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A snow white tree, Louisville, Colorado

Here’s a photo of a snow white tree in Louisville, Colorado, one day in March, 2018. I was headed to a doctor’s appointment in Louisville, so this was probably somewhere between 7-8:30am. The full size image (not shown here) may be the prettiest photo I’ve ever taken in Colorado.

Snowy trees, Louisville, Colorado

This is a photo of some snowy trees in Louisville, Colorado, on March 27, 2018. I had to get up early to go to a physical therapy appointment and I was rewarded with this view.

My favorite star (Venus, actually) and a snow-white tree

Broomfield, Colorado: Somewhere during the evening of April 16, 2020, I woke up and noticed the bright snow-white tree outside my window being lit by some outdoor lights, and my favorite star (Venus, actually) in the sky. For the record, we had about six inches of snow during the last 24 hours.

A field of prairie dogs in Broomfield or Louisville, Colorado

I haven’t figured out where one town ends and the next begins around here, but this is a field of prairie dogs I saw while on a walk last week in either Broomfield or Louisville, Colorado. (The snow is gone this week. It usually doesn’t last very long.)

The Feed Store Church

I was going through some photos recently and came across this one of The Feed Store Church, which is between Alamosa and Monte Vista, a rural area in southern Colorado.

I pass it when I drive back home after visiting Taos, Los Alamos, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Based on its name I thought it was some sort of a combination of a feed store and a church, but it turns out that it’s a church.

Bad cellular reception in Colorado (Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville)

August 27, 2017: My old cellphone (an iPhone) just died a tragic death, so I’ve been looking at cellphones, and also cellular carriers. Skipping the cellphone part of the story, cellular reception in Colorado is notoriously bad. I can barely make a phone call with AT&T in my apartment in Broomfield, CO, and I also have problems when I travel around nearby Louisville and Boulder.

AT&T coverage in Colorado (map)

Today I finally found a good map to show the problem at This first image shows their cellular coverage map for AT&T in my area:

ATT cellular coverage in Broomfield, Colorado

Drive back from Golden, Colorado (and Lady Cab Driver)

While driving back from Golden, Colorado on November 10, 2016, I happened to be listening to Lady Cab Driver by the artist formerly known as Prince, and wondered if these days he would have called it Lady Uber Driver. I thought it was interesting how society in the present moment has an effect on music and writing.

And here’s a gratuitous photo of some cattle on the right and wrong side of the fence near Golden, a big field, and some mountains.

The back roads from New Mexico to Colorado

This is a photo from the drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico north to Colorado, taking the back roads (Route 285) rather than the expressway. I took this photo in March, 2015.

A child, a dog, and a mask

I saw this statue of a child, a dog, and a mask at the Foothills Hospital (Boulder Community Hospital) in Boulder, Colorado on October 28, 2020.