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PicoContainer example source code file (

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The PicoContainer source code

 * Copyright (C) PicoContainer Organization. All rights reserved.            *
 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *
 * The software in this package is published under the terms of the BSD      *
 * style license a copy of which has been included with this distribution in *
 * the LICENSE.txt file.                                                     *
 *                                                                           *
 * Original code by                                                          *
package org.picocontainer;

import org.picocontainer.ComponentAdapter;
import org.picocontainer.Parameter;
import org.picocontainer.PicoCompositionException;
import org.picocontainer.ComponentMonitor;
import org.picocontainer.LifecycleStrategy;

import java.util.Properties;

 * <p/>
 * A component factory is responsible for creating
 * {@link ComponentAdapter} component adapters. The main use of the component factory is
 * inside {@link DefaultPicoContainer#DefaultPicoContainer(ComponentFactory)}, where it can
 * be used to customize the default component adapter that is used when none is specified
 * explicitly.
 * </p>
 * @author Jon Tirsén
 * @author Mauro Talevi
 * @version $Revision: 3659 $
public interface ComponentFactory {

     * Create a new component adapter based on the specified arguments.
     * @param componentMonitor
     * @param lifecycleStrategy
     * @param componentProperties
     * @param componentKey            the key to be associated with this adapter. This value should be returned
     *                                from a call to {@link ComponentAdapter#getComponentKey()} on the created adapter.
     * @param componentImplementation the implementation class to be associated with this adapter.
     *                                This value should be returned from a call to
     *                                {@link ComponentAdapter#getComponentImplementation()} on the created adapter. Should not
     *                                be null.
     * @param parameters              additional parameters to use by the component adapter in constructing
     *                                component instances. These may be used, for example, to make decisions about the
     *                                arguments passed into the component constructor. These should be considered hints; they
     *                                may be ignored by some implementations. May be null, and may be of zero length.
     * @return a new component adapter based on the specified arguments. Should not return null.
     * @throws PicoCompositionException if the creation of the component adapter results in a
     *                                  {@link PicoCompositionException}. @return The component adapter
    ComponentAdapter createComponentAdapter(ComponentMonitor componentMonitor,
                                            LifecycleStrategy lifecycleStrategy,
                                            Properties componentProperties,
                                            Object componentKey,
                                            Class componentImplementation,
                                            Parameter... parameters) throws PicoCompositionException;


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