One of those faces

A strange thing about being me is that many people I’ve never met think they know me. It happened with almost everyone at the Buddhist Geeks conferences — “Do I know you?” Last week it happened at Whole Foods, where a cashier talked to me like we were old friends, asking if I ever got to do so and so. I had to tell him that wasn’t me.

Due to my most recent illness I haven’t eaten at a restaurant since before October 10, 2017, but yesterday I went to a burger place to try a small burger and see if I could eat it. Right away the cashier said, “Hi! How have you been? Hey, did you cut your hair?” I guess I just have one of those faces.

Mac specific properties for Swing applications

I think I've mentioned parts of this in other blog entries, but as I was just digging through a Java Swing application that I wrote specifically for the Mac OS X platform, I ran across the following source code, which sets up all of my system properties for the Mac environment:

Defining the Web 2.0 Look and Feel

I've been working on revamping my website about Alaska, OneMansAlaska.com, and in the process I was debating whether or not I wanted this site to have what I considered to be the "Web 2.0 Look & Feel". Just at that time I started wondering, "What is the Web 2.0 Look and Feel?", and I was wondering how I would define it.

How do I change the JBuilder Look and Feel?

Go to Tools | Preferences, and then when the resulting Preferences dialog shows up, choose Browser in the tree on the left hand side of the dialog, then Look & Feel. In the Look & Feel combo box on the right you can choose from the following options: