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Scala example source code file (Flags.scala)

This example Scala source code file (Flags.scala) is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

Scala tags/keywords

boolean, flags, long, mutable, set, tailcall

The Flags.scala Scala example source code

package scalax
package rules
package scalasig

trait Flags {
  def hasFlag(flag: Long): Boolean

  def isImplicit = hasFlag(0x00000001)
  def isFinal = hasFlag(0x00000002)
  def isPrivate = hasFlag(0x00000004)
  def isProtected = hasFlag(0x00000008)

  def isSealed = hasFlag(0x00000010)
  def isOverride = hasFlag(0x00000020)
  def isCase = hasFlag(0x00000040)
  def isAbstract = hasFlag(0x00000080)

  def isDeferred = hasFlag(0x00000100)
  def isMethod = hasFlag(0x00000200)
  def isModule = hasFlag(0x00000400)
  def isInterface = hasFlag(0x00000800)

  def isMutable = hasFlag(0x00001000)
  def isParam = hasFlag(0x00002000)
  def isPackage = hasFlag(0x00004000)
  def isDeprecated = hasFlag(0x00008000)

  def isCovariant = hasFlag(0x00010000)
  def isCaptured = hasFlag(0x00010000)

  def isByNameParam = hasFlag(0x00010000)
  def isContravariant = hasFlag(0x00020000)
  def isLabel = hasFlag(0x00020000) // method symbol is a label. Set by TailCall
  def isInConstructor = hasFlag(0x00020000) // class symbol is defined in this/superclass constructor

  def isAbstractOverride = hasFlag(0x00040000)
  def isLocal = hasFlag(0x00080000)

  def isJava = hasFlag(0x00100000)
  def isSynthetic = hasFlag(0x00200000)
  def isStable = hasFlag(0x00400000)
  def isStatic = hasFlag(0x00800000)

  def isCaseAccessor = hasFlag(0x01000000)
  def isTrait = hasFlag(0x02000000)
  def isBridge = hasFlag(0x04000000)
  def isAccessor = hasFlag(0x08000000)

  def isSuperAccessor = hasFlag(0x10000000)
  def isParamAccessor = hasFlag(0x20000000)

  def isModuleVar = hasFlag(0x40000000) // for variables: is the variable caching a module value
  def isMonomorphic = hasFlag(0x40000000) // for type symbols: does not have type parameters
  def isLazy = hasFlag(0x80000000L) // symbol is a lazy val. can't have MUTABLE unless transformed by typer

  def isError = hasFlag(0x100000000L)
  def isOverloaded = hasFlag(0x200000000L)
  def isLifted = hasFlag(0x400000000L)

  def isMixedIn = hasFlag(0x800000000L)
  def isExistential = hasFlag(0x800000000L)

  def isExpandedName = hasFlag(0x1000000000L)
  def isImplementationClass = hasFlag(0x2000000000L)
  def isPreSuper = hasFlag(0x2000000000L)


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