Apple MacBook discounts - Check Apple's refurbished store

Apple MacBook discounts/sales news: Just a quick note here that if you're looking for discounted Apple MacBook computers and other Apple products, take a look at Apple's refurbished store. As I continue shopping for new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, I just stumbled across the "refurbished" page in the Apple Store, where they have big savings on most MacBook and iMac models, as well as other Apple products.

For instance, they currently have these MacBook discounts:

MacBook Air SSD speed/performance (vs HDD)

MacBook Air SSD speed FAQ: How much faster is the MacBook Air SSD storage system compared to a typical MacBook HDD (i.e., MacBook Air SSD v. HDD performance)?

I'm looking at buying a new MacBook Air in the next few weeks, and one of the things I've been intrigued by is the MacBook Air SSD speed/performance. I know Apple claims the MacBook Air is an "instant on" system when you lift the lid, and that implies a seriously fast "disk" subsystem, but how much faster is a MacBook Air SSD (solid state drive) than a traditional MacBook HDD (hard disk drive)?

MacBook battery life claims reduced by Apple

MacBook battery life news (March, 2011): As I was returning from vacation today, I decided to stop at Best Buy to look at Apple's new MacBook Pro models, as well as their MacBook Air. I've been thinking about buying a MacBook Air or Pro for the last few weeks, but what hit me today when looking at these models is that Apple's MacBook battery life claims have suddenly been reduced by 3-5 hours.

Is Jonathan Ive leaving Apple?

Jonathan Ive Apple news: Just returning from a vacation in Seward, Alaska ("holiday" in Europe), the first news story I read is that Jonathan Ive may be considering leaving Apple. For those who don't know of him, Mr. Ive is the Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple, and is known as the Apple designer behind many of the Apple products you've come to know, including the iPod, iMac, iPhone, and iPad.

iPad price drops; iPad 2 coming soon?

I just read on techradar that both T-Mobile and Orange have reduced their iPad prices, most likely to reduce inventory for a new iPad 2 model. This is of particular interest to me, because I've been reading a lot of books with the Kindle software lately, and I'd like to buy an iPad soon to make that reading experience more enjoyable.

MacBook battery life - How I extend my MacBook Pro battery life

MacBook battery life FAQ: Can you offer some tips on how to extend MacBook battery life?

I noticed on a few recent trips to Panera Bread, Starbucks, and Barnes & Noble that my MacBook battery life was not what I expected. In fact, it was downright short. I was getting less than an hour out of a single, complete MacBook battery charge, and even though my MacBook Pro is pretty old by now, that is unacceptable.

Apple trademarks VoicePass - But it's not for voice passwords

Apple trademarks VoicePass: I just read that Apple has trademarked the phrase "VoicePass" (or "Voice Pass"), and when I first heard the name, I assumed it stood for "Voice Password", meaning you could finally log into your Mac using a voice password instead of a text password. I'll be able to walk up to my computer, say "Soylent green is people", and the system will log me in, just like in the old tv show Millenium.

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