Privacy Policy

Speaking only for Alvin Alexander, I don’t attempt to track you in any way, shape, or form. In general I’m just glad you came to visit, and hope you’ll come back again. The only time I dig into things like Apache access logs is when it looks like someone is trying to hack the website.

That being said, this site currently uses the Drupal CMS, and it may store cookies to function properly, but I never look at those, and as far as I know, there is no way for me to look at them. (I wouldn’t think it needs to use cookies because everyone in the world but me is considered an “anonymous” Drupal user, but it may use them for technical reasons I’m not aware of.) If you make comments on this website and supply your email address when leaving a comment, that email address is stored in a database table, but I don’t use it for any purpose other than to let Drupal tell you that new comments have been posted related to what you wrote about, and even there you have to opt-in to even receive those (and you can also opt-out after the initial opt-in).

If you sign up for my mailing list, I use that list to tell people about website updates, and also to let them know if they’ve won a prize in one of my contests.

Now, beyond what I “track,” which is basically the nothingness described above, there are three caveats I need to share here.

Caveat 1: Google Analytics

The first caveat to share is that this site uses Google Analytics. I generally just use it to understand aggregate traffic flow, particularly which pages are most popular. If you can imagine my situation, if I’m writing about certain topics and nobody cares about those topics, well, from an income standpoint I’m wasting my time. So I use Google Analytics as a tool there.

Caveat 2: Advertisers

The second caveat is that other companies are allowed to place advertisements on this website. Most of the ads come from Google’s AdSense product, but a few other ads come from Amazon’s Affiliate Program, and a few other ads come from a company called Commission Junction. Please see their websites for their privacy policies.

Caveat 3: Links to Amazon

A final caveat is that when I link to products on Amazon, I use their “Affiliate” tools to create the links. The way this works is that by being an Amazon affiliate, when I look at a product on they have a little tool that makes it easy for me to create a shortened link to that product page. I then use that link on my website, and if someone clicks on my link and buys that product on Amazon, I get paid a small amount for “referring” that person to Amazon.