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Scala example source code file (

This example Scala source code file ( is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

Scala tags/keywords

asmtransformer, instrumentation, profilingagent, unmodifiableclassexception

The Scala example source code

/* NEST (New Scala Test)
 * Copyright 2007-2013 LAMP/EPFL
 * @author Grzegorz Kossakowski


import java.lang.instrument.Instrumentation;
import java.lang.instrument.UnmodifiableClassException;

 * Profiling agent that instruments byte-code to insert calls to
 * {@link, String, String)}
 * by using ASM library for byte-code manipulation.
public class ProfilingAgent {
        public static void premain(String args, Instrumentation inst) throws UnmodifiableClassException {
          // NOTE: we are adding transformer that won't be applied to classes that are already loaded
          // This should be ok because premain should be executed before main is executed so Scala library
          // and the test-case itself won't be loaded yet. We rely here on the fact that ASMTransformer does
          // not depend on Scala library. In case our assumptions are wrong we can always insert call to
          // inst.retransformClasses.
          inst.addTransformer(new ASMTransformer(), false);

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