Two ways to hide an Android ActionBar on an Activity

If you want to hide the Android ActionBar on an Activity, it looks like there are at least two approaches.

First, add the android:theme="@android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar" entry to the activity’s definition in AndroidManifest.xml:

    android:theme="@android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar" >

A second approach is to add this code in the Activity (or Fragment) onCreate method:

Scala packaging and import examples

This article is a collection of Scala packaging and import examples. I created most of these examples when I was writing the Scala Cookbook. I share them here without much discussion, but for more examples and discussion, please check out the Cookbook.

Packages imported by default

By default, three packages are implicitly imported for you:

How to unhide Facebook friends

Unhide Facebook friends FAQ: How do I unhide Facebook friends?

In a hurry recently -- and not wanting to see the output of yet another Facebook game (why can't I hide all Facebook games?) -- I accidentally hid one of my Facebook friends. After poking around for quite a while I finally figured out how to unhide them. Here's how to do it.

How to unhide a Facebook friend

To unhide a Facebook friend, follow these steps:

How to fix the hide and seek problem with a Mac window and hidden dialog

Mac hidden window/dialog solution: One of the craziest things I see with the Mac OS X operating system from time to time is a game of "hide and seek" that you can get into with dialog windows in Mac applications. You'll hear people describe this problem something like this: "When I click on my Mac application window (like the main iTunes window), my Mac makes a 'dunk' noise (an error sound), like I'm doing something wrong by trying to click on the window.

How to un-hide a hidden Mac OS X window

Mac OS X "hide" FAQ: How do I "un-hide" a hidden Mac Window (hidden Mac application)?

At one point or another every new Mac OS X user learns that you can easily hide a window on Mac OS X using the [Command][h] keyboard command, but that moment of fun is usually followed by a few moments of panic and terror and the thought "How do I un-hide/show/display a hidden Mac OS X window?"

Mac tip: How to show just the current application

Mac OS X has a couple of cool tricks for helping you focus on just one application at a time. One of them is the "hide all other programs" trick.

To hide windows from all other applications, and just show windows from your current application, type [Option][Command][H]. Instantly all the other windows are hidden.