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Three photos of a Colorado “Pink Moon” morning

Today (April 8, 2020) is a day off for me, so I woke up at 4:30am and went up on the roof of the apartment complex garage, and took a few photos of the Pink Moon. These are some small versions of the best Moon photos, along with one of the Sun, which was coming up behind me from the east as the Moon set in the west over the Rocky Mountains.

First, the “Pink Moon” setting over the Rockies:

Pink Moon setting over the Rocky Mountains

Moon setting in the west, Sun rising in the east

Today (April 8, 2020) is a day off for me, but I woke up early and went up to the roof of the garage to see the big Moon. This is a photo of the Moon setting in the west, and the Sun rising in the east, within about fifteen minutes of each other.

The bright star due west over the Rocky Mountains

A great thing about living in this area of Colorado is that there’s a bright star that shines due west over the Rocky Mountains. Every night I open up the shades so I can see it. The only thing that’s on my bucket list is to spend as much time as possible in the mountains to see all of stars up close.

The star is the white dot in the center and bottom one-third of the image, above the roof. It looks more impressive in person. The big white blob in the upper-left is the Moon.

Pastel sunset

Our sunset on the evening of Thursday, March 26, 2020, had a pastel feel.

Another amazing Colorado sunset

I had a lot of chest pain last night, but if anything, these days that tends to keep me focused in the present moment, and make me grateful for each moment. And fortunately the universe has been giving us some amazing sunsets here lately in Colorado.

That time I ended up stranded in Vail, Colorado

On the drive back from Vegas this weekend, the road got icy in the mountains near Vail, so I decided I better pull off and stay at a hotel, or sleep in the car if necessary. I wasn’t happy about it. Even though it was after 2am, I was jacked up on Mountain Dew, and just wanted to finish the last ninety miles to get home.

I got off the interstate at the next exit. The roads were nasty slick, and I slid around the dark collection of motels and gas stations until I saw a skanky motel whose “Vacancy” sign was lit. My car couldn’t make it up the motel’s hilly entrance, so I parked in an open flat area below, grabbed a bag, and walked five minutes in the freezing precipitation to get to the motel entrance, finding footing anywhere I could.

Coronavirus effect: the local pharmacy can’t get medication in stock

A side effect of the coronavirus seems to be that the local pharmacy can’t get medication in stock. “Sorry we don’t have that prescription that you ordered four days ago and need to stay alive, but hopefully it will be in tomorrow.”

(If you need a prescription refilled, order it as early as you can.)

Living and working in a nice area, or not

After it was pointed out to me several times this past week that I live in a nice area, I was reminded of searching for donuts a few weeks ago. I found a Dunkin’ Donuts about twenty minutes from here that is on a direct path to Denver. Nothing about the area was nice, and the store itself looked old and dirty, and one of the front doors is closed with a chair in front of it and a sign telling you not to use that door.

I mention that because despite of how unattractive the area was, I still saw people with their laptops sitting in some booths there. It reminded me of myself about 15-25 years ago. I occasionally worked in some areas that weren’t pleasant, and I’d take my laptop and/or paperwork and sit in places like that and do my work.

Hopefully one of the morals of this story is that if you work hard, you can get out of situations like that and eventually move to nicer areas. I’m sure there are other morals to be had, but that’s what I have in mind by sharing this story.

Colorado COVID-19 cases increase from 11 to 33 in two days

As a brief note, late on the afternoon of March 11, 2020, the number of COVID-19 cases in Colorado have increased from 11 to 33 in two days.

Update: We increased to 77 cases by the evening of March 13, and 101 cases by noon on March 14. So coronavirus cases in Colorado are just about tripling every two days in Colorado.

“The Tree Holding The Moon Over The Rockies”

The hospital was mostly empty yesterday morning. When I went to the Imaging Department, the technician was standing at the front desk waiting for me, his only patient. The grocery store was out of TP. But the Moonset around 6:45am was beautiful.

The 2020 COVID-19 stock market retreat

Late on March 11, 2020, I just took a look at the stock market. After today’s drop, the S&P has arguably gone back in time to June 1, 2018, as shown in the top image. As shown in the bottom image, you can argue that the Dow Jones (Trump’s “Dow Joans”) has gone back even further, to October, 2017.

This is happening as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been hitting the United States over the last 1-2 weeks. Here in Colorado we had 11 cases reported two days ago, and two days later we’re up to 33.

Colorado now has 11 people with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

On the evening of March 9, 2020, Colorado now has 11 people with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As shown in this image, the two most recent people have no known contact with an infected person, which is pretty scary. You can get up to date statistics at this URL.

On the personal front, I went to the hospital this morning, and I’d guess it was about 1/3 to 1/2 as populated as normal. When I went to have some imaging work done, the technician who was going to do the work was waiting for me when I walked to the Imaging Department, and I was in and out in a few minutes. Later at the grocery store, it was the same, maybe half as full as normal.