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* $Id: TODO.txt,v 1.360 2005/02/24 15:35:05 minhnn Exp $

                   mvnForum Todo List

Author: Minh Nguyen - minhnn at MyVietnam net
Last update on: $Date: 2005/02/24 15:35:05 $

NOTE: All feature suggestions should be discussed at . Make sure
      that your feature suggestions are not in this TODO list

TODO List: things must be done for version 1.0 final release

  Discussion : After 3 year of development, the RC4 is considered
               of having needed feature for the version 1.0 GA.
               Therefore, only bug fix, minor changes and improvements
               will be implemeted. The high priority is the
               documentation, which will be fully reviewed and
               more topic will be added.

- [TOP PRIORITY] : Update all documentation
- Fix all reported bugs in RC4
- Localize
      <%if (memberBean.getMemberActivateCode().length()>0 ) {%>
        <span style="color:blue">Pending
      <%} else {%> 
        <span style="color:red">Not Activated
- If login as customization, the ensurePassword should be checked
- Bug that cannot show action (action is null)
- Issue when logout when integrate with realm
- Fix bug in the upload file name (thread=2721)
- Filter to remove the mvnCode
- Write comment for important field in DB in the Bean
- //if (!isUnsignedInteger(document.submitform.server_hour_offset, "server_hour_offset")) return false;
- Problem with codepage (russian).
- Fix bug
  admin.ForumAdminServlet ( - Error assertion This output stream has already been closed
  at net.myvietnam.mvncore.servlet.filter.CompressionResponseStream.close(
  at com.caucho.server.webapp.RequestDispatcherImpl.forward(
  at com.caucho.server.webapp.RequestDispatcherImpl.forward(
- mvnforum.common.member.name_visible = Name Visible
  in the language files may be misleading.

- Update all language translation
- Check CSS with
- Check HTML with
- Missing localization in front end (thread=2675)
- In index page, add link to delete cookie
- Upgrade tool to update hsqldb from SMALLINT to INT
- Remove the null System.out. that output to the console
- Remove tab in jsp file
- Make sure can run on JDK 1.3
- mvnforum.common.order is duplicated
- Check ORDER BY issue of interbase as in firebird
- Fix issue of caching of avatar (no change when new upload)
- Change SMALLINT to INT to all databases
- Fix null (return "cannot get description (action is null)";)
- Test delete PmAttachment on DBMS: DB2, Sql Server
- should change to interface and implementation
- mvnforum.common.of -> need to review it
- Think of a way to put more link to the menu in header
- Image for each language
- String.ReplaceAll on JDK 1.3
Du`ng treeMap for caching
localize : Cannot activate an already activated member.
Trong khi rebuild 1 index thi` disable rebuildall link luon 

MultipartStream multi = new MultipartStream(input, boundary);

- Khi disable login thi` ko cho login qua cookie
- Khi disable new post thi` ko cho hien thi link ADd new Thread/Post improvements
if enable portal_index, should have link all forums
enable member_birthday
enable member_gender
Incidentally, I use realm authentication, and I've noticed in places where 
a user has insufficient rights to do something (in particular, if the user 
is not allowed to change an avatar) the user is directed to the STANDARD 
logon page instead of the realm logon page.
Adminpage tries to save "index" (thread=2779)
Store avatars and attachments in database (thread=2772)

- Note lucene implementation for Chinese, Japanese
- Update docs for the RC4 (with Cord's help)
- Question: do I need to setup transaction? (Answer: no, because mvnForum does not use transaction)
- Question: I have a question about rank managment. How do I change specific users
  rank to be a personal rank based on the users status within the forum as opposed to how many posts they've made.
- Configuration guide
- Update the docs of DEVELOPER.txt since it is quite outdated
- I18N.txt : note that translator should review the daily mvnForum
- RebuildIndexTask throws NullPointerException (thread=2658)
- MySql 4.1.x create database mvnforum default character set utf8
- How to customize the "mvnForum"
- How to install on the same context
- NOTE: how to get around the search encoding issue

TODO List: things must be done for version 1.1.0
- [TOP PRIORITY] [All] review guest and reimplement full Import/Export feature
    These two are connected, since you need to handle situations
    with anonymous posts and attachments
- [Need Imanic's help] Move the package of import/export outside current admin package
- Admin needs to specify which link makes error message on ListUserOnline page.
- [ Minh Review ] - Integrate the build.xml of the docs to the mail build.xml
- Separate mvncore.exception.AssertionException.not_exist_or_not_file_to_be_downloaded into 2 exception
- Add FileUtil.checkExitedFile() and FileUtil.checkExitedDirectory()
- Add/remove permission page, the "Add" and "Remove" should be considered when localizing
- Check keys should support the encoding
- Research the login mechanism of RSS and ATOM
- Allow login for the first time with the login information in the request
- Sort By in Favorite Threads
- localize changepassword in Admin zone
- Do not filter emoticon if enable_emoticon = false
- The color of quota usage should be in the css
- Currently, when update new message, only check in the INBOX
- RSS: have option to get the rowsToReturn and bytesToReturn
- Localize the Email content
- Fix bug that in listthreads, the mvncode is is removed or processed correctly
- New permission: can AdminUser: view online status, usermanagement
- I dont like the ability to post pictures.. I hope it's optional.
        Think the generic solution (limit some mime types)
- Oracle cannot send mail to Tester
- Change default behavior to search substring
- mvnforumMember : MemberPassword VARCHAR(200) : need test on DB2, Firebird,
                   database not support: postgreSql 7.x (8.x is okie), hsqldb

