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This file is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

 Default url pattern for admin, you dont have to change anything here
 Note: make change to this property is for advanced users only ( if you
 change this value, you MUST change the value in file web.xml

 NOTE: MVNFORUM_HOME is a folder that cannot be accessed from the web,
       you could create a folder mvnForumHome in your WEB-INF and
       set MVNFORUM_HOME to point to this folder. Please note that the
       example is for the Windows system, for the *nux system, it look like this:
       MVNFORUM_HOME   = /home/tomcat/mvnForumHome

     NOTE: the mvnforum_log is used to view the log file in Admin area only.
     You have to config it in its correct place (jlo_logging.xml or
 NOTE: DEFAULT_GUEST_NAME: set default name of a virtual Guest user.
       IMPORTANT: It will be overriden with the data from the database, if it exists (for the Guest user).

 NOTE: this release supports realm/customized authentication, if you would like to
       use this feature, then uncomment and set DISABLE_PASSWORDLESS_AUTH = false




        <!-- if enable this option, duplicate online users will be shown (as in RC3 and before) 
             if disable it, then the online user will be shown only once with the number of his session


        <!-- If this option is enabled, Only user with permission AdminSystem
             can send a message to all registered users in the forum.

        <!-- if enable this option, then guest and all users can always view image attachment -->

        <!-- If enabling, show the most active threads/members on index page and list forums-->
        <!-- if equals false, then use RC2-style (like listforums) index page -->

 Set the default watch option:
 1 : live watch
 2 : hourly watch
 0 or 3 : daily watch
 4 : weekly watch

 Set the default moderation option:
 0 or 1 : no moderation
 2 : thread and post moderation
 3 : thread only moderation
 4 : post only moderation

 NOTE: MAX_ATTACHMENT_SIZE : set the maximum attachment file size
       MAX_ATTACHMENT_SIZE = -1  means no limit on the attachment file size
       You can use suffixes "K" or "KB" to specify the size in kilobytes,
       "M" or "MB" to specify it in megabytes. Otherwise, the size is in bytes.
       Example: MAX_ATTACHMENT_SIZE = 1024 : maximum size is 1024 bytes = 1 KB
       Example: MAX_ATTACHMENT_SIZE = 1KB  : same as previous




These 2 below values will prevent flooding per IP per hour
If set to 0, it means no limit
Ex: a computer (IP) can register maximum 2 account per hour
 NOTE: MAX_IMPORT_SIZE: set the maximum import file size
       MAX_IMPORT_SIZE = -1  means no limit on the import file size
       You can use suffixes "K" or "KB" to specify the size in kilobytes,
       "M" or "MB" to specify it in megabytes. Otherwise, the size is in bytes.
       Example: MAX_IMPORT_SIZE = 1MB      : maximum size is 1 MB = 1024 KB

 NOTE: To disable storing backup files on server, set ENABLE_BACKUP_ON_SERVER = false
       In the current release, this parameter is ignored (always true).

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