Mac ISO burn tip - How to burn an ISO image to a CD on Mac OS X

Mac ISO burning FAQ: How do I burn an ISO image on Mac OS X?

It seems like lately all I'm doing is burning stuff to a CD or DVD on my Mac OS X system, first backups, and now I'm burning ISO images.

If you've never burned an ISO image to a CD or DVD on a Mac before, it's pretty easy. Here's how I just burned a Fedora ISO image on my MacBook Pro, which is a Mac OS X 10.4.10 system.

Mac ISO burn tip - How to burn an ISO image on Mac OS X

First, of course, is to have an ISO image ready to burn on your local disk, or a network share. Once you have that, just follow these steps. (Note that, to date, I've always burned ISO images to a CD. I assume you follow the same process to burn to a DVD, but I don't know that for sure.)

  1. Start the Mac OS X Disk Utility (click Applications, then Utilities, then Disk Utility).
  2. Drag your ISO icon to the left sidebar of the Disk Utility application. (Figure 1 below.)
  3. On that left sidebar, select the ISO you just created.
  4. From the menu bar choose Images, then Burn...
  5. You're prompted to insert a disk, as shown in Figure 2 below.
  6. After inserting the disk you're prompted one more time to proceed with the burn (Figure 3).

Mac ISO burn - screenshots

Images you'll see during the ISO burn process are shown next.

Figure 1: Shows the Mac Disk Utility, with my Fedora ISO file selected.

Figure 2: The prompt to insert a disk.

Figure 3: You get one last chance to cancel.

Figure 4: The Mac Disk Utility progress bar as the disk is burned.

All of these ISO images are from the Disk Utility on Mac OS X version 10.4.10.

Mac ISO burning - summary

That's all I had to do to burn an ISO image to CD on Mac OS X. I hope these "Mac ISO burning" steps and images are helpful to anyone else going through this ISO-burning process.

As one more quick follow-up, I recently burned several CentOS ISO images to DVD on an iMac running Mac OS X 10.5.x using these instructions, and they all burned just fine.


Great article! Thanks so much! I used it to burn a windows 7 ISO on a mac!


Great article! And so simple. You should see some of the super complicated solutions posted for this same issue. I knew there had to be some built-in functionality that could handle burning ISO images. And without necessarily installing third-party apps.


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