MRI relieved femoral artery pain after coronary angiogram

As a note for any doctors or medical students/researchers out there, I had a pelvic MRI 72 hours after a coronary angiogram, and somehow — I have no idea how — the MRI dramatically reduced my femoral artery pain. I don’t know if the MRI just helped with the symptoms, or did something that helped heal the wound, but the pain relief was significant. On the way into the MRI I was walking very slow, and on the way out I could walk at a normal pace. If anyone reads this, I hope that’s a helpful hint for someone else out there.

(I’m looking at this article three years later and I have no idea how this could possibly work, unless this is the MRI I had with contrast where I broke out in hives and they gave me Benadryl.)

For more information on this, here’s my story of a possible heart attack, nuclear stress test, coronary angiogram, a pheochromocytoma, and an MRI.

In a related note, I found this bandage on the place where the doctors went in on my femoral artery.

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MRI relieved femoral artery pain after coronary angiogram