A collection of Gnuplot examples

I needed to use Gnuplot a little bit over the last few days, mostly to create 2D line charts, and these are my brief notes on how to get started with Gnuplot. If you haven’t used it before, it’s a pretty amazing tool.

Jumping right in ...

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Installing gnuplot

Use MacPorts or Homebrew to install Gnuplot on Mac OS X systems:

port install gnuplot
brew install gnuplot
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Sample data files

My examples use the following 2-column and 4-column data files:

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Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow alvin May 31, 2016 - 12:35pm

When I work at home I usually turn on the tv in the afternoon to hear some background noise, and I just noticed that there’s an episode of the Medium tv series named Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow. I didn’t know what that referred to, so I just looked it up, and it refers to a cow that legend says started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.