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svn checkout command - how to checkout a project with subversion (svn)

Subversion/SVN checkout FAQ: How do I checkout a project with Subversion?

svn checkout command example

I currently work at a consulting company, so we organize our projects first by client, and then by project. So, assuming I have a customer named ACME, and a project named Project1, this svn checkout command (svn co) worked for me:

svn commit command - how to commit changes with svn

Here's a quick example of an svn commit command in what I think is a very typical scenario. Assuming that I just made a few changes to some files in a directory, to commit those changes back to the repository, I just issue an "svn commit" command like this, incuding a nice svn commit message:

svn commit --message "Enabling build processes to support multiple platforms"

(Don't forget -- a good SVN commit message can really help you out later. I find it helps to say both what I did, and why I did it.)

svn status - how to get svn status information

After you've made a few changes in your local SVN sandbox it can be helpful to check the SVN status to see what you've changed, or at least see what SVN thinks you've changed. To do this, just issue the svn status command to see the changes, like this:

svn status

In my case this "svn status" command returned the following information:

A      build.alspc
A      antAlsPC.bat
M      build.xml


svn move - how to move a directory with svn

SVN directory FAQ: How do I move a directory with subversion (svn)?

svn directory move example

Moving a directory (or file) with Subversion (SVN) is very easy, you just need to use the "svn move" command. Let's try a simple example.

Suppose you have a directory named foo, and you want to rename it to bar. The svn move command to issue is:

svnserve man page

I just got a Subversion (svn) server running on my MacBook Pro, and thought I'd put this svnserve man page out here as reference:

SVN command examples

SVN commands reference FAQ: Can you share some SVN command examples (an SVN commands cheat sheet)?

I just got SVN (Subversion) installed on my MacBook Pro, so I'm throwing these SVN commands out here as a reminder to myself. This is a list of SVN command examples that can be used from the svn command line client: