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10 a.m. sunrise, Anchorage, Alaska

Here’s what the 10 a.m. sunrise looks like in Anchorage, Alaska on October 27th.

(While that picture is too dark to tell exactly where I was, I was at one of the two main hospitals in Anchorage that day for a medical procedure.)

Ye olde Talkeetna cabin

Every spring I think about moving back to Talkeetna, Alaska, and I just ran across this old photo of my car in front of the cabin I lived in.

Rental fourplex in Palmer, Alaska

I've lived in a lot of places in my life, some good, some bad. This is the rental unit I lived at in Palmer, Alaska, courtesy of Google Maps.

Generally this was a good place. My favorite part was that I could jump on my bicycle and go on a 20-mile bike ride without every having to be near a busy street.

Missionary Baptist church, Palmer, Alaska

When I lived in Palmer, Alaska I used to write my bicycle quite a bit, and I came across several different churches. This is a photo of the Missionary Baptist church in Palmer.

“Do you have any idea what you're going to say?”

If you ever watched the tv show Northern Exposure, you might find this funny. It’s from the episode where Chris faces an extradition trial, and Mike uses an “identity” defense (“This Chris Stevens is not the same Christ Stevens that left West Virginia ...”).

NX was the first show I can recall that got me interested in Alaska, and philosophy.

One of my favorite highway traffic signs in Alaska

This is one of my favorite traffic signs in all of the world. You can find it if you drive north from Anchorage, Alaska towards Wasilla and Palmer. When I lived in Alaska in 2010-2011, I would take the exit to the right to go to Palmer. If you keep going straight you’ll go to Wasilla, followed by Willow, Talkeetna, and eventually Denali and then Fairbanks. (If you’re really gung-ho, as I was, you can also keep driving to Prudhoe Bay, if you don’t mind 400 miles of dirt roads in the Arctic Circle.)

And as you can tell from the highway numbers 1 & 3, there aren’t many main roads in Alaska. :)

One of my favorite road signs in Alaska

One of my favorite road signs in Alaska: “Caution: Yield to All Aircraft.” Seems like great advice. You can find this sign somewhere around Lake Hood, in Anchorage, Alaska.