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Ravens in Alaska help with Walmart cart returns

In Anchorage, Alaska, Walmart has apparently trained the ravens to help with the return of carts. If you look carefully you’ll see that there are at least five ravens in this photo.

~ December 9, 2010

Denali, from ~70-90 miles south

This is a photo of Denali from about 70-90 miles south on Highway 3. I think I was just before or after the gas station in Willow when I pulled over and took this photo.

Dateline November 2, 2010, somewhere in Alaska (Senate race)

Dateline November 2, 2010, somewhere in Alaska: Lots of snow this morning. I'm curious to see if it affects the senate race between Joe Miller (Republican primary winner, Tea Party candidate), Lisa Murkowski (Republican primary loser, incumbent, write-in candidate), and whoever the other person is. And there goes someone jogging in the snow and dark.

You want to buy one fig?

Personal Diary, September 2, 2010, Wasilla, Alaska:

I bought a fig at the grocery store today. Turns out they’re about the size of a Hershey’s Kiss. The checkout person just looked at me. “One fig? You want to buy one fig?”

“Yes, just one. I want to see what they taste like.”

She put the fig in the bag without weighing it. “I’m pretty sure I can give you one fig without charging you for it,” she said.

The Arctic Circle sign in Alaska

As one last photo of Alaska (for the time being), here’s the Arctic Circle sign that you’ll find on the Dalton Highway north of Fairbanks, on the way up north to places like Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay.

Refueling on the way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Back in the day I drove up to Fairbanks, Alaska, and then from there I drove up to Prudhoe Bay, which is as far north as you can drive in Alaska. I put some gas cans on the car because I didn’t know if there were really going to be any gas stations on the 494 mile drive, but a little “town” of Coldfoot had a couple of gas pumps.

I stopped here, filled up the gas tank, had a burger, and then finished the trek on the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay, where I stayed at this little, ahem, motel.

The farthest north I’ve ever been

Today people on Twitter are noting the farthest north they’ve ever been. The farthest north I’ve ever been is Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. I drove there when I lived in Talkeetna.

Once upon an Alaskan night

Once upon an Alaskan night I went out looking for the northern lights, which were currently playing in town. I found them in a couple of areas, and almost ended up sleeping the night in my car in Talkeetna, but decided to drive home instead.

Just before coming upon this light — which was either on Highway 1 or Highway 3 — I was in a very dark area, and saw something move a little bit, so I came to a complete stop. A few moments later I realized a moose was standing right next to my car. Then I remembered that you rarely see one moose, there’s often two or more. Not wanting to startle the moose, I waited until it made a move and walked away from my car.

Another view of the bike path in Palmer, Alaska

This is a photo from May 10, 2011. The long bike-riding path in Palmer, Alaska was  one of my favorite things about living there. As you can see, it’s a nice, big path, separated from the road.

Mountain range in Palmer, Alaska

I don’t remember where exactly in Palmer, Alaska I took this photo, but my best guess is that I was on a bike ride near some of the farms. I just found this photo this morning, so I thought I’d share it here.

This was going to be my office in Palmer, Alaska

In 2011 I was living in Palmer, Alaska, and I just started to look into renting this small brown building to be a home for my software-consulting business when some family issues came up and I moved back to the Lower-48.

There probably wasn’t enough work in the Palmer/Wasilla area — also known as the Mat-Su Valley — but I loved the area so much I wanted to give it a try.

The rubber duck at the Talkeetna Roadhouse

This is a photo of the rubber duck, Mr. Bubble bath soap, and bathtub at the Talkeetna Roadhouse in Talkeetna, Alaska. I stayed there several times, but I’ll guess this was from the fall of 2010.