movie review

Ender’s Game alvin October 3, 2015 - 3:33pm

I saw Ender’s Game at the movie theater and thought it was a good movie, but given its dark nature I never expected to watch it again. But after buying a new television — my previous tv was smaller than my iMac, and so old that it didn’t have any HDMI or USB connections — I saw the movie marked down to $5, and it now has the distinction of being the first movie I watched on the new tv. Kudos to Asa Butterfield (probably 15 years of age at the time the movie was made), he pretty much carries the entire movie, with a little help from Harrison Ford and a few others.

As a review goes, Ender’s Game is a very smart movie, it’s well-acted, and the special effects are excellent. I give it an “A” if you can deal with the subject matter, and still give it a “B” if you can’t. If you think about the content you’ll find that it raises all sorts of interesting questions about the future and society, not to mention the military.