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This file is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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# $Header: /cvsroot/mvnforum/mvnforum/i18n/,v 1.28 2005/02/24 07:03:42 minhnn Exp $
# $Author: minhnn $
# $Revision: 1.28 $
# $Date: 2005/02/24 07:03:42 $
# ====================================================================
# Copyright (C) 2002-2005 by
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
# as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
# of the License, or any later version.
# All copyright notices regarding mvnForum
# MUST remain intact in the scripts and in the outputted HTML
# The "powered by" text/logo with a link back to
# and in the footer of the pages MUST
# remain visible when the pages are viewed on the internet or intranet.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
# Support can be obtained from support forums at:
# Correspondence and Marketing Questions can be sent to:
# mvnForum string resource
# Encoding   : Cp1252
# Locale     : es
# Language   : Spanish
# Maintainer : Javier Castañón ( )
#              Luis Miguel Hernanz ( )

# Set the local name below

mvnforum.common.i18n.locale = es
mvnforum.common.i18n.html_dir =

# Customize the forum

mvnforum.common.nav.index = mvnForum = mvnForum = Inicio de mvnForum

# all common string in mvnForum = Foro
mvnforum.common.forums = Foros
mvnforum.common.category = Categoría
mvnforum.common.categories = Categorías
mvnforum.common.attachment = Adjunto
mvnforum.common.attachments = Adjuntos
mvnforum.common.thread = Tema
mvnforum.common.threads = Temas = Mensaje
mvnforum.common.posts = Mensajes
mvnforum.common.folder = Folder
mvnforum.common.folders = Folders
mvnforum.common.private_message = Private Message
mvnforum.common.private_messages = Private Messages
mvnforum.common.public_message = Public Message
mvnforum.common.public_messages = Public Messages
mvnforum.common.yes = Sí = No = en = por
mvnforum.common.of = de = en
mvnforum.common.retype = reescribir
mvnforum.common.quick_go = Ir a
mvnforum.common.sort_by = Ordenar por
mvnforum.common.order = Orden
mvnforum.common.go = Aceptar
mvnforum.common.ascending = Ascendente
mvnforum.common.descending = Descendente
mvnforum.common.previous = Anterior = Siguiente
mvnforum.common.first = Primera página
mvnforum.common.last = Última página = Página
mvnforum.common.pages = Páginas
mvnforum.common.option = Option = Total
mvnforum.common.from_ip = From
mvnforum.common.global_feed = Contenidos globales en formato RSS
mvnforum.common.forum_specific_feed = Contenidos del foro en formato RSS
mvnforum.common.attachment_size = Max Attachment Size

mvnforum.common.numberof.pages = Páginas
mvnforum.common.numberof.threads = Temas
mvnforum.common.numberof.posts = Mensajes
mvnforum.common.numberof.replies = Respuestas
mvnforum.common.numberof.members = Miembros
mvnforum.common.numberof.favorite_threads = Temas Favoritos
mvnforum.common.numberof.attachments = Adjuntos
mvnforum.common.numberof.pending_posts = Mensajes pendientes
mvnforum.common.numberof.pending_threads = Temas pendientes
mvnforum.common.numberof.threads_with_pending_posts = Temas con Mensajes pendientes
mvnforum.common.numberof.normal_threads = Normal Threads
mvnforum.common.numberof.private_messages = Private Messages

mvnforum.common.member.last_login = Última visita
mvnforum.common.member.last_profile_update = Última actualización de perfil
mvnforum.common.member.join_date = Fecha de registro = ID de Miembro
mvnforum.common.member.login_name = Nombre de Usuario
mvnforum.common.member.password = Contraseña
mvnforum.common.member.full_name = Nombre Completo
mvnforum.common.member.first_name = Nombre
mvnforum.common.member.last_name = Apellido = Correo
mvnforum.common.member.first_email = First Email = No desea mostrar su correo = Oculto a Invitados
mvnforum.common.member.birthday = Fecha de Nacimiento
mvnforum.common.member.gender = Sexo
mvnforum.common.member.male = Masculino
mvnforum.common.member.female = Femenino
mvnforum.common.member.show_email = Mostrar Correo
mvnforum.common.member.name_visible = Nombre Visible
mvnforum.common.member.signature = Firma
mvnforum.common.member.avatar.has_avatar = Avatar del Miembro
mvnforum.common.member.avatar.no_avatar = Este miembro no ha escogido un Avatar

mvnforum.common.member.language = Idioma Mostrado
mvnforum.common.member.default_language = Idioma por defecto = Tema
mvnforum.common.member.member_option = Opción de Miembro
mvnforum.common.member.private_option = Opción Privada
mvnforum.common.member.posts_per_page = Mensajes por página

mvnforum.common.member.time_zone = Zona horaria = Teléfono = Móvil
mvnforum.common.member.fax = Fax
mvnforum.common.member.address = Dirección = Ciudad
mvnforum.common.member.state = Estado = País = Profesión
mvnforum.common.member.homepage = Página pesonal = Yahoo ID = AOL ID
mvnforum.common.member.icq = ICQ ID
mvnforum.common.member.msn = MSN ID
mvnforum.common.member.cool_link = Página web
mvnforum.common.member.last_ip = Last IP
mvnforum.common.member.first_ip = First IP

mvnforum.common.member.online_status = Estado = En línea
mvnforum.common.member.offline = Desconectados = Invisible = Invisible member = Invisible members = Session = Sessions = Unknown action

mvnforum.common.button.reset = Restablecer
mvnforum.common.button.preview = Previsualizar
mvnforum.common.button.go_back = No, regresar = día = semana = mes = año = 1 día = 1 semana = 1 mes = 3 meses = 6 meses = 1 año = hour = hours = and = minute = minutes

mvnforum.common.message.sender = Sender
mvnforum.common.message.status = Status
mvnforum.common.message.subject = Subject
mvnforum.common.message.sendall = Send All
mvnforum.common.message.body = Message Body = To = Cc
mvnforum.common.message.bcc = Bcc
mvnforum.common.message.message_icon = Message Icon
mvnforum.common.message.sent_date = Sent Date
mvnforum.common.message.jump_to_folder = Jump to Folder
mvnforum.common.message.addattachment.prompt = Please choose a file to attach to this message
mvnforum.common.message.button.send = Send
mvnforum.common.message.button.attach = Attach
mvnforum.common.message.button.add_new_message = New
mvnforum.common.message.button.reply_message = Reply
mvnforum.common.message.button.reply_all_message = Reply All
mvnforum.common.message.button.forward_message = Forward
mvnforum.common.message.button.delete = Delete
mvnforum.common.message.header.new_private_message = New PM

mvnforum.common.messagefolder.title = Folder Management
mvnforum.common.messagefolder.title.createnewfolder = Create New Folder
mvnforum.common.messagefolder.title.foldername = Folder Name
mvnforum.common.messagefolder.title.folderstatus = Folder Status
mvnforum.common.messagefolder.title.total_messages = Total Messages
mvnforum.common.messagefolder.title.unread_messages = Unread Messages
mvnforum.common.messagefolder.title.foldercreationdate = Folder Creation Date
mvnforum.common.messagefolder.title.foldermodifieddate = Folder Modified Date = Fecha de publicación = Fecha último mensaje = Fecha primer mensaje = Autor = Título del mensaje = Cuerpo del mensaje = Publicado por = Post Icons

mvnforum.common.thread.topic = Título del tema
mvnforum.common.thread.body = Cuerpo del tema
mvnforum.common.thread.status = Estado del tema
mvnforum.common.thread.status.normal = Normal
mvnforum.common.thread.status.disabled = Desabilidato
mvnforum.common.thread.status.locked = Bloqueado
mvnforum.common.thread.status.closed = Cerrado
mvnforum.common.thread.type = Thread Type
mvnforum.common.thread.type.normal_thread = Normal Thread
mvnforum.common.thread.type.normal_threads = Normal Threads
mvnforum.common.thread.type.sticky_thread = Sticky Thread
mvnforum.common.thread.type.sticky_threads = Sticky Threads
mvnforum.common.thread.type.announcement_thread = Announcement Thread
mvnforum.common.thread.type.announcement_threads = Announcement Threads
mvnforum.common.thread.type.global_announcement_thread = Global Announcement Thread
mvnforum.common.thread.type.global_announcement_threads = Global Announcement Threads = Estado del foro = Normal = Desabilidato = Bloqueado = Cerrado

mvnforum.common.success.prompt = Por favor seleccione de entre las siguientes opciones para continuar:
mvnforum.common.success.automatic = Automáticamente en 3 segundos
mvnforum.common.success.go_index = Regresar al índice del foro
mvnforum.common.success.go_login = Ir a la página de inicio de sesión
mvnforum.common.success.go_myprofile = Regresar a Mi Perfil
mvnforum.common.success.go_mywatch = Regresar a mis alertas
mvnforum.common.success.go_myfavoritethread = Regresar a la lista de mis temas favoritos
mvnforum.common.success.go_mymessage = Return to My Private Message
mvnforum.common.success.go_mymessagefolder = Return to My Message Folder
mvnforum.common.success.go_current_forum = Regresar a la lista de temas
mvnforum.common.success.go_current_thread = Regresar al tema
mvnforum.common.success.go_current_posts_moderation = Regresar a la moderación de los mensajes pendientes
mvnforum.common.success.go_current_threads_moderation = Regresar a la moderación de los temas pendientes
mvnforum.common.success.go_current_threads_with_pending_posts = Regresar a los temas con mensajes pendientes
mvnforum.common.success.go_current_post = Regresar al mensaje
mvnforum.common.success.go_new_post = Ir al nuevo mensaje
mvnforum.common.success.go_attach_file = Ir al adjunto
mvnforum.common.success.go_activatemember = Ir a la página de activación del miembro
mvnforum.common.success.go_sendactivationcode = Ir a la página de enviar mensaje de activación

mvnforum.common.prompt.choose_tasks = Seleccione de la tareas de abajo para continuar:
mvnforum.common.prompt.choose_category = Seleccionar una categoría
mvnforum.common.prompt.choose_forum = Seleccionar un foro
mvnforum.common.prompt.choose_folder = Select a folder
mvnforum.common.prompt.current_password = Por favor teclee su contraseña:

mvnforum.common.action = Acción
mvnforum.common.action.add = Agregar
mvnforum.common.action.edit = Editar
mvnforum.common.action.delete = Eliminar
mvnforum.common.action.approve = Aprobar
mvnforum.common.action.ignore = Ignorar

mvnforum.common.captcha.challenge = CAPTCHA Pregunta
mvnforum.common.captcha.response = CAPTCHA Respuesta
mvnforum.common.captcha.desc = Esta imágen CAPTCHA se usa para evitar la entrada de Robots (distingue entre mayúsculas y minúsculas)

mvnforum.common.there_are = Hay
mvnforum.common.there_is = Hay
mvnforum.common.user = Usuario
mvnforum.common.users = Usuarios
mvnforum.common.online_user = Usuario en Línea
mvnforum.common.online_users = Usuarios en Línea
mvnforum.common.guest = Invitado
mvnforum.common.guests = Invitados
mvnforum.common.member = Miembro
mvnforum.common.members = Miembros

mvnforum.common.statistic = Estadísticas

mvnforum.common.most_active_members_since_last_week = Most active members since last week
mvnforum.common.most_active_threads_since_last_week = Most active threads since last week
mvnforum.common.no_active_members = There are no active members
mvnforum.common.no_active_threads = There are no active threads
mvnforum.common.new_post = new post
mvnforum.common.new_posts = new posts

mvnforum.common.last_post = Último mensaje
mvnforum.common.thread_count = Temas
mvnforum.common.post_count = Mensajes
mvnforum.common.reply_count = Respuestas
mvnforum.common.view_count = Vistas

mvnforum.common.order = Order
mvnforum.common.order.move_up = Move Up
mvnforum.common.order.move_down = Move Down

mvnforum.common.js.prompt.fieldrequired = es un campo requerido.
mvnforum.common.js.prompt.invalidemail = no es una dirección de correo válida.
mvnforum.common.js.prompt.not_goodname = is not a good name
mvnforum.common.js.prompt.invalid_char_is = The invalid character is
mvnforum.common.js.prompt.notmatch = no coincide.
mvnforum.common.js.prompt.invalidlongpassword= El password debe ser de, al menos, 4 caracteres.

# all common string in mvnForum in user module

mvnforum.common.general_information = Información General
mvnforum.common.forum_statistics = Estadísticas de los Foros
mvnforum.common.totalpost = Número de Mensajes
mvnforum.common.totaltopic = Número de Temas
mvnforum.common.totalforum = Número de Foros
mvnforum.common.totalcategories = Número de Categorías
mvnforum.common.totalmember = Número de miembros
mvnforum.common.latestmember = Miembro más reciente

mvnforum.common.legend.male = Male
mvnforum.common.legend.female = Female = No new post since your last login = Has new post since your last login
mvnforum.common.legend.thread.normal_no_new = No new post since your last login
mvnforum.common.legend.thread.normal_new = Has new post since your last login
mvnforum.common.legend.thread.hot_no_new = This is a hot thread and has no new post since your last login
mvnforum.common.legend.thread.hot_new = This is a hot thread and has new post since your last login
mvnforum.common.legend.thread.has_attachment = Has some attachments in this thread
mvnforum.common.legend.thread.sticky = This is a sticky thread
mvnforum.common.legend.thread.announcement = This is an announcement thread
mvnforum.common.legend.thread.global_announcement = This is a global announcement thread
mvnforum.common.legend.message.public_message = This is a public message
mvnforum.common.legend.message.read_already = This is an already read message
mvnforum.common.legend.message.unread = This is an unread message or marked as unread message
mvnforum.common.legend.message.has_attachment = Has some attachments in this message

mvnforum.user.header.welcome = Bienvenido
mvnforum.user.header.login = Iniciar sesión
mvnforum.user.header.logout = Terminar sesión
mvnforum.user.header.we_remember_you = Recordarme
mvnforum.user.header.privatemessage = Mensaje privado
mvnforum.user.header.guest = Invitado
mvnforum.user.header.index = Indice
mvnforum.user.header.all_forums = Todos los Foros
mvnforum.user.header.recent_threads = Temas Recientes
mvnforum.user.header.moderation = Moderación
mvnforum.user.header.who_online = Quién Está en Línea
mvnforum.user.header.user_list = Lista de Usuarios
mvnforum.user.header.new_user = Nuevo Usuario
mvnforum.user.header.my_profile = Mi Perfil = Búsqueda = Ayuda
mvnforum.user.header.admin = Administración
mvnforum.user.header.turn_off = This user area is currently turned off. Only Admin can view it.

mvnforum.user.rss.title = RSS feeds

mvnforum.user.activatemember.title = Formulario de activación de cuenta
mvnforum.user.activatemember.prompt = Por favor teclee su ID de miembro y código de activación:
mvnforum.user.activatemember.member_id = Su ID de miembro
mvnforum.user.activatemember.activation_code = Su número de activación
mvnforum.user.activatemember.button.account_activation = Activar mi cuenta

mvnforum.user.activatemembersuccess.title = Su cuenta ha sido activada exitosamente

mvnforum.user.index.last_post_in_each_forum = Último mensaje en cada foro
mvnforum.user.index.no_post = There are no posts
mvnforum.user.index.current_time = Hora actual

mvnforum.user.listforums.title = Listar todos los foros
mvnforum.user.listforums.table.desc = Todos los foros en mvnForum:
mvnforum.user.listforums.table.forum_name_desc = Nombre del foro/Descripción
mvnforum.user.listforums.table.no_post = Sin Mensajes
mvnforum.user.listforums.table.no_forum = No hay foros en esta categoría
mvnforum.user.listforums.table.no_category = No hay categorías

mvnforum.user.listrecentthreads.title = Temas recientes en todos los foros
mvnforum.user.listrecentthreads.table.no_threads = No hay temas recientes.

mvnforum.user.listrecentpendingthreads.title = Listar los temas pendientes en todos los foros
mvnforum.user.listrecentpendingthreads.table.no_threads = No hay temas pendientes para moderar

mvnforum.user.listthreadswithpendingposts.title = Listar temas sin mensajes pendientes
mvnforum.user.listthreadswithpendingposts.table.no_threads = No hay temas con mensajes pendientes para moderar

mvnforum.user.listrecentthreadswithpendingposts.title = Listar los temas con mensajes pendientes en todos los foros
mvnforum.user.listrecentthreadswithpendingposts.table.no_threads = No hay temas con mensajes pendientes para moderar

mvnforum.user.listthreads.title = Lista de temas
mvnforum.user.listthreads.table.desc = Todos los temas en este foro:
mvnforum.user.listthreads.table.no_thread = No hay temas
mvnforum.user.listthreads.new_thread = Publicar nuevo tema

mvnforum.user.listonlineusers.title = Listar usuarios en línea
mvnforum.user.listonlineusers.table.what_are_doing = Qué están haciendo
mvnforum.user.listonlineusers.table.duration_since_last_activity = Duración desde la última actividad
mvnforum.user.listonlineusers.table.online_time = Tiempo total en línea

mvnforum.user.listmembers.title = Listar Miembros
mvnforum.user.listmembers.table.no_member = No hay miembros

mvnforum.user.addmember.title = Registro de Miembro
mvnforum.user.addmember.prompt = Por favor introduzca la siguiente información para registrarse
mvnforum.user.addmember.button.register = Registro
mvnforum.user.addmember.javascript_prompt = Después del registro, le serán enviadas por correo electrónico las intrucciones para activar la cuenta.
mvnforum.user.addmember.correct_email_remind = La dirección de correo electrónico debe ser válida.\ 
    Tras registrarse, le será enviado un correo electrónico con intrucciones acerca de cómo activar la cuenta. \
    La cuenta no podrá ser usada hasta que no se active.

mvnforum.user.addmembersuccess.title = Registro existoso
mvnforum.user.addmembersuccess.login_this_email = You registered successfully. Please check your email for instructions on how to activate your account.
mvnforum.user.addmembersuccess.mail_error_desc = Se ha creado una nueva cuenta. \
    Sin embargo, ha habido problemas al enviar el mensaje de activación por correo. Por favor, solicite de nuevo un correo de activación o contacte con el administrador del sitio web.

mvnforum.user.addattachment.title = Agregar Archivo
mvnforum.user.addattachment.prompt = Por favor seleccione un archivo para adjuntar a este mensaje:
mvnforum.user.addattachment.file_to_attach = Seleccione un archivo para adjuntar
mvnforum.user.addattachment.attach_desc = Descripción del archivo adjunto
mvnforum.user.addattachment.attach_more = Desearía adjuntar más archivos
mvnforum.user.addattachment.button.attach_file = Adjuntar archivo

mvnforum.user.addattachmentsuccess.title = Archivo adjuntado exitosamente

mvnforum.user.addpost.mode.addnew = Publicar nuevo tema
mvnforum.user.addpost.mode.reply = Responder al mensaje
mvnforum.user.addpost.mode.update = Editar mensaje
mvnforum.user.addpost.required = Requerido
mvnforum.user.addpost.optional = Opcional
mvnforum.user.addpost.format = Formato:
mvnforum.user.addpost.normal_mode = Modo Normal
mvnforum.user.addpost.enhanced_mode = Modo Mejorado
mvnforum.user.addpost.smilies = Sonrisas
mvnforum.user.addpost.standard_smilies = Sonrisas estándar
mvnforum.user.addpost.hidden_smilies = Sonrisas ocultas
mvnforum.user.addpost.smilies_showing = Mostrando: 12 de 60
mvnforum.user.addpost.show_more = Mostrar Más
mvnforum.user.addpost.hide_more = Mostrar Menos
mvnforum.user.addpost.use_none = No usar ninguno
mvnforum.user.addpost.last_posts_desc = Últimos mensajes en este tema (mensaje más nuevo al principio):
mvnforum.user.addpost.post_on = Publicado en

mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.boldtext = Insertar texto en NEGRITA
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.italictext = Insertar texto en ITALICA
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.ulinetext = Insertar texto SUBRAYADO
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.stricetext = Insertar texto TACHADO
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.sizetext = Cambiar el tamaño del texto
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.fonttext = Cambiar la fuente del texto
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.colortext = Cambiar el COLOR del texto
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.urltext = Insertar un hipervínculo en el mensaje
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.emailtext = Insertar un hipervínculo de correo en el mensaje
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.imgtext = Insertar una imagen en el mensaje
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.codetext = Insertar texto monoespaciado en el mensaje
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.phptext = Insertar texto con resaltado de sintaxis PHP
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.listtext = Insertar una lista ordenada en el mensaje
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.quotetext = Insertar una cita en el mensaje
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.normaltext = Cambiar al modo de edición Normal
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.enhancedtext = Modo Mejorado: permite anidamientos complejos de etiquetas
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.tagclose = Cerrar la etiqueta mvnCode actual
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.tagcloseall = Cerrar todas las etiquetas mvnCode abiertas
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.enhanconlytext = << Esto sólo está disponible en Modo Mejorado >>
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.notagstext = << No se han detectado etiquetas mvnCode abiertas. >>
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.alreadyopentext = << Ya hay abierta una etiqueta de este tipo >>
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.message.start = Utilice estos controles para insertar mvnCode
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.prompt.taginput = Introduzca el texto a dar formato:
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.prompt.fontformat = Introduzca el texto a aplicar la fuente seleccionada
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.prompt.linktext = Introduzca el texto a mostrar en el enlace (opcional)
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.prompt.linkurl = Introduzca la URL completa del enlace = Introduzca la dirección de correo del enlace
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.prompt.listtype = Qué tipo de lista quiere? Introduzca '1' para una lista numerada, Introduzca 'a' para una lista alfabética, o déjelo vacio para una lista  a list with bullet points.
mvnforum.user.addpost.js.prompt.listitem = Introduzca un elemento de la lista.\\nDeje la caja vacía o presione 'Cancel' para completar la lista.

mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.normalmode = Modo Normal: (ALT+n)
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.enhmode = Modo Mejorado: (ALT+e)
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.boldbtn = Texto en negrita (ALT+b)
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.italicbtn = Texto en itálicas (ALT+i)
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.underlbtn = Texto subrayado (ALT+u)
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.strikebtn = Tachado (ALT+s)
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.hyperlinkbtn = Insertar vínculo 
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.emailbtn = Insertar dirección de correo
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.imagebtn = Insertar vínculo a imagen
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.codebtn = Insertar código de programación
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.orderlistbtn = Insertar lista ordenada
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.quotebtn = Insertar cita
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.tagclosebtn = Cerrar marcador actual (ALT+c)
mvnforum.user.addpost.bubblehelp.tagcloseallbtn = Cerrar todos los marcadores abiertos (ALT+x)
mvnforum.user.addpost.tagclosebtn.text = Cerrar marcador actual
mvnforum.user.addpost.tagcloseallbtn.text = Cerrar todos los marcadores abiertos

mvnforum.user.addpost.button.accesskey.typeface.bold = b
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.accesskey.typeface.italic = i
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.accesskey.typeface.underline = u
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.accesskey.typeface.strike = s
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.accesskey.tagclose = c
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.accesskey.tagcloseall = x

mvnforum.user.addpost.button.keycaps.typeface.bold = B
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.keycaps.typeface.italic = I
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.keycaps.typeface.underline = U
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.keycaps.typeface.strike = S
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.keycaps.hyperlink = http:// = Email
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.keycaps.image = Imagen
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.keycaps.code = Código
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.keycaps.orderlist = Lista
mvnforum.user.addpost.button.keycaps.quote = Cita

mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.fontsize.title = Tamaño
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.fontsize.small = Pequeño
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.fontsize.large = Grande
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.fontsize.huge = Muy grande
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.fonttype.title = Fuente
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.title = Color
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.skyblue = Azul cielo
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.royalblue = Azul claro = Azul
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.darkblue = Azul oscuro = Naranja
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.orangered = Naranja rojizo
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.crimson = Carmesí = Rojo
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.firebrick = Ladrillo
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.darkred = Rojo oscuro = Verde
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.limegreen = Verde Lima
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.seagreen = Verde Mar
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.deeppink = Rosa 
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.tomato = Tomate
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.coral = Coral
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.purple = Púrpura
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.indigo = Índigo
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.burlywood = Madera
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.sandybrown = Marrón arena
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.sienna = Sienna
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.chocolate = Chocolate
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.teal = Verde aguamarina
mvnforum.user.addpost.dropdown.textcolor.silver = Plata

mvnforum.user.addpostsuccess.title = El nuevo mensaje ha sido creado exitosamente
mvnforum.user.addpostsuccess.moderation_waiting = El mensaje ha sido creado con éxito, por favor, no añada otro. \
    El foro actual es moderado por lo que el moderador debe aprobar el mensaje para que pueda ser consultado. Por favor, espere hasta la aprobación.

mvnforum.user.addwatch.title = Añadir Aviso
mvnforum.user.addwatch.warning = <b>IMPORTANTE: Por favor, compruebe que su dirección de correo es válida, \
    Si no lo es, su cuenta será desactivada.
mvnforum.user.addwatch.prompt = Seleccione su Aviso:
mvnforum.user.addwatch.watch_type = Tipo de Aviso
mvnforum.user.addwatch.global_watch = Aviso global
mvnforum.user.addwatch.category_watch = Aviso de Categoría
mvnforum.user.addwatch.forum_watch = Aviso de Foro
mvnforum.user.addwatch.thread_watch = Aviso de temas
mvnforum.user.addwatch.global_watch_desc = El Aviso le informará de cualquier cambio en el sistema = Crear aviso

mvnforum.user.addwatchsuccess.title = El nuevo Aviso ha sido creado con éxito

mvnforum.user.addfavoritethreadsuccess.title = El tema ha sido añadido con éxito a su lista de Favoritos

mvnforum.user.deletefavoritethreadsuccess.title = El tema ha sido eliminado de su lista de Favoritos

mvnforum.user.changeavatar.title = Cambiar Avatar = Esta página le proporcionará útiles herramientas para cambiar su avatar. Puede seleccionar alguno de los dos métodos de abajo. <br>Nota: puede tomar un poco de tiempo cargar su avatar, por favor sea paciente. = 1. Seleccione una imagen de nuestros avatares predefinidos: = 2. Carge su avatar aquí (sólo se permiten archivos Jpg/Gif/Png, tamaño máximo del archivo = 60,000 bytes, el ancho y alto no deben ser mayores a 150):
mvnforum.user.changeavatar.no_picture = sin imagen
mvnforum.user.changeavatar.avatar_preview = Vista Previa del Avatar
mvnforum.user.changeavatar.button.change_avatar = Cambiar Avatar
mvnforum.user.changeavatar.button.upload = Subir un nuevo Avatar
mvnforum.user.changeavatar.button.browse = Buscar ...

mvnforum.user.changeemail.title = Cambiar Correo
mvnforum.user.changeemail.prompt = Por favor teclee su nuevo correo electrónico
mvnforum.user.changeemail.current_email = Su correo electrónico actual
mvnforum.user.changeemail.new_email = Por favor teclee su nuevo correo electrónico:
mvnforum.user.changeemail.new_email_comfirm = Por favor teclee su nuevo correo electrónico (confirmación):
mvnforum.user.changeemail.button.change_email = Cambiar Correo Electrónico

mvnforum.user.changeemailsuccess.title = El correo electrónico ha sido cambiado exitosamente

mvnforum.user.changepassword.title = Cambiar Contraseña
mvnforum.user.changepassword.prompt = Por favor teclee su contraseña anterior y su contraseña nueva:
mvnforum.user.changepassword.new_password = Su nueva contraseña:
mvnforum.user.changepassword.new_password_comfirm = Su nueva contraseña (confirmación):
mvnforum.user.changepassword.button.change_password = Cambiar Contraseña

mvnforum.user.changepasswordsuccess.title = La contraseña ha sido cambiada exitosamente

mvnforum.user.changesignature.title = Cambiar Firma
mvnforum.user.changesignature.prompt = Por favor teclee su nueva firma:
mvnforum.user.changesignature.signature = Firma:
mvnforum.user.changesignature.button.change_signature = Cambiar Firma

mvnforum.user.changesignaturesuccess.title = La firma ha sido cambiada exitosamente

mvnforum.user.deletecookiesuccess.title = Su galleta ha sido borrada exitosamente

mvnforum.user.attachment.attach_filename = Attachment Filename
mvnforum.user.attachment.attach_desc = Attachment Description
mvnforum.user.attachment.attach_mimetype = Mime Type

mvnforum.user.deleteattachment.title = Confirmar el borrado del adjunto = Está a punto de borrar este adjunto. \
    ¿Está seguro de que quiere borrarlo? Por favor, revise la información del adjunto antes de continuar. \
    Si quiere borrar este adjunto, por favor introduzca su password para confirmar la operación.
mvnforum.user.deleteattachment.prompt = Por favor, revise este adjunto antes de borrarlo:
mvnforum.user.deleteattachment.button.delete_attachment = Sí, quiero borrar este adjunto

mvnforum.user.deleteattachmentsuccess.title = El adjunto ha sido borrado con éxito

mvnforum.user.editattachment.title = Confirm edit Attachment Description = You are about to edit this attachment. Are you sure \
    you want to edit it? If you do want to edit this attachment, let enter new attachment description and your current password to confirm.
mvnforum.user.editattachment.prompt = Please review this attachment before you edit it:
mvnforum.user.editattachment.button.edit_attachment = Yes, I want to edit this attachment

mvnforum.user.editattachmentsuccess.title = The attachment has been edited successfully

mvnforum.user.deletepost.title = Confirmación de Borrado de Mensaje = Está a punto de borrar este mensaje. Está seguro \
    que desea eliminarlo? Por favor revise la información del mensaje antes de borrarlo. \
    Si desea eliminar este mensaje, por favor teclee su contraseña para confirmar.
mvnforum.user.deletepost.prompt = Por favor revise este mensaje antes de borrarlo:
mvnforum.user.deletepost.button.delete_post = Si, deseo borrar este mensaje

