Google is introducing a Neural Networks API in Android 8.1 developer preview

Several media outlets are reporting that Google is introducing their Neural Networks API in developer preview of Android 8.1. TechCrunch has a well-written article that includes this:

“The big highlight here is the new Neural Networks API, which brings hardware-accelerated inference to the phone for quickly executing previously trained machine learning models. Bringing these calculations to the edge can bring a lot of utility to the end user by reducing latency and load on the network, while also keeping more sensitive data on-device.”

The Android “adb shell list files permission denied” error

As a brief note, today I tried to list the files in my Android application, which was running on a physical Android device — a Nexus 9 — with this adb shell command:

adb shell com.alvinalexander.mybrowser ls /data/data/com.alvinalexander.mybrowser

When I did that, I got an Android/ADB “permission denied” error.

The short story is that a solution to this problem is to run the same command, but with the run-as argument, like this:

Arduino projects and information

(The following content is from an email I sent to a relative about the Arduino. They have a college-age student who we might be interested in this.)

The programmable electronics kit I showed you is named "Arduino". Here's the main URL: arduino.cc

Here are links to some fun Arduino projects:

Apple wireless keyboard is smaller

Apple does a lot of things very well, but one area I think they struggle with is mice and keyboards. Historically they've tried a ton of different things with mice, but today's topic is: Why does the Apple wireless keyboard have a layout that's different than a standard keyboard? As Steve Jobs might politely say, WTF?