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* $Id: CHANGE.txt,v 1.93 2005/02/21 18:51:06 minhnn Exp $

//                 MyVietnam WebApp Framework - Core Lib
//                      Version 1.8.0-dev
//                      $Date: 2005/02/21 18:51:06 $

Changes Log
[1.8.0-dev] - $Date: 2005/02/21 18:51:06 $
    - Add new method Decoder.decodeURL, also support UTF-8 if run on JDK 1.4
    - Change Encoder.encodeURL to use encoding UTF-8 if run on JDK 1.4
    - Change StringUtil.checkGoodName() and MailUtil.checkGoodEmail()
        to use char instead of byte (Thanks huxiaonan)
    - Change the FileUtil.getLastLines() to use encoding UTF-8
    - Fix bug introduce in since RC4-dev that wrongly get the GMT based datetime
    - Fix bug introduce in since RC4-dev that cannot load ROOT context and
        empty email username
    - Log the full path of config file if there is an error to load it

[1.7.0] - 28 January 2005
    - Change comment of Encoder.removeInvalidUserInURL to make McAfee happy
    - Support detect database Firebird and SAP DB in class DBUtils
    - Support spam prevention initiative by Google (rel="nofollow")
        with parameter <enable_link_nofollow>
    - Add new class MVNCoreConfig so that configuration now can load in one file
    - Add new class RandomGenerator
    - Remove unneeded files (tutorial and filter)
    - FloodControl now can update actionsPerHour
    - Update build.xml, add native2ascii tasks to translate the i18n files
    - Add new method DBUtils.getDatabaseTypeName()
    - Allow char '@' in StringUtil.checkGoodName()
    - Fix NPE in
    - Add methods FileUtil.checkGoodFilePath() and FileUtil.checkGoodFileName()
    - Add method DateUtil.getDateRFC822() for RSS date time
    - Add methods FileUtil.copyFile() , FileUtil.emptyFile and FileUtil.getHumanSize()
    - Remove a lot of warning code with the Eclipse compiler
    - Add new methods and class to DateUtil to get the time duration
    - Add some new methods to FileUtil: readFile, writeFile, getLine
    - In TimerUtil, catch IllegalStateException and try to reload the Timer (thread=1393)
    - Fix NullPointerException on FileUtil.setServletClassesPath
    - Changes for compilable on JDK 1.3
    - Add methods ParamUtil.getParameterUnsignedInt()
    - [Improvement] MailUtil.getEmails() now replace all occurrence of ',' to ';'
        before splitting the emails
    - [Improvement] MailUtil: now send mail with encoding utf-8
    - [Improvement] getShorterString now check the space as breakable,
        old method/implementation is changed to getShorterStringIgnoreSpace
    - Add support to localize text in this module (Thanks Pavel Av)
    - Add new method ParamUtil.getParameterDateUtil()
    - Add new method DateUtil.getDateYYYYMMDD()
    - Add new method FileUtil.createTextFile()
    - Add new method StringUtil.getHiddenPassword() to convert password to hidden format

[1.6.0] - 29 June 2004
    - Allow 10 times SendFailedException when sending email to group of users
    - Ensure maximum number of emails per transport in MailUtil.sendMail()
    - Add 2 new methods MailUtil.sendMail(MailMessageStruct) and MailUtil.sendMail(Collection)
    - Add class MailMessageStruct to support MailUtil.sendMail
    - Add class HelloWorldServlet, could be used to test servlet mapping
    - [Improvement] Improve the build.xml and
    - Add method MVNForumCore.getImage to get the image of current version of mnvCore
    - Add one sample class implementing LoginIDInterceptor
    - Add interface LoginIDInterceptor to validate loginID (such as in registration)
    - Add one sample class implementing ContentInterceptor
    - Add three sample classes implementing MailInterceptor
    - Add interface ContentInterceptor to validate content (such as forum post)
    - Add interface MailInterceptor to validate email
    - Add new singleton service InterceptorService to provide support for interception
    - Add new 2 servlet filter and
        (based on Tomcat examples, change System.out to common logging)
    - Fix the bug in FloodControl that did not remove the action when timeout
    - Add 2 method MailUtil.getEmailUsername() and MailUtil.getEmailDomain()
    - Patch for IE spoof url issue
    - Relax the email and login name checking, now allow numberic char at the begining
    - Update the copyright of MyVietnam to year 2004
    - Fix NullPointerException in UserAgentFilter
    - Update LibInfo, add support for 5 new library
    - Add new class FloodControl and FloodException
    - Add new method FileUtil.getServletClassesPath() to get the path of WEB-INF/classes
    - Fix bug in TimerUtil (if called cancel(), then do not allow to call schedule() )
    - Change the configuration from properties file to xml file
    - Add new class UserAgentFilter to filter the user agent (such as Teleport)

[1.5.0] - 1 November 2003
    - Filter error message in BadInputException
    - Fix bug that add http:// before an email tag (should be for url only)
    - Introduce new config param in MINUTES_BETWEEN_REFRESH
        This param is used to config the minutes that mvnForum should refresh the
        built-in Connection Pool
    - Add http:// if there is not '://' in the url (Thanks liquid)
    - Change the built-in connection pool so that it close all connections each 15 minutes
    - Call con.setAutoCommit(true); when get new connection for Oracle (suggested by trulore)
    - Fix all warning about unused import in eclipse (thanks skoehler)
    - Fix bug in SystemInfo that sometime the security policy does not allow access some info
    - Fix bug that ignore the configuration parameter DATABASE_TYPE
    - Support 2 remained tags : [img] and [url=mailto:]

[1.4.0] - 11 June 2003
    - Add new method Encoder.encodeURL() to work around the deprecation warning of URLEncoder
    - Fix bug in MailUtil that wrongly connect to mail server used user/pass authentication
    - Remove all printStackTrace and replace with common-logging
    - Fix bug with "good luck" similies in EnableEmotionFilter.jsp (Thanks Imants Firsts)
    - FileUtil: new method : String getFileName(String fullFilePath)
    - LibInfo: support Jakarta RegExp
    - LibInfo: support Jakarta Lucene
    - Support new constant in NotLoginException : NOT_ACTIVATED
    - Add 2 new methods in DateUtil to format date and datetime (use default locale)
    - Add new option to file
        option = SERVER_PATH (can be used to send watch email)
    - If cannot load driver, now print the driver name with the error message
    - Change in MailUtil so that when transport.connect() failed,
        The debug info this out to logger.debug()
    - Change [quote] width from 90% to 96%
    - Add new TimerUtil, this singleton class is used to do all the schedule tasks
    - Remove all System.out, replaced with common logging
    - Support IP matching in IPFilter (use Apache regular expression)
    - Add Apache regular expression to MyVietnam CoreLib
    - Support 1 additional mnvCode: [code]

[1.3.0] - 2 March 2003
    - Support 1 additional mnvCode: [list]
    - new class IPFilter, used to support IP blocking
    - new method DBUtils.resetStatement to reset the MaxRows and FetchSize of statement
    - Support override database type in file
    - DBUtils now automatically detects database type
    - Add new method FileUtil.getBytes(InputStream)
    - ImageUtil.createThumbnail now supports jpg, gif and png files
    - ImageUtil.getScaledInstance now always load image before returing the image
    - Support [url] tag (Thanks wassup)
    - Support 1 additional mnvCode: [quote] (Thanks wassup)
    - Support 2 additional mnvCode: [size] and [font]
    - Change the new line from <p> to 
(Thanks pritpal) - Add to alias for emoticon: [:-)] and [:-(] - Fix bug that causes IllegalMonitorStateException when we cannot get the connection from DriverManager - printStackTrace if we cannot get the connection from DriverManager [1.2.0] - 15 December 2002 - DisableHtmlTagFilter now dont escape these charater < > & " more that once - [Bug fixed] : Cannot set option for Datasource (Thanks romrom) - Add new class EnableMVNCodeFilter to support mvnCode ([b], [i], etc) - Support customizing SMTP port (default value = 25) - Use UTF-8 as the encoding of the input string in (Thanks wassup) - [Bug fixed]: MailUtil.checkGoodEmail now accept character '-' (Thanks Per-Ake Olsson) - [Bug fixed]: fix bug that doesnt return default value when input is empty in ParamUtil.getParameterLong - add a hack for escape character (eg. Ӓ) in DisableHtmlTagFilter [still need a better solution] - new method ParamUtil.getParameterDate(HttpServletRequest request, String paramDay, String paramMonth, String paramYear) [1.1.0] - 23 October 2002 - Improve FileUtil.deleteFile - Add new Filter: HtmlNewLineFilter, use <p> to make a new line for outputed HTML text - LibInfo: support Jakarta BeanUtils - LibInfo: support Jakarta Common Logging - move to new package from net.myvietnam to net.myvietnam.mvncore - move ProductInfo from to net.myvietnam.mvncore [1.0.1] - 10 October 2002 - new method: ParamUtil.getParameterInt with default value support - new method: ParamUtil.getParameterLong with default value support - new method: ParamUtil.getParameterUrl - new method: DateUtil.updateCurrentGMTTimestamp(Timestamp timeToUpdate) - new method: ParamUtil.getParameterPassword(...) - new method: ParamUtil.getParameterTimeZone(...) - FileUtil.createDir and FileUtil.createDirs now support param: ignoreIfExitst [1.0.0] - 29 September 2002 - First stable release.
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