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Scala example source code file (Yoneda.scala)

This example Scala source code file (Yoneda.scala) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Scala by Example" TM.

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The Yoneda.scala Scala example source code

package scalaz

 * The cofree functor generated by `F`. The Yoneda lemma says that
 * `Yoneda[F,A]` is isomorphic to `F[A]` for any functor `F`.
 * The homomorphism from `Yoneda[F,A]` to `F[A]` exists even when
 * we have forgotten that `F` is a functor.
 * Can be seen as a partially applied `map` for the functor `F`.
abstract class Yoneda[F[_], A] { yo =>
  def apply[B](f: A => B): F[B]

  /** Converts to `F[A]` even without a `Functor` instance for `F` */
  def run: F[A] = apply(a => a)

  /** Converts to `Coyoneda[F,A]` even without a `Functor` instance for `F` */
  def toCoyoneda: Coyoneda.Aux[F,A,A] = Coyoneda(run)(identity[A])

  /** Simple function composition. Allows map fusion without traversing an `F`. */
  def map[B](f: A => B): Yoneda[F, B] =
    new Yoneda[F, B] {
      def apply[C](g: B => C) = yo(f andThen g)

  import Id._
  /** `Yoneda[F, _]` is the right Kan extension of `F` along `Id` */
  def toRan: Ran[Id, F, A] =
    new Ran[Id, F, A] {
      def apply[B](f: A => B) = yo(f)

  /** `Yoneda` is a comonad in an endofunctor category */
  def extend[G[_]:Functor](f: Yoneda[F,?] ~> G): Yoneda[G,A] =

  /** `Yoneda` is a monad in an endofunctor category */
  def flatMap[G[_]](f: F ~> Yoneda[G,?]): Yoneda[G,A] =

object Yoneda {

  /** `Yoneda[F,_]` is a functor for any `F` */
  implicit def yonedaFunctor[F[_]]: Functor[Yoneda[F, ?]] =
    new Functor[Yoneda[F, ?]] {
      def map[A,B](ya: Yoneda[F,A])(f: A => B) = ya map f

  /** `F[A]` converts to `Yoneda[F,A]` for any functor `F` */
  def apply[F[_]:Functor,A](fa: F[A]): Yoneda[F, A] =
    new Yoneda[F, A] {
      def apply[B](f: A => B) = Functor[F].map(fa)(f)

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