TODO List: things must be done for version 1.2.0 and later
- [TOP PRIORITY] Fix all known bugs
- [TOP PRIORITY] Add a web setup tool
- [TOP PRIORITY] Need a XML/database schema to store all config
- Split thread
- Option to kick off user
- Noisy thread/post option
- a button on the register page to check the availability of the account name
- When login via Customization, have method in Authenticator to validate current password
- Support enable PM_statistics
- Option to run in Google like invitation mode
- Allow/Deny list for moderation
- Option to allow Admin to leave message when turn off forum
- Watch management, allow admin can view, delete watch of any user
- Split thread
- Show user Level determination by provide parameter to config the class name
- Since a user may have many posting in one thread, in the results being return,
  should we collapse the all posting within one thread.
- I'd much prefer to use the standard java timezones (Australia/Sydney, America/Los Angeles -
    see the java.util.TimeZone.getTimeZone() method). This is important for daylight saving issues
- 1) A list of related threads together with each thread, so it is possible to add
  the references mentioned above and they can be displayed in a structured way that
  does not cost the "on-screen overhead"
  2) for each thread, there could be a list (similar to the one of similar threads)
  repeating all hyperlinks used in the posts.
  3) 3. similar to 1. and 2.: list of attachments for each thread

- When sending activation mails the activation link is
  In my environment, mvnforum sits behind an apache which proxies the requests to tomcat.
  So, the resolved server name was wrong. I think it's a bad idea to call
  String serverName = ParamUtil.getServer2(request);
- Point and Level, like a RPG game (thread=2626)
- Improve the issue of nest of mvnCode
- Parse [..] and [/...] to lowercase when saving the post to the database
  (regular expression with option ig). The actual parsing off the UBB codes
  can than still be done before displaying the post. In this case all the
  UBB-codes are saved in lowercase in the database.

- Can't use arrays in a code block? (thread=824)

- Database update:
  * mvnforumForum  : forumModerationEmails

- Send mail to original author when move the thread

- Support Jahia: (rss, attachment, form's action must be post, data in tag <head> will be removed)

- this feature will be very userfull when a user doesn't set a watch for a thread and a moderator
    move the thread in another forum. If the user found a link from the original forum it's easy looking for the thread.

- I suggest adding a menu for using CSS for the admin so he/she
    can change the colors and looks of the forums. (thread=1834)
- new Config param: LoginMode: Normal/NoLoginWithSameID/KickoutSameID
- Scan the attachment
- Delete users even there are posts from this user
- Category a link in ListForums (thread=1598)
- Escape string in xml

- Add new page to view report of all permission settings
- Add a JSTL tag to escape the email (and begin to build MyVietnam JSTL lib)

- It would be nice if the tag could be interpreted in the list as well,
  but if this is difficult (because the close tag isn't there) perhaps
  it could just be stripped out of the list text.

- Change build.xml so that mvnforum will use .jar from myvietnam
  Problem: duplicate jar in 2 modules mvnforum and myvietnam
  Sollution: change build.xml

- Email thread to friend

- I would suggest looking at securityfilter on sourceforge.
  It is a portable implementation of web container security with
  specific support for Tomcat. It also contains an easily extendable realm mechanism.

- Fix bug that wrong Chinese file name when attach file

- Attachment Management
- Total review of the css (style sheet)
- Add #lastpost at the end of last post
  <a name="lastpost">
- Fix memory problem in attachment download
  Problem: currently load attach file to memory, may cause OutOfMemoryException
  Reason: I don't know what to do if some user are download attachment
          and the Moderator delete the attachment
  Sollution: make some test about concurrent read and delete
             Tomcat has a servlet called DefaultServlet, which serve the static file
             so we could refer and learn how to solve our problem
  Igor suggestion: see methods in ExportWebHandler getExportXmlZip() and sendToUser()
- Search : show the relevance value
- Show admin link in User zone, provide option to turn it off
- Some text links in AdminZone (Next/Previous) should change to image <img> link
- Have a link to send Watch Mail immediately in Admin Zone
- Search : stop word all mvnCode
- Write Config tool for MyVietnam CoreLib
- Support name invisible
- Support Guest enable/disable, setting time zone, signature, name, option, ...
- User moderation (normal, need approval, need activation, no registration)
- Migration from Jive version 2.6 and later

- Being able to collapse threads/sections could simplify navigation in certain cases,
  at least from my standpoint. This whether it was only the thread with subsequent replies,
  or hierarchically, that is level by level in the thread.

Features after final 1.3.0 release
- [TOP PRIORITY] Change to DAO + Hibernate
- [TOP PRIORITY] Change to Struts + JSF
- [ Phong ] - Interceptor to enforce password policy (min chars, alpha and numeric, not same as old pass,...)
- [ Phong ] - Upgrade to use common-upload 1.0 (Also show the information of requestSize and maxSize) (thread=643)
- [ Phong ] - Email notifications for topics on private messages
- [ Phong ] - Highlight when show searching (do it later)
- [ Phong ] - Research JCache and JSR 107 (Slow in the index and viewthread) (lam` sau)
- Support sorting in online user
- Who has me on their buddy list
- Mail gateway, refer to
- My buddy List/Ignore List
- In public profile, add "Add to My buddy list" and "Add to My Ignore list"
- Review and remove tab in build.xml in MyVietnam module
- Remove CategoryCache.getInstance() and ForumCache.getInstance() in Jsp file
- SequencedHashMap is deprecated in Common Collection, should we upgrade the common config?
- Captcha in the login form (should only enable if login in cookie is disabled)
- Localize alt text in <img> (forum status, avatar, ...)
- I think of class PostListener with methods: preAdd, postAdd, preDelete, postDelete,
  preEdit, postEdit. The params of these method could be: request and response (is it enough?).
  (thread=2003) (Please read the thread for the REAL detail)
- When send email, allow more FreeMarker variables for Member table
- Update the memberEmailVisable to include : accept email from webmaster
- Add option member_moderation (normal = 0, disabled = 1, pending = 2)
- Encode url in jsp file to keep session even cookie is disabled
- In addpost.jsp add check Post length (So far, you have used 5 characters)
- Check userAgent filter at (google: offline browser)
- Load Timezone Offset when startup (in MyVietnam module)
- There are a couple of time zones that are not offset by an even number of
  hours different then UTC (aka GMT) - they are x.5 hours different.
  Do you think the code shown below would be more appropriate? (thread=1566)

    private static long SERVER_TIME_OFFSET = timezone.getOffset(new Date().getTime());
    public static Timestamp getCurrentGMTTimestamp() {
        return new Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis() - SERVER_TIME_OFFSET);
- restore the configuration files
- It would be nice if mvnForum would check the browser for people who were not
  logged in and then use the preference if people set one in their profile.

- Change the combined permission from hard code to a array of individual permission
- Ability for users to ignore other users posts
- Track who banned a user and reporting on number of people a moderator banned,
  number of posts deleted
- Delete all messages by username (across all forums or just a selected forum)
- Defind some standard key in freemarker such as url, server, context,...
- Able to prevent everyone on the boards apart from the gagged member from seing their posts
- Related threads
- Add information in Online users such as member post count, country
- Check upload attachment in first post of thread (enable)
- The attachment in moderation forum should be moderated.
- Support attachment and avatar in database
- embeded smtp server
- Automatical delete the post based on time valid range (thread=1607)
- Finding the first unread post in a thread (thread=1596)
- Support Private Category.
- Active users in thread/forum
- Who moderate what forum
- User Vote, Post Vote, Thread Vote
- 4. admin-interface for smile-management
   thread 1945
- It is simple, good, but lack possibility to add picture to each rank - for example, more postings - more stars.
   thread 1945
- Draft mode (thread=2126)
  We've used IBM Workplace and notes databases for among other things discussions/forums.
  Workplace (Former Quickplace) supports drraft mode besides of several other smart features.
- Support Poll System
- Support LDAP
- Support Chatting (GujChat) or opensource Jive
- Support Gateway feature
- Support Extended property ???
- Support Calendar
- Customize forum: each picture for each forum (wassup's suggestion)
- Member information/fields configuration in the registration page
- Log the post modifications
- Support Post Rating/ Member Rating
- Allow to config database table name/prefix
- Profanity filter
- Have option to turn member's Post Count off for individual forum (such as Test forum)
- Option to filter html tag or not
- Admin can change the Member Login ID
- Support thread/flat modes
- Popular dicussion in each forum

- support for j2ee login (thread 1684)
     I'd love to see mvnforum use the standard j2ee declarative security model (using J-security_check)
     because this way I could make it use the same logins as other applications developed internally for my
     intranet portal. Today users have one login (and password) for the forum and other for other apps,
     and have to re-login each time they click on a link from one app to another.
     You asked for tutorials and references. Here's some:

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