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Java example source code file (prettify.js)

This example Java source code file (prettify.js) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

Learn more about this Java project at its project page.

Java - Java tags/keywords

begin, d=u, end, j=d, k=d, nan, pr_attrib_value, pr_declaration, pr_keyword, pre, regexp, xmp

The prettify.js Java example source code

function H(){var x=navigator&&navigator.userAgent&&/\bMSIE 6\./.test(navigator.userAgent);H=function(){return x};return x}(function(){function x(b){b=b.split(/ /g);var a={};for(var c=b.length;--c>=0;){var d=b[c];if(d)a[d]=null}return a}var y="break continue do else for if return while ",U=y+"auto case char const default double enum extern float goto int long register short signed sizeof static struct switch typedef union unsigned void volatile ",D=U+"catch class delete false import new operator private protected public this throw true try ",
I=D+"alignof align_union asm axiom bool concept concept_map const_cast constexpr decltype dynamic_cast explicit export friend inline late_check mutable namespace nullptr reinterpret_cast static_assert static_cast template typeid typename typeof using virtual wchar_t where ",J=D+"boolean byte extends final finally implements import instanceof null native package strictfp super synchronized throws transient ",V=J+"as base by checked decimal delegate descending event fixed foreach from group implicit in interface internal into is lock object out override orderby params readonly ref sbyte sealed stackalloc string select uint ulong unchecked unsafe ushort var ",
K=D+"debugger eval export function get null set undefined var with Infinity NaN ",L="caller delete die do dump elsif eval exit foreach for goto if import last local my next no our print package redo require sub undef unless until use wantarray while BEGIN END ",M=y+"and as assert class def del elif except exec finally from global import in is lambda nonlocal not or pass print raise try with yield False True None ",N=y+"alias and begin case class def defined elsif end ensure false in module next nil not or redo rescue retry self super then true undef unless until when yield BEGIN END ",
O=y+"case done elif esac eval fi function in local set then until ",W=I+V+K+L+M+N+O;function X(b){return b>="a"&&b<="z"||b>="A"&&b<="Z"}function u(b,a,c,d){b.unshift(c,d||0);try{a.splice.apply(a,b)}finally{b.splice(0,2)}}var Y=(function(){var b=["!","!=","!==","#","%","%=","&","&&","&&=","&=","(","*","*=","+=",",","-=","->","/","/=",":","::",";","<","<<","<<=","<=","=","==","===",">",">=",">>",">>=",">>>",">>>=","?","@","[","^","^=","^^","^^=","{","|","|=","||","||=","~","break","case","continue",
"delete","do","else","finally","instanceof","return","throw","try","typeof"],a="(?:(?:(?:^|[^0-9.])\\.{1,3})|(?:(?:^|[^\\+])\\+)|(?:(?:^|[^\\-])-)";for(var c=0;c<b.length;++c){var d=b[c];a+=X(d.charAt(0))?"|\\b"+d:"|"+d.replace(/([^=<>:&])/g,"\\$1")}a+="|^)\\s*$";return new RegExp(a)})(),P=/&/g,Q=//g,Z=/\"/g;function $(b){return b.replace(P,"&").replace(Q,"<").replace(R,">").replace(Z,""")}function E(b){return b.replace(P,"&").replace(Q,"<").replace(R,">")}var aa=
/</g,ba=/>/g,ca=/'/g,da=/"/g,ea=/&/g,fa=/ /g;function ga(b){var a=b.indexOf("&");if(a<0)return b;for(--a;(a=b.indexOf("&#",a+1))>=0;){var c=b.indexOf(";",a);if(c>=0){var d=b.substring(a+3,c),g=10;if(d&&d.charAt(0)==="x"){d=d.substring(1);g=16}var e=parseInt(d,g);if(!isNaN(e))b=b.substring(0,a)+String.fromCharCode(e)+b.substring(c+1)}}return b.replace(aa,"<").replace(ba,">").replace(ca,"'").replace(da,'"').replace(ea,"&").replace(fa," ")}function S(b){return"XMP"===b.tagName}
function z(b,a){switch(b.nodeType){case 1:var c=b.tagName.toLowerCase();a.push("<",c);for(var d=0;d");break;case 2:a.push(,'="',$(b.value),'"');break;case 3:case 4:a.push(E(b.nodeValue));break}}var F=null;function ha(b){if(null===F){var a=document.createElement("PRE");
a.appendChild(document.createTextNode('<!DOCTYPE foo PUBLIC "foo bar">\n'));F=!/=0;i-="                ".length)d.push("                ".substring(0,i));g=e+1;break;
case "\n":a=0;break;default:++a}}if(!d)return c;d.push(c.substring(g));return d.join("")}}var ja=/(?:[^<]+|