Apache 301 redirects on GoDaddy web hosting

I have a shared web hosting account on GoDaddy, and wanted to do a 301 redirect with an Apache .htaccess file. For some unknown reason GoDaddy’s web interface wasn’t working for this, so I thought I’d fix the problem manually.

In short, this did NOT work:

Redirect 301 /the-old-uri

My GoDaddy 4GH hosting review

Here's my GoDaddy 4GH hosting review: It sucks. A friend on Twitter warned me about it, but sadly, I didn't listen.

As a backup to that "review", here's the downtime on just one of my websites for the last several days:

A2 Hosting review 2010 - Day 4

A2 Hosting Review 2010, Day 4: After four years of using GoDaddy web hosting services, four days ago (December, 2010) I started an experiment to use the A2 Hosting web hosting services. A2's specs -- including the ability to access my web server and also use an A2 Hosting server as a private Git server -- looked impressive, so I set up a new domain and website with them.

A GoDaddy web hosting review

A GoDaddy web hosting review: I've been a GoDaddy web hosting customer for more than three years now, but as I've been looking around for a private Git hosting service, my eyes were opened to another web hosting company named A2 Hosting. Based on my initial research, I just wrote an A2 Hosting v GoDaddy web hosting comparison/review.

While A2 Hosting looks like they might be more of a "developer friendly" web hosting service, I thought I'd take a few moments to offer my own review of the GoDaddy web hosting service, without taking A2 into consideration.

GoDaddy web hosting v A2 Hosting - A web hosting comparison

GoDaddy web hosting versus A2 Hosting: While looking around for a private Git hosting service, I ran across a company named A2 Hosting, and I have to say, their hosting services have opened my eyes. For the last few years I've been using GoDaddy web hosting services for most of my web hosting needs, but if A2 Hosting is anywhere near as good as their documentation and service plans, a year from now they'll probably have all my web hosting business.

Private Git repository hosting services

Private Git hosting services FAQ: What companies offer Git hosting, in particular private Git hosting services?

I recently started looking for a private Git hosting service, and the obvious first place to look is GitHub. They provide free Git hosting for open source projects, and their service has been excellent. But when I looked at their private Git hosting service, I was really surprised by the cost of their plans. Their lowest price private Git hosting plan is $7/month, and that allows only five Git projects, and relatively little disk space. Since I want a private Git hosting service to store all my projects, I'd immediately need to go to one of their paid Git hosting plans, and their Git hosting prices go up quickly from there.

Update: Github has changed their policies significantly since I first wrote this article.

Wasilla, Alaska web design, website hosting, and computer programming

With 2011 barreling around the corner, I've been busy putting things together to start a new web design, web hosting, and computer programming consulting business here in Alaska.

While my current website is as ugly as it gets, here's a link to my "coming soon" Mat-Su Valley Programming website. As you can tell, I've been giving myself a few minutes every night to get the website set up, as I have plenty more important things to do at the moment.