, Sql Server, postgreSQL and hsqldb)

NOTE: mvnForum includes an embeded database for hsqldb in folder sql/hsqldb, so you can
      copy this folder (hsqldb) to your mvnForumHome and config the file
      mvncore.xml (that is, just copy and dont need to run the hsqldb script).
      This is the fastest way to use mvnForum.
      Read the short guide in /sql/mvnForum_hsqldb.sql for detailed hsqldb configuration guide.

5. Setup Admin tool
There are 2 links by default:
If you install in a context other than ROOT context, the url looks like this:
http://www.[yourserver].com/[yourcontext]/mvnforum/index : home for mvnForum
http://www.[yourserver].com/[yourcontext]/mvnforumadmin/index : Admin Zone

If you install in the ROOT context, the url look likes this:
http://www.[yourserver].com/mvnforum/index : home for mvnForum
http://www.[yourserver].com/mvnforumadmin/index : Admin Zone

- Go to the Admin Zone and enter username = admin and password = admin

- If Login successfully, click a Test System Configuration to check the config
  (If you deploy on a Linux/Unix box, Image Processing might not been supported)

- The index page you see when you login also give you other info, including
  database and system info

- Change the password and edit your profile by clicking Forum Index -> MyProfile

- Click Forum Management to create categories/forums for your community

- You can create new users and set permissions for these new users

- Please spend time to read the mvnForum's documentation and FAQ
  at  http://www.[yourserver].com/[yourcontext]/mvnforum/help
  or access the latest version at: (you are highly recommended to read this Help link)

Congratulation, you have installed mvnForum successfully. Start creating your
own community today and enjoy a cup of coffee :-)

 NOTE: if you cannot setup mvnForum, please follow these steps:

 - Make sure you meet the system requirements

 - Make sure you have read this installation guide carefully
   (BELIEVE ME: 99% of your installation problem could be solved by read this file carefully)

 - Make sure you setup from the bin distribution package,
   not the source distribution package. If you have the source package,
   please see file BUILD.txt

 - Make sure you have read the short database guide in
   sql/mvnForum_<database>.sql carefully

 - Make sure you have looked at the stacktrace in your console and log file

 - If you get this error :

   Error executing SQL in MVNForumPermissionWebHelper.getPermissionsForGroupGuest.

   It means you have not configed your database properly. BEFORE print this error stacktrace
   mvnForum also print other stacktrace that tell the EXACT DATABASE PROBLEM CAUSE.
   Please look for this stacktrace, it begin with:

   Can't create a new connection in DBConnectionPool. URL = ....

   You can config the to log all messages to file and use
   this file to find your database problem

 - Make sure you have read the online docs and FAQ at:

 - Make sure you did make some search in the online, someone might
   have the same problem as you.

 - If you still cannot setup mvnForum, please prepare the following information
   before posting to the online for help:
   * Your mvnForum version (such as rc3)
   * Your mvnForum is official release or you get from CVS
     (in this case, please give the date when you check CVS)
   * Your OS version (Such as Windows 2000 service pack 2)
   * Your App Server version (Such as Tomcat 4.1.24)
   * Your Database version (Such as Mysql 3.23.51)
   * Your JDBC driver version (Such as mysql-connector-java-3.0.8-stable-bin.jar)
   * Your mvnForum .properties files content
   * Your browser version
   * Any stacktrace that you found in log file and console
   * Any other information that you think useful to solve the problem

Please help us by participating in mvnForum,
give us your feedback and comments, features discussion and bugs report. With your
help we could develop mvnForum better and better each day.

If you find that this installation guide is unclear or need more explaination,
please do not hesitate to email me with comments and suggestions.

Thanks and enjoy,

Minh Nguyen
minhnn at MyVietnam d0t net

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