How to use PHP curl and curl_setopt with JSON web services

Here are two PHP scripts I just wrote that use curl and curl_setopt. The first example makes a GET request, and the second example makes a POST request, and passes JSON data to the web service it accesses.

A PHP curl GET request

This first one makes an HTTP GET request and prints the data that is returned by the URL that it hits:

A simple PHP form example

PHP form FAQ: Can you share an example of a very simple PHP form (a self-processing PHP form)?

Still trying to catch up on a lot of PHP examples I've written but never published, here's the source code for a simple PHP form example. This form posts back to itself, and while I'm generally not a fan of that coding approach, I have used it from time to time for simple tasks.

A simple PHP form example

Here's the source code for this simple PHP form example:

Perl CGI cookies - How to get and set cookies in Perl CGI programs

In Part 1 of this series, we provided some background information about cookies, discussing the problem of state maintenance in web applications. We discussed how cookies can help solve this problem, and outlined the drawbacks and limitations of cookies. We even discussed a few examples of how you might use cookies in a customizable web site or e-commerce site.

How do I set environment variables in Perl programs?

Perl environment FAQ: How do I set environment variables in Perl programs?

In several other articles, we've demonstrated how you can access the value of environment variables from your Perl programs. For example, to determine the setting of your "PATH" environment variable, you can just do something like this:

$path = $ENV{'PATH'};

As you may remember, %ENV is a special hash in Perl that contains the value of all your environment variables.

How to put an object on the request in a servlet

Many times when you're working with Java servlets and JSP's, you'll want to forward some piece of information from your servlet to your JSP without having to put that piece of information into the session. For instance, in many applications you may not have a user session, and in other cases where you do have a session, you may just not want to put a bunch of junk in there.

How to call/test a web service from a browser

Web service FAQ: How can I test a web service from a browser?

I’ve been working with web services a lot this past week, specifically with Apache Axis2, and here are a few notes I've learned about hitting one of my web services from a browser.

Looking at the WSDL for a web service from a browser

To view the WSDL document for a web service I created named UserService, I just went to the following URL in my browser:

How to use anonymous CVS to access a CVS repository

I can never remember the command-line syntax to access a remote CVS repository via anayonymous CVS access, so just as a reminder to myself, here are the commands I used recently to access an OpenBSD CVS repository: