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IntelliJ IDEA MacOS: Next tab, previous tab keystrokes

IntelliJ IDEA MacOS FAQ: What are the keystrokes to switch to the previous editor tab and next editor tab when using IntelliJ IDEA on a Mac/MacOS system?


To move to the next editor tab and previous editor tab when using IntelliJ IDEA on macOS, these keystrokes work for me:

  • [Command][Shift][LeftBracket] moves to the previous editor tab
  • [Command][Shift][RightBracket] moves to the next editor tab

Also note that when I write:

  • [LeftBracket] I mean the [ character
  • [LeftBracket] I mean the ] character

IntelliJ and CVS integration

The folks that have created IntelliJ have really done some nice things for those of us that use open source tools. Of course one tool we all use is CVS for source code control, and the IntelliJ/CVS integration is pretty sweet.

Intellij - Displaying line numbers

When I first fired up IntelliJ and started using it to edit a Java file, one of the first things I wanted to do was to be able to see line numbers within the file.

Configuring IntelliJ to show line numbers is a no-brainer. Here's how to do it:

  • Select Tools | IDE Options
  • Select Editor
  • In the Display group, click Show line numbers
  • When you're finished here, click OK

That's it. Do this and you're ready to go.


IntelliJ - Ant integration

The fact that IntelliJ is off-the-shelf ready to work with Ant is a great, great feature. It's also simple to configure and use.

Assuming that you already know how to use Ant, and you have a build.xml file ready to go, just follow these steps to (a) configure your build script to run from within IntelliJ, and (b) run Ant: