Functional Programming, Simplified

I’m pleased to announce that my book, Functional Programming, Simplified, is now available in three formats:

PDF Format
$25 on

PDF version of Functional Programming, Simplified

Paperback Book
$39.99 on Amazon

Print version of Functional Programming, Simplified

Kindle eBook
$29.99 on Amazon

Kindle version of Functional Programming, Simplified

If you prefer e-books, the PDF is probably the best version of the book because I can control the formatting, and it contains all of the lessons.

Please note that because of size considerations I had to omit a few lessons from the paperback version of the book (and I made those lessons available online for free).

Someone told me that they were going to give this book as a gift for Christmas, 2018. Sounds like a good idea to me. :)

Why buy Functional Programming, Simplified?

A great reason to buy Functional Programming, Simplified is because I tried to take the best content from the books on the right side of this image and include them in the one book on the left side of the image:

Functional Programming, Simplified vs many other FP books

In my own case I had to read all of those books on the right — plus hundreds of additional blog posts — to try to understand functional programming (FP). To save you a lot of time and frustration, my hope is that you’ll only need to read the book on the left to understand FP.

Programming languages (Scala, Kotlin)

The book is written using Scala, but because Scala and Kotlin are so similar, I think it will also be useful for Kotlin programmers. Because Scala runs on the JVM and derives from Java, I think it will also be helpful to Java programmers.

Free previews

If you’d like to preview the book before buying it, you can choose from these options:

One more thing

I’m glad to say this:

2% of the profits from the book will be donated to The Scala Center.

This is a small way to “pay it forward,” and show my gratitude to the creators of the Scala programming language and the Scala community.


I have to say.. simplified is the very right word. I am enjoying and so at peace while reading this book.. this book is awesome


Thank you!

I stumbled upon the preview of your new book and sites, the compendium of awesome that is and

The efforts you have put into sharing your knowledge is much appreciated. I will be purchasing your books.

Thank you Alvin, for inspiring and mentoring your fellow programmers.

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