Edible marijuana is causing a lot more health problems than inhaled marijuana

For folks in states like Colorado where marijuana is legal, per uchealth.org, edible marijuana seems to be causing a lot more health problems than inhaled marijuana. A few notes:

  • It can take up to four hours for the high from an edible to take effect
  • Edibles are 268 times more likely than inhaled marijuana to cause users in Colorado to seek help at an ER (despite the fact that many more people use the inhaled form)
  • Edibles have a more severe toxicity than inhaled forms and the effects are psychiatric in nature

Maria Menounos was diagnosed with a brain tumor

Maria Menounos, age 39, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and gave a talk at a UCHealth gathering. A few quotes from her:

“When you’re an overachiever, you’re conditioned to just do, do, do, do ... We are over-tapping ourselves. We are doing way too much. We’re trying to be everything to everyone and nothing to ourselves. If your body is screaming at you ... then surrender to it.”