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Scala example source code file (Internals.scala)

This example Scala source code file (Internals.scala) is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

Scala tags/keywords

collection, flagset, list, macro, mutable, noflags, position, reflection, reftree, scope, symbol, t, tree, type, utilities

The Internals.scala Scala example source code

package scala
package reflect
package internal

import scala.language.implicitConversions
import scala.language.higherKinds
import scala.collection.mutable.WeakHashMap
import scala.ref.WeakReference
import scala.reflect.api.Universe
import scala.reflect.macros.Attachments
import scala.reflect.internal.util.FreshNameCreator
import scala.reflect.internal.Flags._
import scala.reflect.internal.util.ListOfNil

trait Internals extends api.Internals {
  self: SymbolTable =>

  type Internal = MacroInternalApi
  lazy val internal: Internal = new SymbolTableInternal {}

  type Compat = MacroCompatApi
  lazy val compat: Compat = new Compat {}

  trait SymbolTableInternal extends MacroInternalApi {
    lazy val reificationSupport: ReificationSupportApi =

    def createImporter(from0: Universe): Importer { val from: from0.type } = self.mkImporter(from0)

    def newScopeWith(elems: Symbol*): Scope = self.newScopeWith(elems: _*)
    def enter(scope: Scope, sym: Symbol): scope.type = { scope.enter(sym); scope }
    def unlink(scope: Scope, sym: Symbol): scope.type = { scope.unlink(sym); scope }

    def freeTerms(tree: Tree): List[FreeTermSymbol] = tree.freeTerms
    def freeTypes(tree: Tree): List[FreeTypeSymbol] = tree.freeTypes
    def substituteSymbols(tree: Tree, from: List[Symbol], to: List[Symbol]): Tree = tree.substituteSymbols(from, to)
    def substituteTypes(tree: Tree, from: List[Symbol], to: List[Type]): Tree = tree.substituteTypes(from, to)
    def substituteThis(tree: Tree, clazz: Symbol, to: Tree): Tree = tree.substituteThis(clazz, to)
    def attachments(tree: Tree): Attachments { type Pos = Position } = tree.attachments
    def updateAttachment[T: ClassTag](tree: Tree, attachment: T): tree.type = tree.updateAttachment(attachment)
    def removeAttachment[T: ClassTag](tree: Tree): tree.type = tree.removeAttachment[T]
    def setPos(tree: Tree, newpos: Position): tree.type = tree.setPos(newpos)
    def setType(tree: Tree, tp: Type): tree.type = tree.setType(tp)
    def defineType(tree: Tree, tp: Type): tree.type = tree.defineType(tp)
    def setSymbol(tree: Tree, sym: Symbol): tree.type = tree.setSymbol(sym)
    def setOriginal(tt: TypeTree, tree: Tree): TypeTree = tt.setOriginal(tree)

    def captureVariable(vble: Symbol): Unit = self.captureVariable(vble)
    def referenceCapturedVariable(vble: Symbol): Tree = self.referenceCapturedVariable(vble)
    def capturedVariableType(vble: Symbol): Type = self.capturedVariableType(vble)

    def classDef(sym: Symbol, impl: Template): ClassDef = self.ClassDef(sym, impl)
    def moduleDef(sym: Symbol, impl: Template): ModuleDef = self.ModuleDef(sym, impl)
    def valDef(sym: Symbol, rhs: Tree): ValDef = self.ValDef(sym, rhs)
    def valDef(sym: Symbol): ValDef = self.ValDef(sym)
    def defDef(sym: Symbol, mods: Modifiers, vparamss: List[List[ValDef]], rhs: Tree): DefDef = self.DefDef(sym, mods, vparamss, rhs)
    def defDef(sym: Symbol, vparamss: List[List[ValDef]], rhs: Tree): DefDef = self.DefDef(sym, vparamss, rhs)
    def defDef(sym: Symbol, mods: Modifiers, rhs: Tree): DefDef = self.DefDef(sym, mods, rhs)
    def defDef(sym: Symbol, rhs: Tree): DefDef = self.DefDef(sym, rhs)
    def defDef(sym: Symbol, rhs: List[List[Symbol]] => Tree): DefDef = self.DefDef(sym, rhs)
    def typeDef(sym: Symbol, rhs: Tree): TypeDef = self.TypeDef(sym, rhs)
    def typeDef(sym: Symbol): TypeDef = self.TypeDef(sym)
    def labelDef(sym: Symbol, params: List[Symbol], rhs: Tree): LabelDef = self.LabelDef(sym, params, rhs)

    def changeOwner(tree: Tree, prev: Symbol, next: Symbol): tree.type = {
      object changeOwnerAndModuleClassTraverser extends ChangeOwnerTraverser(prev, next) {
        override def traverse(tree: Tree) {
          tree match {
            case _: DefTree => change(tree.symbol.moduleClass)
            case _          => // do nothing

    lazy val gen = self.treeBuild

    def isFreeTerm(symbol: Symbol): Boolean = symbol.isFreeTerm
    def asFreeTerm(symbol: Symbol): FreeTermSymbol = symbol.asFreeTerm
    def isFreeType(symbol: Symbol): Boolean = symbol.isFreeType
    def asFreeType(symbol: Symbol): FreeTypeSymbol = symbol.asFreeType
    def newTermSymbol(symbol: Symbol, name: TermName, pos: Position = NoPosition, flags: FlagSet = NoFlags): TermSymbol = symbol.newTermSymbol(name, pos, flags)
    def newModuleAndClassSymbol(symbol: Symbol, name: Name, pos: Position = NoPosition, flags: FlagSet = NoFlags): (ModuleSymbol, ClassSymbol) = symbol.newModuleAndClassSymbol(name, pos, flags)
    def newMethodSymbol(symbol: Symbol, name: TermName, pos: Position = NoPosition, flags: FlagSet = NoFlags): MethodSymbol = symbol.newMethodSymbol(name, pos, flags)
    def newTypeSymbol(symbol: Symbol, name: TypeName, pos: Position = NoPosition, flags: FlagSet = NoFlags): TypeSymbol = symbol.newTypeSymbol(name, pos, flags)
    def newClassSymbol(symbol: Symbol, name: TypeName, pos: Position = NoPosition, flags: FlagSet = NoFlags): ClassSymbol = symbol.newClassSymbol(name, pos, flags)
    def newFreeTerm(name: String, value: => Any, flags: FlagSet = NoFlags, origin: String = null): FreeTermSymbol = reificationSupport.newFreeTerm(name, value, flags, origin)
    def newFreeType(name: String, flags: FlagSet = NoFlags, origin: String = null): FreeTypeSymbol = reificationSupport.newFreeType(name, flags, origin)
    def isErroneous(symbol: Symbol): Boolean = symbol.isErroneous
    def isSkolem(symbol: Symbol): Boolean = symbol.isSkolem
    def deSkolemize(symbol: Symbol): Symbol = symbol.deSkolemize
    def initialize(symbol: Symbol): symbol.type = symbol.initialize
    def fullyInitialize(symbol: Symbol): symbol.type = definitions.fullyInitializeSymbol(symbol).asInstanceOf[symbol.type]
    def fullyInitialize(tp: Type): tp.type = definitions.fullyInitializeType(tp).asInstanceOf[tp.type]
    def fullyInitialize(scope: Scope): scope.type = definitions.fullyInitializeScope(scope).asInstanceOf[scope.type]
    def flags(symbol: Symbol): FlagSet = symbol.flags
    def attachments(symbol: Symbol): Attachments { type Pos = Position } = symbol.attachments
    def updateAttachment[T: ClassTag](symbol: Symbol, attachment: T): symbol.type = symbol.updateAttachment(attachment)
    def removeAttachment[T: ClassTag](symbol: Symbol): symbol.type = symbol.removeAttachment[T]
    def setOwner(symbol: Symbol, newowner: Symbol): symbol.type = { symbol.owner = newowner; symbol }
    def setInfo(symbol: Symbol, tpe: Type): symbol.type = symbol.setInfo(tpe)
    def setAnnotations(symbol: Symbol, annots: Annotation*): symbol.type = symbol.setAnnotations(annots: _*)
    def setName(symbol: Symbol, name: Name): symbol.type = symbol.setName(name)
    def setPrivateWithin(symbol: Symbol, sym: Symbol): symbol.type = symbol.setPrivateWithin(sym)
    def setFlag(symbol: Symbol, flags: FlagSet): symbol.type = symbol.setFlag(flags)
    def resetFlag(symbol: Symbol, flags: FlagSet): symbol.type = symbol.resetFlag(flags)

    def thisType(sym: Symbol): Type = self.ThisType(sym)
    def singleType(pre: Type, sym: Symbol): Type = self.SingleType(pre, sym)
    def superType(thistpe: Type, supertpe: Type): Type = self.SuperType(thistpe, supertpe)
    def constantType(value: Constant): ConstantType = self.ConstantType(value)
    def typeRef(pre: Type, sym: Symbol, args: List[Type]): Type = self.TypeRef(pre, sym, args)
    def refinedType(parents: List[Type], decls: Scope): RefinedType = self.RefinedType(parents, decls)
    def refinedType(parents: List[Type], decls: Scope, clazz: Symbol): RefinedType = self.RefinedType(parents, decls, clazz)
    def refinedType(parents: List[Type], owner: Symbol): Type = self.refinedType(parents, owner)
    def refinedType(parents: List[Type], owner: Symbol, decls: Scope): Type = self.RefinedType(parents, decls, owner)
    def refinedType(parents: List[Type], owner: Symbol, decls: Scope, pos: Position): Type = self.refinedType(parents, owner, decls, pos)
    def intersectionType(tps: List[Type]): Type = self.intersectionType(tps)
    def intersectionType(tps: List[Type], owner: Symbol): Type = self.intersectionType(tps, owner)
    def classInfoType(parents: List[Type], decls: Scope, typeSymbol: Symbol): ClassInfoType = self.ClassInfoType(parents, decls, typeSymbol)
    def methodType(params: List[Symbol], resultType: Type): MethodType = self.MethodType(params, resultType)
    def nullaryMethodType(resultType: Type): NullaryMethodType = self.NullaryMethodType(resultType)
    def polyType(typeParams: List[Symbol], resultType: Type): PolyType = self.PolyType(typeParams, resultType)
    def existentialType(quantified: List[Symbol], underlying: Type): ExistentialType = self.ExistentialType(quantified, underlying)
    def existentialAbstraction(tparams: List[Symbol], tpe0: Type): Type = self.existentialAbstraction(tparams, tpe0)
    def annotatedType(annotations: List[Annotation], underlying: Type): AnnotatedType = self.AnnotatedType(annotations, underlying)
    def typeBounds(lo: Type, hi: Type): TypeBounds = self.TypeBounds(lo, hi)
    def boundedWildcardType(bounds: TypeBounds): BoundedWildcardType = self.BoundedWildcardType(bounds)

    def subpatterns(tree: Tree): Option[List[Tree]] = tree.attachments.get[SubpatternsAttachment].map(

