Scala web service frameworks

I can never remember the name "unfiltered", so yesterday I kept trying to google for "web service framework", and to my surprise, Google wasn't showing unfiltered. In fact, it didn't show other tools like Scalatra, though it did show Play in the top ten.

So today's post is an effort to help Google out a little bit here. If you're looking for good Scala web service frameworks, check out these tools:

A list of great Java Swing resources

I've been updating a Java Swing application that I wrote (and that I use to write these blog entries), and in doing so, I've been reading a great Swing book titled Filthy Rich Clients to mine for a few good ideas. This is a terrific book for Swing/GUI developers , and it's full of links to great Swing resources on the internet.

How to load multiple Spring application context files for a web application

Here's an example web.xml configuration file where I show how to configure the Spring Framework to properly load for a Java web application. I'm intentionally trying to keep this Spring example simple, so my web.xml file has almost the bare minimum configuration.

I show how to load the Spring ContextLoaderListener class with the listener-class tag, and also show how to load multiple Spring application context files using the context-param, param-name, and param-value XML tags.