Jonathan Ive - Objectified video (and quotes on design)

A great video where Jonathan Ive talks about design, and Apple products:

Jonathan Ive design quotes

Some of the great quotes from Mr. Ive during the interview process:

A designer ... it's the way you look at the world ... you're constantly looking at something and thinking, "Why is it like that? Why is it like that, and not like this?"

Jonathan Ive design interview quotes

This article contains a collection of quotes on design from Jonathan Ive (or “Jony Ive,” as Steve Jobs called him), Apple designer. (Note: He prefers to refer to himself as a “builder” or “maker.”)

Four things I've learned from Jonathan Ive interviews

With Apple's iPad 3 announcement coming tomorrow (March 7, 2012), I took a few minutes last night to reflect on various Jonathan Ive interviews I've read over the years. Here are a few notes on what I learned by reading those interviews.

Retro iMac 2002 to 2004 model (iMac G4)

One thing I wish Apple would do is to come out with a “retro iMac” version, using this style that they used in the 2002 through 2004 iMac design:

iMac G4

An iMac design like this would be perfect for my kitchen area, especially if it had a touchscreen.