The time I got myself stranded in Canada

Then there was the time I got stranded in Canada. I thought my superhero powers would let me drive through Canada in the dead of winter with “all purpose” tires. Ha. Ha ha.

I got stranded in Dease Lake, a town of 303 people, unable to drive further north or backtrack to the south. Fortunately a man who would die in a few months from lung cancer had just gotten back into town after his latest round of chemo treatment, and had the little garage shown in this photo. After a five day wait to get the tires delivered, he put them on the car on Day 6. He had no way to balance them, so I had a shaky drive to Whitehorse (in the Yukon Territory), where a tire shop was able to balance them.

The tires cost $1,200, the motel stay cost $600, and I ate gas station food for five days, so that was an expensive learning experience.

Photo D8
Stranded in Canada