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WinCVS setup - Initial Setup and Configuration

Initial Tasks

These are the tasks you'll need to perform to get started with WinCVS:

  • Download WinCVS
  • Install WinCVS
  • Start WinCVS
  • Setting your preferences via Admin/Preferences
  • Checking out a copy of a project

Download WinCVS

You can download the latest version of WinCVS from it's Internet home,

CVS export - How to export a project from a CVS repository

Can I get a copy of the source code (without the repository)?

The other day someone not familiar with CVS asked if they could have a copy of the source code for the DDConnectionBroker project, an Open Source project from I said sure, I'd be glad to provide a copy of the source code, stripped of all the CVS directories/files. To do this, all I had to do was run the "cvs export" command.

cvs login - how to log into a CVS server using SSH

CVS login FAQ: How do I login to a CVS server using SSH?

cvs login - a Windows example

Here's how I do a "cvs login" to our CVS server using SSH, on a Windows PC:

cvs login

Note that the only real different thing here is that you specify the ssh protocol for communicating with the server.

Everyday WinCVS tasks

This section assumes that that you've already checked out a project from a CVS repository and you're ready to start working on it. This section is broken down into the sub-sections:

WinCVS - Special Tasks

I started to write about a few "special CVS tasks" that a user needs to perform from time to time, but as a practical matter, I've found that most new users don't need to worry about tagging a release for at least a little while, so I've skipped this topic here, at least for the time being.


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