Using JavaMail with multiple search terms (Yahoo mailbox POP3 searching)

I normally don't share source code that doesn't work, but I just want to make a note here for myself on how to use JavaMail to search for multiple search terms. While the code doesn't currently work, I believe it does show the correct syntax for searching for multiple search terms, and there's just something about the overall JavaMail API (or Yahoo Mail) that I don't understand at this moment.

Search a JavaMail mailbox for unseen messages

While working on a Java application yesterday, I ran into a situation where I needed to search my POP3 mailbox for unseen messages, i.e., email messages I haven't read yet. (I'm adding some "You've got mail" functionality to one of my automated robots.)

Jumping right to the solution, here's the complete source code for a JavaMail example class that demonstrates how to search for unseen (unread) email messages in a POP/POP3 mailbox:

Apple minimalist design and the iOS 4 unified inbox

Apple minimalist design examples: Over the weekend I finally got around to upgrading my iPhone 3G to the new iPhone operating system -- iOS 4, specifically iOS 4.01. I expected the iOS 4 to be slower than the iPhone 3.x operating system I was running, but to my pleasant surprise, it actually seems faster.