General, the luckiest little dog in Alaska

This is a few months old now, but this is from the original story:

“We have a pretty special puppy that needs to find a home,” Andrea wrote in that Craigslist ad. “‘General’ is a pure bred Siberian Husky, black/white with bi-eyes. He was born as a runt, and has some deformity in his front paws. He is missing the ulna bone in each arm and the humerus bone in his left arm is not formed correctly.

“While he is not able to walk, he does a great job of getting around and is not shy about playing rough with his siblings. He is able to stand upright on his back paws which is absolutely adorable!

“He is ten weeks old and is able to get himself up on his back paws and sits. He scoots himself around and can eat and drink without help. House training is slow but progressing. He loves to be with other dogs and will roll around on the floor playing with his siblings. We really wish we could keep him, but with school and working full time, we do not have the ability to give him the adequate time, attention, and money that he will require.”

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