“Look, I just want some cheap wine”

The wine guy at the liquor store was way too helpful yesterday, trying to sell me some very nice bottles of wine. I finally had to tell him, “Look, I just want some cheap wine to help me fall asleep faster at night.”

“Like Boone’s Farm,” he asked.

“Pretty much.”

“A good choice. Right over here, sir,” he said as we walked to the cheap wine section.

~ a note from august 1, 2014

Quotes from Joe Walsh about being an alcoholic, and sobriety

I’ve been a fan of Joe Walsh for a while, especially since meeting a friend back in 2013 that had a drug and alcohol problem. Here are a few quotes from him from an article titled, Creating While Clean (Sober musicians on how to thrive creatively without drugs or booze):

Most of my buddies are dead. And for some reason, I am not.

I would say I’m a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have 25 years of sobriety. But the important thing is, I haven’t had a drink today.

How do you say it? “A huge ego with no self-esteem.”

I was that scared little kid again. And I managed to get some consecutive days of sobriety, and I went to some AA meetings, and I realized, “I can’t say my life got better, but it stopped getting worse.” And that was huge. So I stuck around. And I realized that I’m not one of a kind and unique and different from everybody else. I’m an alcoholic. And a big light went off, and I didn’t feel alone anymore.

I can’t say this to you in ink. I can pencil it in: I know I’m good today.

My life has got better beyond my wildest imagination.

(And if you’ve never heard it before, here’s his song, One Day At A Time.)