    type Decorators = MacroDecoratorApi
    lazy val decorators: Decorators = new MacroDecoratorApi {
      override type ScopeDecorator[T <: Scope] = MacroScopeDecoratorApi[T]
      override implicit def scopeDecorator[T <: Scope](scope: T): ScopeDecorator[T] = new MacroScopeDecoratorApi[T](scope)
      override type TreeDecorator[T <: Tree] = MacroTreeDecoratorApi[T]
      override implicit def treeDecorator[T <: Tree](tree: T): TreeDecorator[T] = new MacroTreeDecoratorApi[T](tree)
      override type TypeTreeDecorator[T <: TypeTree] = MacroTypeTreeDecoratorApi[T]
      override implicit def typeTreeDecorator[T <: TypeTree](tt: T): TypeTreeDecorator[T] = new MacroTypeTreeDecoratorApi[T](tt)
      override type SymbolDecorator[T <: Symbol] = MacroSymbolDecoratorApi[T]
      override implicit def symbolDecorator[T <: Symbol](symbol: T): SymbolDecorator[T] = new MacroSymbolDecoratorApi[T](symbol)
      override type TypeDecorator[T <: Type] = TypeDecoratorApi[T]
      override implicit def typeDecorator[T <: Type](tp: T): TypeDecorator[T] = new TypeDecoratorApi[T](tp)

  lazy val treeBuild = new self.TreeGen {
    def mkAttributedQualifier(tpe: Type): Tree = self.gen.mkAttributedQualifier(tpe)
    def mkAttributedQualifier(tpe: Type, termSym: Symbol): Tree = self.gen.mkAttributedQualifier(tpe, termSym)
    def mkAttributedRef(pre: Type, sym: Symbol): RefTree = self.gen.mkAttributedRef(pre, sym)
    def mkAttributedRef(sym: Symbol): RefTree = self.gen.mkAttributedRef(sym)
    def stabilize(tree: Tree): Tree = self.gen.stabilize(tree)
    def mkAttributedStableRef(pre: Type, sym: Symbol): Tree = self.gen.mkAttributedStableRef(pre, sym)
    def mkAttributedStableRef(sym: Symbol): Tree = self.gen.mkAttributedStableRef(sym)
    def mkUnattributedRef(sym: Symbol): RefTree = self.gen.mkUnattributedRef(sym)
    def mkUnattributedRef(fullName: Name): RefTree = self.gen.mkUnattributedRef(fullName)
    def mkAttributedThis(sym: Symbol): This = self.gen.mkAttributedThis(sym)
    def mkAttributedIdent(sym: Symbol): RefTree = self.gen.mkAttributedIdent(sym)
    def mkAttributedSelect(qual: Tree, sym: Symbol): RefTree = self.gen.mkAttributedSelect(qual, sym)
    def mkMethodCall(receiver: Symbol, methodName: Name, targs: List[Type], args: List[Tree]): Tree = self.gen.mkMethodCall(receiver, methodName, targs, args)
    def mkMethodCall(method: Symbol, targs: List[Type], args: List[Tree]): Tree = self.gen.mkMethodCall(method, targs, args)
    def mkMethodCall(method: Symbol, args: List[Tree]): Tree = self.gen.mkMethodCall(method, args)
    def mkMethodCall(target: Tree, args: List[Tree]): Tree = self.gen.mkMethodCall(target, args)
    def mkMethodCall(receiver: Symbol, methodName: Name, args: List[Tree]): Tree = self.gen.mkMethodCall(receiver, methodName, args)
    def mkMethodCall(receiver: Tree, method: Symbol, targs: List[Type], args: List[Tree]): Tree = self.gen.mkMethodCall(receiver, method, targs, args)
    def mkMethodCall(target: Tree, targs: List[Type], args: List[Tree]): Tree = self.gen.mkMethodCall(target, targs, args)
    def mkNullaryCall(method: Symbol, targs: List[Type]): Tree = self.gen.mkNullaryCall(method, targs)
    def mkRuntimeUniverseRef: Tree = self.gen.mkRuntimeUniverseRef
    def mkZero(tp: Type): Tree = self.gen.mkZero(tp)
    def mkCast(tree: Tree, pt: Type): Tree = self.gen.mkCast(tree, pt)

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