Stay focused and keep your head down

DeMarcus Ware is one of my favorite football players, by all accounts a real leader and team player. Here’s a nice quote from him in this article:

“I told myself, ‘Don’t get caught up. Stay focused and keep your head down and everything will be all right,’ ” he says. “That’s always been my motto: If you don’t get caught up in the hype, you can do something great.”

Next version of my Android football game

This image shows a very early (ugly) prototype of the next version of my Android football game. The orange boxes on the bottom-left let you choose the formation, then the “run,” “pass,” and “other” icons stand for tabs that let you choose different plays. I may put the formations inside a tab as well ... that would be more consistent, and it will be something I’ll need to do as the game grows.

A major new feature in the game is that you can can create your own custom teams, with each player on the team having a collection of ratings. For instance, a running back will have rating categories of a) running, b) blocking, and c) pass-catching abilities. Therefore, the running plays will let you choose to run left or right, and passing plays will let you choose the intended receiver.

I’ll write more as time goes on, but this ugly little prototype is one of the first steps in the redesign/upgrade.

Teaching: “Eventually they’ll just see my mouth moving”

This is a good quote on teaching, from this page:

“One thing that we’ve learned as coaches: we’re teachers,” O’Brien said. “He’s the quarterback. If I’m just talking to him, eventually they’ll just see my mouth moving. Blah blah blah. We want them to get up there and actually do it.”

My Wonderlic test score

After hearing that Paxton Lynch scored 18 on his Wonderlic test, I just took a short version of the test, just ten questions. (I’ve only had nine hours of sleep the last two nights, that’s all I’ve got.) Without any practice or even knowing what to expect, I scored a 70 (woo-hoo).

I might have done better, but I ran out of time and didn’t get to the last two questions because I didn’t initially know that there was a time limit on the test. No telling what I would have scored when I was 22 years old though.