mvnforum.user.deletepostsuccess.title = El mensaje ha sido borrado exitosamente

mvnforum.user.deletethread.title = Confirmación de Borrado de Tema = Está a punto de borrar este tema. Está seguro \
    que desea eliminarlo? Por favor revise la información de este tema antes de eliminarlo. \
    Si desea eliminar este tema, por favor teclee su contraseña actual para confirmar.<p>\
    ADVERTENCIA: Borrar el temá borrará también todos los mensajes contenidos en él.
mvnforum.user.deletethread.prompt = Por favor revise este tema antes de borrarlo:
mvnforum.user.deletethread.button.delete_thread = Si, deseo borrar este tema

mvnforum.user.deletethreadsuccess.title = El tema ha sido borrado exitosamente

mvnforum.user.deletewatchsuccess.title = El Aviso ha sido borrado con éxito

mvnforum.user.movethread.title = Confirmar el movimiento del Tema = Va a mover un tema. ¿Está seguro de que quiere moverlo? \
    Por favor, revise la información del tema antes de moverlo
mvnforum.user.movethread.prompt = Por favor, compruebe el tema antes de moverlo:
mvnforum.user.movethread.button.move_thread = Si, quiero mover el tema
mvnforum.user.movethread.destinationforum = Foro de destino

mvnforum.user.movethreadsuccess.title = El tema ha sido movido con éxito

mvnforum.user.modcp.title = Panel de Control de Moderación = Este panel de control le da acceso a todas las tareas de moderación. \
    En mvnforum es posible ver las hebras pendientes y las hebras con mensajes pendientes de moderar. \
    Para moderar los temas y los mensajes de un foro específico, use la tabla que se muestra debajo.\
    Para moderar los temas y los mensajes de todos los foros, use los dos enlaces siguientes.
mvnforum.user.modcp.pending_threads = Temas pendientes
mvnforum.user.modcp.pending_posts = Mensajes pendientes
mvnforum.user.modcp.threads_has_pending_posts = Temas con mensajes pendientes

mvnforum.user.editthreadstatus.title = Confirmar el Cambio de Estado del Tema = Se va a cambiar el estado del tema. ¿Esta seguro? \
    Por favor, revise la información del tema antes de cambiar su estado. \
    Si quiere cambiar el estado del tema, por favor, introduzca su contraseña para confirmar la operación.
mvnforum.user.editthreadstatus.prompt = Por favor, revise el tema antes de cambiar su estado:
mvnforum.user.editthreadstatus.current_thread_status = Estado Actual del Tema
mvnforum.user.editthreadstatus.button.edit_thread_status = Sí, quiero cambiar el estado del tema

mvnforum.user.editthreadstatussuccess.title = El estado del tema ha sido cambiado con éxito

mvnforum.user.editthreadtype.title = Confirm Change Thread Type = You are about to change this thread type. Are you sure \
    you want to change its type? Please review this thread information below before you change its type. \
    If you do want to change this thread type, please enter your current password to confirm.
mvnforum.user.editthreadtype.prompt = Please review this thread before you change its type:
mvnforum.user.editthreadtype.current_thread_type = Current Thread Type
mvnforum.user.editthreadtype.button.edit_thread_type = Yes, I want to change this thread type

mvnforum.user.editthreadtypesuccess.title = The thread type has been changed successfully

mvnforum.user.editmember.title = Editar Mi Infomación
mvnforum.user.editmember.prompt = Por favor introduzca la siguiente información para editar su perfil:
mvnforum.user.editmember.login_as = Ha iniciado sesión como
mvnforum.user.editmember.if_not = Si usted no es
mvnforum.user.editmember.click_here = pulse aquí para 
mvnforum.user.editmember.button.edit_info = Editar Mi Información

mvnforum.user.error.title = Error !!!
mvnforum.user.error.prompt = El mensaje de error es:
mvnforum.user.error.go_back = Puede regresar e intentarlo de nuevo
mvnforum.user.error.report_bug = reportar este error al administrador del sitio web
mvnforum.user.error.it_is_an_error = Si cree que esto es un error, pulse aquí para

mvnforum.user.fatalerror.title = Error Serio!!!
mvnforum.user.fatalerror.prompt = Este es un error serio y en condiciones normales usted no debería haber llegado a esta página. \
    Si siguió un vínculo o una acción que causó este error, por favor transcriba los pasos detallados que siguió e informe al administrador del sitio web.
mvnforum.user.fatalerror.report_bug = Informe de este error al administrador del sitio web

mvnforum.user.forgotpassword.title = Contraseña Perdida
mvnforum.user.forgotpassword.prompt = Por favor teclee su nombre de usuario o correo electrónico para recibir instrucciones para obtener una nueva contraseña. = Por favor teclee su nombre de usuario = Por favor teclee su correo electrónico
mvnforum.user.forgotpassword.button.send_password = Enviar instrucciones de reinicio de contraseña a mi buzón

mvnforum.user.forgotpasswordsuccess.title = Las instrucciones para restablecer su contraseña han sido enviadas a su correo electrónico = Ayuda = Búsqueda = Por favor, introduzca el texto que desea buscar = Buscar = Texto a buscar = Scope in the post = Only post title = Only post body = Post title and body = Por nombre de autor = En la Categoria/Foro = By attachment = And has at least = By date = Any date = Yesterday = A week ago = 2 weeks ago = A month ago = 3 months ago = 6 months ago = A year ago = and newer = and older = Resultados por Página = Todos los Foros = Please enter at least one of the criteria 

mvnforum.user.searchresult.title = Resultado de la búsqueda
mvnforum.user.searchresult.no_post = No se encuentra ningún mensaje que coincida con los criterios. Puede regresar e intentarlo otra vez.

mvnforum.user.login.title = Inicio de Sesión
mvnforum.user.login.prompt = Por favor teclee su nombre de usuario y contraseña para inciar sesión
mvnforum.user.login.auto_login = Iniciar sesión automáticamente
mvnforum.user.login.yes_auto_login_for = Si, iniciar sesión automáticamente por
mvnforum.user.login.message = Mensaje
mvnforum.user.login.button.login = Inicio de sesión = Debe estar previamente registrado antes de poder iniciar sesión.
mvnforum.user.login.no_account = Si no tiene una cuenta, puede pulsar aquí para = registrarse
mvnforum.user.login.not_activated = Si no ha activado su cuenta, puede hacer click aquí para = activar su cuenta
mvnforum.user.login.delete_cookie = Si desea eliminar su galleta, pulse aquí para = borrar su galleta
mvnforum.user.login.forgot_password = He olvidado mi contraseña! = Pulse aquí!
mvnforum.user.login.login_disabled = La funcionalidad de Iniciar Sessión se encuentra desactivada

mvnforum.user.myprofile.title = Mi Perfil
mvnforum.user.myprofile.prompt = Mi información actual: = Editar Mi Infomación = Cambiar mi correo electrónico = Cambiar mi contraseña = Cambiar mi avatar = Cambiar mi firma = Activar mi cuenta = Mis Avisos = Mis Temas Favoritos = Borrar galleta = Encontrar todos mis mensajes
mvnforum.user.myprofile.has_avatar = Mi avatar
mvnforum.user.myprofile.no_avatar = No ha elegido un avatar. Pulse aquí para elegir uno.
mvnforum.user.myprofile.current_activation_status = Estado actual de Activación

mvnforum.user.mywatch.title = Mis Avisos = Desde Mis Avisos puede administrar todos sus avisos
mvnforum.user.mywatch.start_on = Comenzar en
mvnforum.user.mywatch.last_sent = Enviado por última vez
mvnforum.user.mywatch.my_global_watch = Mis Avisos globales 
mvnforum.user.mywatch.my_category_watch = Mis Avisos de Categorías
mvnforum.user.mywatch.my_forum_watch = Mis avisos de Foros
mvnforum.user.mywatch.my_thread_watch = Mis avisos de Temas
mvnforum.user.mywatch.add_watch = Añadir Aviso
mvnforum.user.mywatch.no_global_watch = Sin Avisos globales
mvnforum.user.mywatch.no_category_watch = Sin Avisos de Categoría
mvnforum.user.mywatch.no_forum_watch = Sin Avisos de Foros
mvnforum.user.mywatch.no_thread_watch = Sin Avisos de Temas

mvnforum.user.myfavoritethread.title = Mis Temas Favoritos
mvnforum.user.myfavoritethread.table.desc = Número total de Temas Favoritos
mvnforum.user.myfavoritethread.table.no_favorite_threads = No hay Temas Favoritos

mvnforum.user.addmessage.title = Send Private Message
mvnforum.user.addmessage.button.add_message = Send Private Message
mvnforum.user.addmessage.button.add_to_draft_folder = Send to Draft Folder
mvnforum.user.addmessage.button.move_to_another_folder = Move to destination folder
mvnforum.user.addmessage.add_to_sent_folder = I would like add a copy of this message to my Sent items folder
mvnforum.user.addmessage.delete_message = Delete selected messages
mvnforum.user.addmessage.mark_unread_message = Mark as unread message
mvnforum.user.addmessage.track_message = I would like to track my message
mvnforum.user.addmessage.no_member = Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

mvnforum.user.viewmessage.title = View Private Message
mvnforum.user.viewmessage.reply_with_quote = Reply with quote
mvnforum.user.viewmessage.reply_post = Reply this message
mvnforum.user.viewmessage.deletemessagesuccess = Delete message successfully
mvnforum.user.viewmessage.unreadmessagesuccess = Make unread message successfully
mvnforum.user.viewmessage.movingmessagesuccess = Moving message successfully

mvnforum.user.mymessage.title = My Private Message = My Private Message is a place to manage all of your private messages.
mvnforum.user.mymessage.table.desc = Total number of my Private Messages
mvnforum.user.mymessage.table.no_messages = There are no Private Messages
mvnforum.user.mymessage.table.no_public_messages = There are no Public Messages
mvnforum.user.mymessage.destination_folder = Destination Folder
mvnforum.user.mymessage.error.same_folder = Two folders cannot use the same name
mvnforum.user.mymessage.error.receiver_not_found = Cannot find the receiver "{0}". Private Message delivery failed: returning message to sender. = My Message Folder is a place to manage all of your message folders.
mvnforum.user.mymessagefolder.table.no_folders = There are no folders

mvnforum.user.addmessagefolder.button.add_new_folder = Add New Folder
mvnforum.user.addmessagefolder.addmessagefoldersuccess = Add Message Folder Successfully = You are about to delete this folder. Are you sure \
    you want to delete it? Please review this folder information below before you delete it. \
    If you do want to delete this folder please enter your current password to confirm.<p>\
    WARNING: Delete folder will delete all messages in it.
mvnforum.user.deletemessagefolder.prompt = Please review this folder before you delete it:
mvnforum.user.deletemessagefolder.button.delete_messagefolder = Yes, I want to delete this folder
mvnforum.user.deletemessagefolder.title = Confirm delete folder

mvnforum.user.addmessagesuccess.title = Your private message has been sent successfully
mvnforum.user.addmessagesuccess.success_message_with_warning = Your message has been sent successfully. However, there are warnings that you should notice:
mvnforum.user.addmessagesuccess.over_quota_list = These members cannot receive your message because their quota is over:
mvnforum.user.addmessagesuccess.over_quota_cannot_add_to_sent = You have used all of your quota. Cannot add message to your Sent folder.

mvnforum.user.deletemessagesuccess.title = Your private message has been deleted successfully

mvnforum.user.deletemessagefoldersuccess.title = Your message folder has been deleted successfully

mvnforum.user.viewmember.title = Ver Perfil de Miembro
mvnforum.user.viewmember.dont_want_to_show = No desea mostrar dirección de correo
mvnforum.user.viewmember.hidden_to_guest = Oculto para invitado
mvnforum.user.viewmember.has_been_viewed = El perfil de este miembro ha sido visto
mvnforum.user.viewmember.times = veces
mvnforum.user.viewmember.has_posted = y ha publicado
mvnforum.user.viewmember.messages = mensajes = Encontrar todos los mensajes de este miembro

mvnforum.user.resetpassword.title = Restablecimiento de Contraseña
mvnforum.user.resetpassword.prompt = Por favor teclee su nueva contraseña:
mvnforum.user.resetpassword.member_id = Su nombre de usuario
mvnforum.user.resetpassword.temp_password = Su contraseña temporal
mvnforum.user.resetpassword.new_password = Nueva Contraseña
mvnforum.user.resetpassword.new_password_retype = Confirmar nueva contraseña
mvnforum.user.resetpassword.button.reset_password = Restablecer mi contraseña

mvnforum.user.resetpasswordsuccess.title = Su contraseña ha sido restablecida exitosamente

mvnforum.user.sendactivationcode.title = Enviar el formulario de activación
mvnforum.user.sendactivationcode.prompt = Por favor teclee su nombre de usuario y correo electrónico para obtener instrucciones para activar su cuenta = Por favor teclee su nombre = Por favor teclee su correo electrónico
mvnforum.user.sendactivationcode.button.send_activation_code = Enviar instrucciones de activación a mi correo

mvnforum.user.sendactivationcodesuccess.title = Las instrucciones para la activación de su cuenta han sido enviadas a su correo electrónico

mvnforum.user.updatemembersuccess.title = La información del miembro ha sido actualizada exitosamente

mvnforum.user.updatepostsuccess.title = El mensaje ha sido actualizado exitosamente

mvnforum.user.viewthread.title = Ver Tema
mvnforum.user.viewthread.total_posts = Total de mensajes en este tema = Eliminar este Tema = Eliminar este mensaje = Publicar nuevo tema = Mover este Tema = Cambiar el estado del tema = Change thread type = Moderar mensajes pendientes = Versión imprimible = Mostrar la Versión Imprimible = Responder a este mensaje = Responder citando = Editar este mensaje = Adjuntar archivo = Tema Siguiente = Tema Anterior = Añadir a Mis Favoritos = Añadir un aviso a este tema
mvnforum.user.viewthread.has_been_viewed = Este tema ha sido visto
mvnforum.user.viewthread.has = y tiene
mvnforum.user.viewthread.reply = respuesta
mvnforum.user.viewthread.replies = respuestas
mvnforum.user.viewthread.joined = Ingresó
mvnforum.user.viewthread.edit = Editado
mvnforum.user.viewthread.times = veces
mvnforum.user.viewthread.last_edit_by = Última edición por
mvnforum.user.viewthread.report_need_login = Reportar mensaje ofensivo: por favor inicie sesión primero = Reportar mensaje ofensivo
mvnforum.user.viewthread.go_top = Ir al inicio
mvnforum.user.viewthread.download_count = Contador de descargas
mvnforum.user.viewthread.current_link = Enlace

mvnforum.user.moderatependingposts.title = Moderar mensajes pendientes
mvnforum.user.moderatependingposts.total_posts = Número de mensajes pendientes en esta hebra
mvnforum.user.moderatependingposts.no_pending_posts = No hay mensajes pendientes en esta hebra
mvnforum.user.moderatependingposts.button.moderate_pending_posts = Moderar los mensajes pendientes

mvnforum.user.moderatependingpostssuccess.title = Los mensajes pendientes han sido moderados con éxito

mvnforum.user.moderatependingthreads.title = Moderar temas pendientes
mvnforum.user.moderatependingthreads.total_threads = Número de temas pendientes en este foro
mvnforum.user.moderatependingthreads.no_pending_threads = No hay temas pendientes en este foro
mvnforum.user.moderatependingthreads.button.moderate_pending_threads = Moderar temas pendientes

mvnforum.user.moderatependingthreadssuccess.title = Los temas pendientes han sido moderados con éxito.

mvnforum.user.printpost.title = Imprimir mensaje
mvnforum.user.printthread.title = Imprimir tema
mvnforum.user.printthread.print_at = Imprimir en
mvnforum.user.printthread.print_all_posts = Ver todos los mensajes del tema en una sola página

# resource keys for Company feature
# = Send a message to your tutor = Discuss about this thread with your tutor = Discuss about this message with your tutor = Company List = Company Code = This is a quote of the requested service. If you are interested please follow the steps you find in the attachment. = I would like to mark this message as Quote = Quotation
mvnforum.user.addmessage.no_tutor = This user doesn't have any tutor

# resource keys in Java files

# localize exceptions in

mvnforum.user.action.desc.Error = Error page [N/A].
mvnforum.user.action.desc.Index = View forum index.
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ListOnlineUsers = View all online users.
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ListForums = View list of all forums.
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ListThreads.without_forum = View list of threads in forum [forum={0}].
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ListThreads.with_forum = View list of threads in forum.
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ListRecentThreads = View list of recent threads in all forums
mvnforum.user.action.desc.AddPost = Add new thread or reply to a post [N/A].
mvnforum.user.action.desc.AddPostProcess = Have just created a new post successfully [N/A].
mvnforum.user.action.desc.EditPost = Edit a post [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.UpdatePost = Have just updated a post successfully [N/A].
mvnforum.user.action.desc.AddAttachment = Attach file to a post [N/A].
mvnforum.user.action.desc.AddAttachmentProcess = Have just attached a file successfully [N/A].
mvnforum.user.action.desc.MyFavoriteThread = Manage Favorite Threads.
mvnforum.user.action.desc.AddFavoriteThreadProcess = Have just added new Favorite Thread successfully.
mvnforum.user.action.desc.DeleteFavoriteThreadProcess = Have just deleted a thread from Favorite successfully [N/A].
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ViewThread.without_thread = View thread [thread={0}]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ViewThread.with_thread = View thread.
mvnforum.user.action.desc.PrintThread.without_input_error = Print thread [thread={0}]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.PrintThread.with_input_error = Print thread.
mvnforum.user.action.desc.PrintPost.without_input_error = Print post [post={0}]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.PrintPost.with_input_error = Print post.
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ViewMember = View information of member [{0}].
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ListMembers = View list of members
mvnforum.user.action.desc.EditMember = Edit his/her own information [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.UpdateMember = Have just updated his/her information successfully [N/A].
mvnforum.user.action.desc.Login = About to login
mvnforum.user.action.desc.LoginProcess = Have just logged in successfully [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.Logout = Have just logged out [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.DeleteCookiesProcess = Have just deleted cookie successfully [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.RSS = Get RSS Feed
mvnforum.user.action.desc.Help = View forum help
mvnforum.user.action.desc.HelpIntro = View document: Introduction to mvnForum
mvnforum.user.action.desc.HelpInstall = View document: Installation Help
mvnforum.user.action.desc.HelpUser = View document: User's Guide
mvnforum.user.action.desc.HelpAdmin = View document: Admin's Guide
mvnforum.user.action.desc.HelpDeveloper = View document: Developer's Guide
mvnforum.user.action.desc.FAQ = View document: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
mvnforum.user.action.desc.Search = Search the forum
mvnforum.user.action.desc.SearchProcess = Searching the forum
mvnforum.user.action.desc.SearchMember = Search Member
mvnforum.user.action.desc.RegisterMember = Sign up to be a member
mvnforum.user.action.desc.RegisterMemberProcess = Have just signed up successfully [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.MyProfile = Edit his/her profile [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ChangePassword = About to change password [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ChangePasswordProcess = Have just changed password successfully [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ChangeEmail = About to change email [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ChangeEmailProcess = Have just changed email successfully [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ChangeSignature = About to change signature [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ChangeSignatureProcess = Have just changed signature successfully [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ChangeAvatar = About to change/upload avatar [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.UploadAvatar = Have just uploaded new avatar [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.UpdateAvatar = Have just changed avatar from predefined avatars [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.MyWatch = Manage Watch [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.AddWatch = Add new Watch [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.AddWatchProcess = Have just added new Watch [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.DeleteWatchProcess = Have just deleted a Watch [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.UsingMessage = Using Message [N/A]

mvnforum.user.action.desc.ListCompanies = View list of companies
mvnforum.user.action.desc.CompanyHomePage = View home page of companies

mvnforum.user.action.desc.ModerateForum = Moderate the forum [N/A]

mvnforum.user.action.desc.IForgotPasswords = Use forgotten password functionality
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ForgotPasswordProcess = Have just received password reset via email [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ResetPassword = Use reset password functionality
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ResetPasswordProcess = Have just resetted password [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.SendActivationCode = Use account activation functionality
mvnforum.user.action.desc.SendActivationCodeProcess = Have just received account activation via email [N/A]
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ActivateMember = Use account activation functionality
mvnforum.user.action.desc.ActivateMemberProcess = Have just activated account [N/A]

mvnforum.admin.action.desc.admin_control = Access Admin Control Panel [N/A]

# localized exceptions = Cannot save the attachment file to the file system. = Cannot open attached file on file system with attach id = {0}. Please report this error to the Web Site Administrator. = Cannot upload. Detailed reason: {0} = Can't find a file to be deleted (or maybe it's a directory). = Can't find a file to be downloaded (or maybe it's a directory). = Error while trying to send backup file from server. = Can't find a backup file on server.

mvncore.exception.AssertionException.wrong_size = Assertion: {0} size {1} 1 (but the value = {2}).
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.serious_bug = Assertion when process forgot password. This is a serious bug. Please contact the Web Site administrator to report the bug.

mvncore.exception.AssertionException.attachment_is_disabled = Cannot add Attachment because Attachment feature is disabled by administrator.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.avatar_is_disabled = Cannot use avatar because AVATAR feature is disabled by administrator.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_register.new_member_is_disabled = Cannot register new member because NEW_MEMBER feature is disabled by administrator.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_create_new_post.new_post_is_disabled = Cannot create new post because NEW_POST feature is disabled by administrator.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_add_watch.watch_is_disabled = Cannot add Watch because Watch feature is disabled by administrator.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.message_attachment_is_disabled = Cannot add Message Attachment because Message Attachment feature is disabled by administrator.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.private_message_disabled = Cannot operate with private messages because the private message feature is disabled by administrator.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.search_disabled = Cannot search because search feature is disabled by administrator.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.list_members_is_disabled = Cannot list members because LIST_MEMBERS feature is disabled by administrator.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.admin_can_change_password_is_disabled = Admin Cannot change the user password. This feature is disabled by administrator.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_process_uploaded_attach_file_with_form_field = Can not process uploaded attach file with form field.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_process_field_name = Cannot process field name = {0}.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_process_uploaded_file_with_a_form_field = Cannot process uploaded company {0} file with a form field.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_process_upload_avatar_with_form_field = Cannot process uploaded avatar with a form field.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_upload_more_than_one = Assertion: Cannot upload more than 1 file while processing upload {0} file for company.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.serious_error.cannot_process_attachment_count = AssertionException: Serious error: cannot process Attachment Count in table Attachment.

mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_list_member_in_reserved_group = Cannot list member in a reserved (virtual) group.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_list_member_in_virtual_group_registered_members = Cannot list member in virtual group Registered Members.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_add_member_to_virtual_group_registered_members = Cannot add member to virtual group Registered Members.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_add_member_to_virtual_reserved_group = Cannot add member to a reserved (virtual) group.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_change_root_password = Cannot change the root admin password.

mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_move_thread_to_the_same_forum = Cannot move thread to the same forum.
mvncore.exception.AssertionException.cannot_send_message.no_receivers = Cannot send message because there is no receiver.

mvncore.exception.BadInputException.wrong_captcha = You have entered the wrong CAPTCHA response. Cannot proceed.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.please_enter_to_or_cc_or_bcc = Please enter at least To, CC or BCC.

mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_update_order.unknown_action = Cannot update Order (unknown action: {0})
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_process_mailto_selector = Cannot process MailToSelector = {0}.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_process.no_add_or_remove_is_specified = No Add or Remove has been specified. Cannot process!
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete_group.id_less_than = Cannot delete group with id <= {0}
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete_group_owner_for_reserved_groups = Cannot update group owner for reserved (virtual) groups.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete_member_has_a_post = Cannot delete member that has posted at least one post.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete_admin_or_guest = Cannot delete default Admin and Guest users.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_add_attachment.pm_does_not_in_folder_draft = Cannot add attachment because this Private Message does not exist in the folder Draft
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete.thread_has_reply = Cannot delete a thread that has reply!
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete_your_own_disabled_thread = Cannot delete your own disabled thread.

mvncore.exception.BadInputException.no_belong_to_this_member = The folder doesn't belong to this member
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.pm_not_belongs_to_you = This Private Message does not belong to you
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.receivers_are_not_members = The following receivers are not the members : "{0}". Please remove them and try again!

mvncore.exception.BadInputException.your_member_name_or_email_is_not_entered = You must enter at least your MemberName or email.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_register_with_reserved_name = Cannot register member with a reserved name : {0}
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.member_name_too_long = MemberName cannot be longer than 30 characters.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.confirmed_password_is_not_match = Password and confirmed password are not the same, please try again.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.confirmed_email_is_not_match = Email and confirmed email are not the same, please try again.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.member_email_too_long = MemberEmail cannot be longer than 60 characters.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.wrong_password = You have typed the wrong current password, please try again.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.old_password_and_new_password_cannot_equal = Old password and new password cannot be equal, please try again.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.wrong_temporary_password = Your temporary password is not correct, please try the forgotten password feature.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.provided_email_not_equals_member_email = Your provided email is not equal to the member's email in our database. Please try again.

mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_specify_action = Cannot specify the action
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_update_member_status.unknown_status = Cannot update member's status to an unknown status = {0}

mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_get_member_info = Cannot get the information to view member.

mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_edit.post_is_too_old = You cannot edit a post which is older than {0} days.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete_root_post = Cannot delete a root post. Use delete thread instead.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete.post_is_too_old = You cannot delete a post which is older than {0} days.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete_post.post_has_reply = Cannot delete a post that has reply!
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete_your_own_post.post_is_in_pending_status = Cannot delete your own post in pending status.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.offset_greater_than_total_rows = The offset is not allowed to be greater than total rows.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete.watch_is_not_owned_by_current_member = Cannot delete watch: this watch is not owned by the current member.

mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete_default_folder = Cannot delete default folder.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_delete_not_empty_category = Cannot delete a not-empty category. Please delete all forums in this category first.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_update_category.unknown_action = Cannot update CategoryOrder: unknown action: {0}
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_search.key_is_null = Cannot search with null key.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.over_favorite_quota = You have already used all your favorite quota ({0}).
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.over_private_message_quota = You cannot save the message into the draft folder. You have already used all your private message quota ({0} message(s)).
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.attach_into_old_post = You cannot attach a file to a post which is older than {0} days.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_process_upload_with_file_size_is_zero = Cannot process an attached file with size = 0. Please check the file size or check if your file is missing.

mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_get_info_to_view_company = Cannot get the information to view company.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_activate.invalid_activation_code = Cannot activate member because activation code is invalid.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_activate.is_activated_member = Cannot activate an activated member.
mvncore.exception.BadInputException.cannot_activate.wrong_activation_code = Your activation code is not correct, please try the Member Account Activation feature.

mvncore.exception.ExportException.io_error.create_mail_xml_file = I/O error while creating main XML file.
mvncore.exception.ExportException.io_error.make_zip_file = I/O error while making ZIP file.
mvncore.exception.ExportException.invalid_export_type_specified = Invalid export type specified.
mvncore.exception.ExportException.cannot_file_created = Can't find a file that has been created.

mvncore.exception.ImportException.invalid_import_type_specified = Invalid import type specified.
mvncore.exception.ImportException.dont_have_read_permission = Don't have a permission to read an import file from server.

mvncore.exception.ImportException.import_file_is_not_a_file = Import file is actually not a file (probably a directory).
mvncore.exception.ImportException.cannot_find_import_file = Can't find import file.
mvncore.exception.ImportException.cannot_import.cannot_save_import_file = Cannot save the import file to the file system.
mvncore.exception.ImportException.cannot_import.choose_a_file_on_server_or_upload_a_file = Cannot import. Please choose either a file on server, or upload a file.
mvncore.exception.ImportException.cannot_process_import.file_size_is_zero = Cannot process an import file with size = 0. Please check the file size or check if your file is missing.
mvncore.exception.ImportException.cannot_process_uploaded_import_file_with_a_form_field = Cannot process uploaded import file with a form field.
mvncore.exception.ImportException.member_belong_to_other_company = Member \"{0}\" already belong to other company.

mvncore.exception.MissingURLMapEntryException.cannot_find_matching_entry = Cannot find matching entry in ActionInUserModule for \"{0}\". Please contact the administrator.

mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.postid_not_exists = The post (id={0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.threadid_not_exists = The thread (id={0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.memberid_not_exists = The member (id={0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.membername_not_exists = The member login id ({0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.memberemail_not_exists = The member with this email ({0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.forumid_not_exists = The forum (id={0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.attachmentid_not_exists = The attachment (id={0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.messageid_not_exists = The message (id={0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.companyid_not_exists = The company (id={0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.messagefolder_not_exists = The message folder ({0}) does not exist or has been removed.

mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.company_not_exists.with_name = The company with name ({0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.company_not_exists.with_email = The company with email ({0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.company_not_exists.with_creationdate = The company with signup date ({0}) does not exist or has been removed.
mvncore.exception.ObjectNotFoundException.company_not_exists.with_groupid = The company lead group (id={0}) does not exist or has been removed.

mvncore.exception.FloodException.login_too_many_times = You have reached the maximum number of wrong login actions ({0} times) for this page.<br/>Please try this page later. This is to prevent forum from being flooded.
mvncore.exception.FloodException.add_post_too_many_times = You have reached the maximum number of the post adding actions ({0} times) for this page.<br/>Please try this page later. This is to prevent forum from being flooded.
mvncore.exception.FloodException.register_too_many_times = You have reached the maximum number of the registration actions ({0} times) for this page.<br/>Please try this page later. This is to prevent forum from being flooded.
mvncore.exception.FloodException.send_message_too_many_times = You have reached the maximum number of the message sending actions ({0} times) for this page.<br/>Please try this page later. This is to prevent forum from being flooded.

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