Such a disappointing feeling when a book is a letdown

I just spent 45 minutes reading a new book about a programming language I was excited to learn, then slammed it shut and said, “Poorly organized, too many words, not enough code.”

That’s always such a disappointing feeling when you have that initial excitement about a programming language (or technology), and then a book is such a letdown. (I really hope people don’t view my books that way.)

“I’m disappointed in so-and-so”

When you say, “I’m disappointed in so-and-so,” that disappointment comes from you having a preconceived notion about how other people in the world should behave. Unless you’re their boss, the problem in the situation may be that you think you should be able to control how other people should act — that is, trying to impose your beliefs on other people — not the other person’s actions.

(I write that as I’m reminded that my oldest sister and her husband make over $300,000 a year and don’t help with my mom’s medical expenses or her care.)