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Scala example source code file (FreshNames.scala)

This example Scala source code file (FreshNames.scala) is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

Scala tags/keywords

freshnamecreator, freshnameextractor, freshnames, name, names, none, option, reflection, stdnames, string, termname, typename, utilities

The FreshNames.scala Scala example source code

/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
 * Copyright 2005-2013 LAMP/EPFL

package scala
package reflect
package internal

import scala.reflect.internal.util.FreshNameCreator

trait FreshNames { self: Names with StdNames =>
  // SI-6879 Keeps track of counters that are supposed to be globally unique
  //         as opposed to traditional freshers that are unique to compilation units.
  val globalFreshNameCreator = new FreshNameCreator

  // default fresh name creator used to abstract over currentUnit.fresh and runtime fresh name creator
  def currentFreshNameCreator: FreshNameCreator

  // create fresh term/type name using implicit fresh name creator
  def freshTermName(prefix: String = nme.FRESH_TERM_NAME_PREFIX)(implicit creator: FreshNameCreator): TermName = newTermName(creator.newName(prefix))
  def freshTypeName(prefix: String)(implicit creator: FreshNameCreator): TypeName = newTypeName(creator.newName(prefix))

  // Extractor that matches names which were generated by some
  // FreshNameCreator with known prefix. Extracts user-specified
  // prefix that was used as a parameter to newName by stripping
  // global creator prefix and unique number in the end of the name.
  class FreshNameExtractor(creatorPrefix: String = "") {
    // quote prefix so that it can be used with replaceFirst
    // which expects regExp rather than simple string
    val quotedCreatorPrefix = java.util.regex.Pattern.quote(creatorPrefix)

    def unapply(name: Name): Option[String] = {
      val sname = name.toString
      // name should start with creatorPrefix and end with number
      if (!sname.startsWith(creatorPrefix) || !sname.matches("^.*\\d*$")) None
      else Some(NameTransformer.decode(sname.replaceFirst(quotedCreatorPrefix, "").replaceAll("\\d*$", "")))

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