Using JavaMail with multiple search terms (Yahoo mailbox POP3 searching)

I normally don't share source code that doesn't work, but I just want to make a note here for myself on how to use JavaMail to search for multiple search terms. While the code doesn't currently work, I believe it does show the correct syntax for searching for multiple search terms, and there's just something about the overall JavaMail API (or Yahoo Mail) that I don't understand at this moment.

Apple minimalist design and the iOS 4 unified inbox

Apple minimalist design examples: Over the weekend I finally got around to upgrading my iPhone 3G to the new iPhone operating system -- iOS 4, specifically iOS 4.01. I expected the iOS 4 to be slower than the iPhone 3.x operating system I was running, but to my pleasant surprise, it actually seems faster.

Ruby mail - find all unique email addresses in your inbox

Here's a sample Ruby mail program that I created that finds and prints all of the unique email addresses in my IMAP inbox. Hopefully the source code is readable enough that it doesn't need much description. The only hard part is trying to figure out how to get the email address from the Envelope, and that's only because the documentation is hard to find.

Ruby mail program

Here's my Ruby IMAP mail program source code: