How to show Ruby class documentation from the command line

For some reason I can never remember the command to show Ruby documentation (the rdoc stuff that is a lot like Javadoc) from the command line, so this blog post is especially for me ...

To show Ruby rdoc documentation from the command line, just use the ri command, like this:

How to put comments in your code with Javadoc


One of the nice things about Java is javadoc. The javadoc utility lets you put your comments right next to your code, inside your ".java" source files. When you're satisfied with your code and comments, you simply run the javadoc command, and your HTML-style documentation is automatically created for you.

How to use JBuilder to manage your "to do" items

JBuilder has a nice feature that I've started using lately to track "to do" items. These are the places in my Java projects where I know that I need to fix or change something, but I just don't have the time to do it at the moment. So, what I do is create a "todo" Javadoc tag that I can use as both a reminder and a management tool. Here's how it works: